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Chile: Pandemic H1N1 2009, Weekly Reports

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  • Chile: Pandemic H1N1 2009, Weekly Reports

    Complete dataset is available at Chile's Ministry of Health website:

    This week report is available at: (in Spanish)

    (Influenza like-Illness global trend, per week and administrative subdivisions.)

    (Incidence of Influenza-like illness, per classes of ages, cases x 100.000 inhabitants.)

    (Global Trend of Influenza-like Illness in Chile, 2009.)

    (Weekly reports of Severe Acute Respiratory Illness, and age-related incidence of SARIs.)

    (Fatal cases of Influenza H1N1 2009-laboratory confirmed infections, based on reporting date.)

    (Weekly Relative Proportion of Respiratory Viruses Isolated: VRS, Respiratory Syncitial Virus; ADENO, adenovirus; PARAINFL, parainfluenza virus; INF A no tipificada: influenza type A unsubtyped; H1, H3 estac., H1 and H3 seasonal human influenza virus; NUEVA H1N1, pandemic H1N1 2009 virus.)