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30 Indian children on the verge of severe Pneumonia

At least 30 Indian children are on the verge of a severe pneumonia, acute respiratory infection, doctors reported Thursday the Municipal Health Directorate of the municipal government of La Paz.
Doctors at La Paz municipality spent the morning at day care children stay with their mothers in the sports arena of the Universidad Mayor de San Andr?s (UMSA).
"There is danger of pneumonia in 30 children and another 120 have a cold. Now required to neutralize drug boxes IRA (acute respiratory infection) as soon as possible, "said one doctor.
Rafael Quispe, one of the Indian protest leaders, said that there are about 260 children with their parents.
"Many people left the community with all its members, ie grandparents, parents and children. So was the participation of many women and children waiting for families. To this must be added the bitter cold that was recorded in Urujara, that caused many colds, "he said.
Karen Yesenia, the girl who died early Thursday, also had family ties to Marcial Fabricano, the Trinidadian who was leader of the indigenous march 1980 for land and territory.
"I have never suffered as much as in this way. A nephew of mine had an accident when the truck he was riding fell off a cliff near Yolosa that killed two friends. Now my granddaughter died. But this encourages me to continue supporting and fighting for a just cause, "said Marcial named Tata.
Fabricano clarified that it is one of many indigenous base. "Leaders are different, I mean when I talk, I give advice when they ask me," he said.