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Argentina - 9 hospitalworkers and 2 patients infected by unknown virus - 1 critical

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  • Argentina - 9 hospitalworkers and 2 patients infected by unknown virus - 1 critical


    Saturday February 2, 2013 |

    Patients infected with a rare virus remain hospitalized

    Restlessness in Carmen de Areco upon detection of an outbreak similar to the flu, the Institute analyzed samples Malbr?n

    LA PLATA. - As the Hospital Nuestra Se?ora del Carmen in Carmen de Areco, minimal attention was conducting on call for emergencies, despite fears of neighbors to approach the place, epidemiologists awaiting the results of studies conducted to towards infected people know the origin of the illness that forced the closure of the hospital.

    Last Wednesday nine medical-two patients were infected in the Hospital Nuestra Se?ora del Carmen with a virus that causes symptoms similar to the flu, but so far has not been determined.

    Spokesmen for the Ministry of Health's Office informed the nation that in the next few hours would be known Malbr?n Institute report. Through a statement, the Foreign Secretary of Health and Health Research, Lazovski Jaime explained that "being carried out analyzes to detect whether it is a virus, bacteria or fungi causing this infection and at the time does not seem to be a case of poisoning. "

    The provincial director of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health of the province, Luis Crovetto, also said that if not detected any biological agent that would have caused this nosocomial infection samples were sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States (CDC).

    Meanwhile, concern grew among hospital workers about the health of a companion. "We got the part of the two patients who are hospitalized in intensive care [in Acute General Hospital Interzonal de La Plata Rodolfo Rossi] and it was very encouraging picture. Whilst one is stable, not given much expectation on the another girl, "said Mariela Iturralde, technical operator of the hospital statistics, the NATION.

    The other four people hospitalized were stable and his condition had worsened not from the time they were derived, Crovetto said.

    Although the health center remains closed, yesterday began to normalize the emergency call service, albeit minimal. The implementation of care give supply, as workers counted because there were not so far many elements were required emergency or high complexity. "We must also say that people prefer not addressed. Reach the hospital of last resort", they said in the area.

    To start with disinfection operatives, the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires sent a team of epidemiologists zoonoses and Biological Institute to tour the hospital facilities. Crovetto said "intensive care area is closed and the rest of the hospital is sanitized exhaustively. The idea is that if Tuesday are given biosafety levels go, slowly, by operating the other sectors of hospital, except intensive care, where the infection originated. "

    Although the symptoms are similar to those of influenza A (but was ruled to be the origin of the mysterious infection), became visible about 20 days ago, the health professionals at the hospital in Carmen de Areco reported that hospital authorities "made us come to work well and everything worked normally. were all very nervous," said Iturralde.

    La Nacion
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