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Paraguay: Covid-19 Cases - 26,512 cases, 496 deaths

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  • Paraguay: Covid-19 Cases - 26,512 cases, 496 deaths

    ASUNCION (Reuters) - Paraguay has registered its first confirmed case of coronavirus, the Health Ministry said on Twitter on Saturday
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    Mazzoleni confirms 5 cases of coronavirus in Paraguay
    March 10, 2020 - 21:13
    The Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, reported that of the 25 suspected cases of Covid-19, four were ruled out and three others were confirmed, in connection with the second reported on Tuesday. In total, there are five cases of coronavirus confirmed in our country.

    The head of the Ministry of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, confirmed at night that there are five confirmed cases of coronavirus. The Government decided to suspend several public and private activities as a prevention measure.

    Minister Mazzoleni informed through his networks that of the 25 suspected cases of Covid-19, four were discarded and three others, which have connection with the second case confirmed in the morning hours, were infected with the virus.

    This information is given hours after the Government has decided to suspend classes in public and private schools nationwide, as well as religious, sports and political activities, in addition to those held in closed places such as cinemas, theaters and conventions.

    This, with the aim of preventing the spread of the coronavirus in spaces of mass concurrence of people.

    Mazzoleni explained in a press conference that the second patient confirmed with the disease arrived by land to the country from Argentina and that since March 5 he is in intensive care.

    Meanwhile, he also mentioned that two doctors who treated him are hospitalized. So far, it was not confirmed if doctors were infected with the disease.


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      Website MOH Paraguay: a total of 6 cases coronavirus Covid-19 confirmed.
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        Politics 21 mins ago
        Coronavirus: Paraguay confirmed a new case
        This was reported by the Paraguayan Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni through his Twitter account. With this, there are already eight confirmed cases in the neighboring country.

        This Sunday, the Paraguayan Health Minister, Julio Mazzoleni, reported that the central laboratory processed 33 samples this weekend, of which 32 were negative and one positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

        He also confirmed that this new case is related to the second confirmed case in the country days ago.

        It should be remembered that in case of presenting fever or some symptom of respiratory affection (cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat), the Paraguayan population can contact 154, the exclusive line of the Ministry of Public Health authorized to guide symptomatic patients .

        And as in the whole world, the main recommendation is to stay at home, not attend shopping malls, cinemas, bars, gymnasiums or other places with high attendance; also avoid family or friends gatherings.

        Resort to shops only if strictly necessary for supply. Avoid taking children and older adults to the supermarket.

        It is recommended that anyone with symptoms of respiratory disease remain at home, in a room with good ventilation, separated from the rest of the family members who live in the home.

        Use a face mask if, during isolation, you are in contact with relatives who live at home and if you need to go to the doctor's office.

        The recommendation of social distancing seeks to reduce the risk of contagion and prevent infections from occurring in a massive way.


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          Up to nine confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Paraguay
          Updated 2020-03-17 08:21:39 | Spanish. xinhuanet. com

          ASUNCI?N, March 16 (Xinhua) - Paraguayan Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni reported Monday that confirmed cases of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in the South American country amount to nine.

          The Secretary of State did not go into details related to this new patient but he did confirm that it is related to the second confirmed case in the country, that of an older man from Argentina.

          It is the sixth community contagion from this case, thus maintaining the trend of only two imported cases, since the first patient to test positive came from Ecuador and this in turn has a community contagion.

          Through his official social networks, Julio Mazzoleni reported that on the date the Central Laboratory of the Ministry of Health processed a total of 27 samples, of which 26 were negative and one positive with COVID-19.

          He added that there are also some 75 suspected cases still to be ruled out, according to the latest update of the health portfolio.

          The Secretary of State highlighted that a pediatric case and that of a pregnant woman were negative, while commenting that the first patient, a 32-year-old man, is already asymptomatic.

          On the other hand, the President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Ben?tez, held a virtual meeting on Monday by teleconference with his peers from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, in addition to the Brazilian Chancellor.

          During the meeting, the leaders agreed on the free movement of cargo, merchandise and supplies, as well as the adoption of economic measures and access to loans with international organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF ).

          "The presidents spoke and emphasized the need for coordination of sanitary measures at the regional level, in this case at the Prosur level and other observer countries," Paraguayan Foreign Minister Antonio Rivas Palacios commented on the matter.

