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IRAs slight decrease was registered in the department

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  • IRAs slight decrease was registered in the department

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    IRAs slight decrease was registered in the department
    Tuesday, September 21, 2010 - Oruro - Regional
    La Patria .-

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    In epidemiological week 36 were 5306 showing a slight decrease in cases of acute respiratory infections (ARI) at the departmental level.

    "There has been a slight decline, according to the report of the epidemiological week 36, which fell in 173 clinical cases treated at health centers," said the responsibility of the Epidemiology Unit of the Departmental Service of Health, Herlinda Huayta.

    In the age group where there has been most acute respiratory infections (ARI), according to the report of the Headquarters, corresponds to the ages of one to four years being the most affected population, "in this case one of the reasons for the rise of cases in this age, corresponding to parents are not completing the specific treatment to be followed by children for his recovery, "said the health authority.

    In the ages of five to nine years were 617 cases of IRAs, ten to twenty years 747 and in the age group 21 to 50 years 1371, being in this age where there were most positive cases of influenza A 2010-H1N1 management, "one of the probable causes for this entry is present in this age group are people who study and attend places where there are a lot of people," said Huayta.

    Epidemiological week 35 to 5532 are recorded at the departmental level IRAs, week 36 5306 are presented, there is a decrease of 173 in the department. The complication of pneumonia which reached 3% in epidemiological week 36, also had only recorded a decline of 2%.

    "People are attending health centers for their care, we hope that this work continues and further reduce the rates presented in the population," stated the authority of the epidemiology unit of the Headquarters