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Reconverted 200 More Beds For Children Affected By Syncytial Virus
18/Junio/2011 - 14:50

Health Minister, Jaime Ma?alich, reported Saturday that from the next hours will be converted 200 beds for more serious attention to children who are affected syncytial virus. Secretary of State, along with the secretaries of Health Jorge Diaz, and care networks, Luis Castillo, referred to this course that runs from hospitals tenprano Roberto del R?o, Sotero del Rio San Jos? de Maipo, Calvo Mackenna, Barros Luco and Metropolitan. Castillo said that the 200 beds in the metropolitan area will come into operation once the staff is recruited from tomorrow and will be complemented by the assistance made ​​the army, which provide 30 technicians and 30 nurses. For his part, Minister of Health, the Metropolitan Hospital, to take stock, said the tour aimed to look at alternatives to recruit children's beds, because we anticipate that after this very intense rainfall in the country, we will have a very strong cold wave that will further increase the need for hospital beds for children.