          As part of the health actions, the possibility of making purchases of supplies and medicines together was analyzed to obtain a better price and greater ease of acquisition, the Paraguayan diplomat reported.


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            Source: friendship/

            March 17, 2020
            Paraguay registers 11 cases of covid-19 and the government closes the Friendship Bridge
            1 hour ago

            Minutes ago the Paraguayan Ministry of Public Health confirmed two new positive cases of coronavirus, bringing the number of infected people to 11 in the national territory. One of the positives is a person who records a history of travel to Mexico, according to the twitter of the health portfolio.

            It also clarifies that 26 samples were processed, of which 24 were negative and two were positive. One of the positive cases is related to the first, the young man who arrived from Ecuador. Two infected people are related to this patient.

            Meanwhile, patients with symptoms and arriving to hospitals for complications such as respiratory distress, diarrhea, high fever, and others are treated as possible cases of coronavirus. Once the analysis is done, the disease is ruled out or confirmed.

            Close of the Friendship Bridge

            The President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Ben?tez announced shortly before the new cases were announced that from this midnight the La Amistad Bridge will be closed for the passage of people. The measure was taken in view that the presidential decree, by which the sanitary measure is applied, has “vulnerable points”. During the day, numerous people entered and left the country through the Ciudad del Este border crossing, without respecting the current restriction. The entry of the merchandise will not be affected.

            Abdo Ben?tez added that with Argentina the application of a similar measure will not be necessary, given that the government of the neighboring country already has the restriction of the passage of people in force. Likewise, at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, it is expected that flights from Europe will be allowed to land until today. All arriving passengers must be quarantined, this is what the direction of Migrations remembers.

            Support of former ministers

            Shortly before announcing the decision to close the Friendship Bridge in Ciudad del Este, for the passage of people, President Abdo Ben?tez met with several former ministers, who expressed their support for the measure adopted by the government and congratulated the work being carried out by the Ministry of Health.

            The former finance ministers expressed in a press conference that they are proud that Paraguay has applied drastic measures since the second case, which was considered a timely measure. "We must be prudent and cautious and provide the greatest amount of resources both for the State and for companies and families," said the former minister, Manuel Ferreira.

            In turn, Santiago Pe?a, also a former finance minister, said that the most important thing "is that we are living through difficult times and we see a predisposition to use all the legal and legal tools to protect the health of the Paraguayan citizen," he assured, at the same time. to express optimism that the situation will be overcome and will leave a country stronger.
            More of the covid-19

            Dr. Elena Candia, president of the Paraguayan Society of Infectious Diseases said that the virus can be in the air for up to three to hours and in other elements, such as fabrics, for up to 12 hours, in latex gloves for up to six hours; in a cardboard box it can survive up to 24 hours. To avoid contagions, constant disinfection of all the elements with which you have contact is recommended.

            One of the peculiarities of this virus is that the infected person can infect other people even two days before presenting symptoms. In addition, on the recommendation of the World Health Organization, patients who were discharged should remain in isolation again for at least 14 days, since there were cases (in China) of people who tested negative and seemed cured, but weeks later they relapsed and they again tested positive for covid-19.


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              Paraguay confirmed coronavirus number rises to 13
              March 19, 2020

              The Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni reported that 32 suspected cases were analyzed on the date, of which 30 were negative and two positive. In total, there are 13 confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country. One relates to Case No. 1.


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                [Latin Press]
                Saturday March 21, 2020
                Five new cases with the Covid-19 in Paraguay, now add up to 18
                Asunci?n, Mar 20 (Prensa Latina) The Paraguayan health authorities confirmed five new cases with Covid-19 today to increase the number of patients to 18 and corroborate the community circulation of the SARS-Cov-2 virus in the country.

                'Report # COVID19py: Today we processed 44 samples, 5 were positive: 3 in relation to previous cases and 2 new ones, 1 of them confirms the community circulation in the country. The total number of confirmed cases amounts to 18. #QuedateEnCasa @msaludpy ', wrote in his Twiiter account, the Minister of Public Health, Julio Mazzoleni

                In a press conference this Friday, the Secretary of State reported that of the five positive cases, three are related to previous patients, while the other two new ones correspond to a person who returned from abroad, specifically from the United States, while the other case confirms community circulation.

                On Thursday, the head of the health portfolio reported that of another 32 samples processed, 30 were negative and two positive.

