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Increase in cases of influenza due to weather

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  • Increase in cases of influenza due to weather

    Spanish to English translation

    Increase in cases of influenza due to weather.

    Monday, December 27, 2010 10:17 XB Presidency of the Republic. David Chiriboga, Minister of Health.
    Quito (Pichincha) .- The Ministry of Health indicated, through its website, said that currently exists in the country increased cases of flu, a trend that is common in cold and wet seasons, a fact that occurs not only in Ecuador, but throughout the world in this time of year.

    This increase in cases is within normal parameters and urges citizens to be careful. The Ministry of Health maintains adequate monitoring to maintain control of the situation.

    While there have been 3 confirmed cases of H1N1 influenza in Imbabura, the current situation corresponds to an increase in cases due to weather conditions and in no way is it a rebound.

    The current circumstances are completely different from 2009, when the appearance of this virus occurred in a context of a pandemic. Currently we have an increase in cases caused by the weather station that lives Ecuador, insist they are different scenarios.

    Influenza virus A (H1N1), which appeared in 2009, and has become a seasonal virus, therefore it is expected to present cases in the winter.

    The Ministry of Health is prepared to meet an increase in influenza cases, there is a sufficient supply of oseltamivir, a drug for the treatment of influenza and hospitals are available to trained professionals, infrastructure and equipment.

    Among other measures, carry out epidemiological surveillance to quickly identify suspicious cases that are subject to confirmation by laboratory tests and who are given specific treatment for influenza.

    Also, it has a trivalent influenza vaccine, which covers among other types of influenza virus, inlcuding the H1N1, the vaccine is being administered to people over 65 during December and January will also be vaccinated children under 5 years. This vaccination scheme is part of regular immunizations given every year to the population.

    The Ministry calls on citizens to prevent the active collaboration and timely treatment of influenza, which insists on taking into account the usual measures of prevention:

    ? Avoid being in poorly ventilated and very crowded trains
    ? Wash hands frequently
    ? When you sneeze or cough to use the angle of the elbow, do not use hands
    ? Do not self medicate with influenza
    ? In case of fever (above 38.5 degrees C), accompanied by cough or sore throat, go to the nearest health center for health staff will evaluate and provide you with appropriate treatment.
    ? For additional information on MSP has the 1800-epidemic-free number (1800-374336) available 24 hours 7 days a semana. / Ministry of Health