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18 Colombians under age 15 die every day from pneumonia

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  • 18 Colombians under age 15 die every day from pneumonia

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    Spanish-English translation

    18 Colombians under age 15 die every day from pneumonia

    Eighteen Colombians under age 15 die every day from pneumonia, and four out of five of these deaths are due to infections caused by pneumococcal bacteria (Streptococcus pneumoniae).
    These are among the findings of the study "burden of pneumococcal disease in adults in Colombia", doctors Diego Rosselli and John David Rueda, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University Javeriana, recently published by the Journal of Infection an Public Health. [1]
    "This is the first study that measures at the level of a country, the burden of disease caused by pneumococcal bacteria in adults, says Diego Rosselli. The methodology we use led us to the conclusion that every year in Colombia are 160,000 cases of bacterial pneumonia in over 15 years, of which 6488 caused the death. That is, because of pneumonia caused by pneumococcus yearly loss of life 52,000 years in the country. "
    Pneumonia, popularly called 'pneumonia', is a lung infection caused by viruses or bacteria. "Although it occurs most often in children under two years, our study allowed us to conclude that a murderer is also important for adults," says Rosselli.
    In fact, according to the Pan American Health Organization, infection rates among the elderly are similar to the rates observed in young children. [2] Globally, pneumonia kills a child every 20 seconds [3]. In Latin America, is the third leading cause of death among adults over 65. [4]
    Given its high impact and the existence of preventive measures was established in 2009 World Pneumonia Day, which is celebrated every November 12. Its purpose is to raise awareness about this disease and promote interventions to protect people and prevent infections. [5]
    Pneumonia is manifested by respiratory distress, fever with or without chills, and cough. People with chronic illnesses or those whose immune systems are weakened are susceptible individuals. Therefore, those suffering chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular problems or HIV are at greater risk.
    "Although the pneumococcus is the leading cause of pneumonia can also be caused by other bacteria or viruses, infectious disease doctor says Juan Manuel Gomez. Influenza, for example, may cause viral pneumonia and possibly complicated by bacterial infection. "
    Hygiene measures such as hand washing or use of masks in the affected person, help to prevent infection. However one of the key measures to prevent pneumococcal pneumonia vaccines are both pediatric and adult population, so it is very important to consult your doctor about vaccination schedules depending on age and other risk factors.
    "Pneumonia can be treated with antibiotics or antiviral-added Juan Manuel Gomez. It is essential to seek medical attention when it is presumed that the person has this condition, because the delay in initiation of antibiotics can result in sepsis complicated ".
    ? As reported by the press, the eve of his death, the singer and actor Leonardo Favio was admitted to a private hospital in Buenos Aires (Argentina) after suffering from pneumonia that forced him to be hospitalized for two weeks.
    ? Colombian media reported, the renowned journalist Bernardo Hoyos died at age 78 from pneumonia that kept him several days in the hospital.
    ? According to the information provided by the media to singer Joe Arroyo was diagnosed with pneumonia several times. This was the reason for the multiple hospitalizations that took the artist.
    ? On 17 December 2011 the media reported that the Minister of Agriculture, Juan Camilo Restrepo, was rushed by pneumonia 10 days it was completely still.
    ? Ernesto Sabato, one of the most important writers from Argentina and speaks Spanish, has died, according to the media, because of pneumonia.
    ? According to the media revealed the Colombian artist Gustavo Zalamea, died on July 13, 2011 in Brazil, due to pneumonia.