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Bacteria causes nine deaths in Argentina

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  • Bacteria causes nine deaths in Argentina

    Streptococcus pyogenes, is the name of the bacteria that is causing deaths in Argentina. Although it is a known bacterium, which usually produces mild infections, such as pharyngitis, scarlet fever or skin infections, it is alerting health authorities. About the end of winter and spring is the time of year that there are usually more positive cases of streptococcus, the vast majority mild. However, up to now, the cases reported do not represent an epidemic or outbreak: every year cases of streptococcus pyogenes disease occur. In the last Bulletin of Epidemiological Surveillance, the Ministry of Health confirmed the death of a child in Catamarca: the case, confirmed provincial authorities, occurred in June but was announced now. To this is added the case of a child under two who was traveling with his family in the United States, which has not yet been officially confirmed. And on Sunday, as confirmed by the municipal health undersecretary of Mar del Plata, a 77-year-old man died in that city due to infection, says Clar?n