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Increased respiratory virus

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  • Increased respiratory virus

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    Increased respiratory virus

    Thursday, April 14, 2011 00:00
    In a meeting convened by the District Secretary of Health, Hector Zambranom and which was attended by 22 managers of hospitals, defined the guidelines for the management of acute respiratory diseases due to increased circulation of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV .)

    In this sense, the official informed that currently the circulation of the virus is causing 75 percent of respiratory diseases during the last week, why overcrowding at district hospitals and some private institutions has been increased up 70 percent.

    In so far far this year, 42 000 cases have been diagnosed with acute respiratory disease in children under five years, of which 11 thousand have been seen in theaters District ERA. To date there have been 16 deaths associated with these diseases.

    As a contingency plan, defined the strengthening of measures of health care through the recruitment of additional pediatric come to strengthen care in the public schools in the city and the call center line 123, in order to increase the attention of specialists and consultancies that require parents and mothers through this line, which will be ready from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

    Established the extension of opening hours, increased priority appointments, availability of professionals 24 hours in public and private schools and strengthening the referral and, through agreements in the hospitals of I, II and third levels of care through the empowerment of beds in low-level services, implementation of ERA rooms, to the accompaniment of specialists in higher-level centers.