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2013 Bocavirus cases in Bolivia (3 cases confirmed, 2 children dead)

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  • 2013 Bocavirus cases in Bolivia (3 cases confirmed, 2 children dead)
    Google translation:
    Santa Rosa Medical confirms three positive cases of bocavirus
    Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 21:28

    The doctor at the hospital Santa Rosa, Joseph Charles Gil, said reports from the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health Services (Headquarters) Beni confirmed three positive cases of bocavirus in that department.

    The first case occurred in the town of Santa Rosa de Yacuma, where a girl died nine months with symptoms of bocavirus. Gil extracted samples to the body for study, then a report of the Virology Laboratory of the Ministry of Health confirmed the presence of evil.

    The doctor said that in the first instance, the tests were negative for influenza A, but later "has been tested for viruses and other bocavirus was confirmed."

    The second confirmed case occurred in the same population, this is when a child receives medical treatment. The third case was registered in Rurrenabaque.

    These last two immunity instance found by a report from the laboratory department head Venues, Latin Torrico, ERBOL said to the doctor.

    However, Health Minister Juan Carlos Calvimontes, denied that confirmed the presence of bocavirus in Beni territory, as ANF.
    Google translation:
    There is concern in Beni
    A new virus appears in Bolivia and recorded 2 dead
    Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 13:07

    A new disease called bocavirus appeared in the town of Santa Rosa de Yacuma, department of Beni, where two children and killed, said the director of the hospital in this town of Beni, Juan ?ngel Garc?a.

    "There is a new disease that occurred in Bolivia and was in San Rosa, this disease is caused by a virus called bocavirus, which is very lethal in children under two years, this disease has already been registered in Asia and some cases Argentina, Bolivia but never gave, "said the doctor, told Radio Pampe?a ERBOL Red.

    The first two children reportedly died from this deadly disease are just seven or eight months old. According to Garcia, the Department of Epidemiology and Department of Health Services arrived last week to take all necessary family environment fatalities samples.

    "I do not know if you could you file an endemic, but all the familiar environment of these two children killed samples were taken, although the disease is not lethal, as in children, among the elderly, while in children when the virus appears almost 100% die, "he said.

    For the people that, he added, it is recommended that children should not be playing with dogs, cats, cattle less, because the virus is mainly housed in these animals.
    Google translate:
    Seres says no reported cases of Bocavirus in El Alto

    November 19, 2013, 04:47 AM
    The Regional Director of Health Service (Seres) El Alto, Hugo Estrada, announced that no case of Bocavirus, epidemic which is transmitted by contact with animals, especially pets are not reported in this city.

    The explanation on the subject was released by the health authority, because, in recent days, had been detected in the department of Beni, two people who died from this virus.

    According to the authority, when you are performing an epidemiological control, especially in services, but it is guaranteed that there has been no case, but nevertheless there is a warning to check if the presence of the disease.

    This type of virus is presented as a cold, but with complications in their symptoms particularly affecting vulnerable groups such as infants, which usually presents as a cough, fever, difficulty breathing, diarrhea and vomiting.

    "We want to let people know that there is currently no pathology in the city of El Alto, but not reject, because there is always a possibility, especially because of the migratory movements of departments with warm weather, but it is making constant vigilance" noted.

    Estrada urged the population to take preventive measures and not acquire this virus, you should be careful with climate change and how to vary your diet by eating citrus vitamin "C" because they are fruits and vegetables which give strength and immunity to fight the disease.

    To the knowledge of the population, this virus is presented as a cold, so in these cases, you should immediately see a doctor and do not respond to treatment center, an alert should be performed to verify that it is not other pathology.
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