                One relates to case number one and the other, even without an identified link.

                Mazzoleni emphasized that social isolation and quarantine are essential measures to prevent the spread of the virus if you return from a trip abroad.



                ....The Ministry of Health reported moments ago, via twitter, the death of one of the patients infected by coronavirus. It is the first fatal victim of covid-19, registered by Paraguay. He is a 69-year-old patient, who had been admitted to a private sanitarium in the intensive care unit for several days...


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                  There are already 22 cases, 14 days after admission of the Covid-19
                  The processing of coronavirus tests will increase from Monday.PHOTO: GENTILEZA
                  11 hours ago

                  Minutes ago, the Paraguayan Ministry of Public Health confirmed 4 new positive cases of coronavirus, bringing the total of 22 infected people in the country. One of the positives is related to the first case, from Ecuador.

                  It also clarifies that 68 samples were processed, of which 64 were negative and 4 positive. One of the positive cases is related to the first, the young man who arrived from Ecuador. Two more infected people are related to this patient.

                  The health portfolio reported that two patients are hospitalized and that the others are in isolation at their respective homes.

                  Meanwhile, patients with symptoms and arriving to hospitals for complications such as respiratory distress, diarrhea, high fever, and others are treated as possible cases of coronavirus. Once the analysis is done, the disease is ruled out or confirmed.


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                    Paraguay reports the second death from coronavirus and adds five new infected
                    The number of infections rises to 27 after the first positive reported 20 days ago.
                    03/23/2020 - 23:45

                    The Paraguayan health authorities reported on Monday the second death from coronavirus and five new cases, bringing the number of infections to 27 after the first positive reported 20 days ago.

                    "I regret to report that we registered a deceased, a patient is still hospitalized," Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni said briefly on his Twitter account, making the second case one of two people who were in care last weekend intensive.

                    He added that on the date a total of 89 samples were processed, of which five were positive, four of them from people who have been in France and one in Brazil.

                    With these new infected, the positive cases in Paraguay rose to 27 after the numbers remained at 22 since last Saturday night.

                    Except for the positive who is hospitalized, the rest of the infected, that is, 26 people, remain in their homes in a state of isolation, according to Mazzoleni. The minister's announcement came hours after the Paraguayan government presented Congress with a draft economic contingency law. to strengthen the health system in the face of the spread of the virus and curb the economic impact for companies and workers during quarantine.

                    Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Ben?tez explained in a statement without questions that the project includes a credit line of up to $ 1.6 billion to subsidize formal workers who have lost their jobs, aid for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) or extensions. three months in the payment of basic services ....


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                      Positive cases of Covid-19 would be 270 in the country
                      The diagnostic capacity of laboratories is being expanded. Photo: AFP
                      10 hours ago

                      The Ministry of Health recognizes the existence of an underreporting of coronavirus cases in Paraguay, multiplying the 27 cases by 10, which would total 270 at the country level. This situation forces the health authorities to expand the diagnostic capacity of the laboratories.

                      "Underreporting would be taking shape, in fact, the diagnostic capacity that is focused on the Public Health laboratory as the only instance for conducting the laboratory test was always recognized," said Juan Carlos Portillo, general director of Health Services, in communication with Universe 970 AM.

                      He maintained that despite the limitations, there is an inter-institutional effort so that the tests can be carried out in other places and not only in the central laboratory of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare.

                      He indicated that the health portfolio will enable more laboratories next week, it would be in five hospitals within its network, so that the tests can be carried out. Currently two sites have already complied with the requirements and are already enabled to carry out the diagnoses.

                      "The central laboratory doubled its diagnostic capacity, 89 samples were processed yesterday (Monday) and by the end of this week it would be tripling. We are scaling capacity at the national level in order to have the capacity to accurately diagnose suspected cases, ”he added.

                      To calculate underreporting, the 27 positive cases of coronavirus must be multiplied by 10, that is, there would be 270 people with the virus in the country. This formula was used by the health authorities with the dengue epidemic.

                      The Ministry of Health confirmed this Monday the second death from coronavirus in Paraguay. So far there are 27 confirmed cases of covid 19 in the country and one patient remains hospitalized.


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                        Confirmed cases of coronavirus are already 41 in Paraguay
                        March 25, 2020 - 20:19
                        The Health Minister, Julio Mazzoleni, reported that 51 samples from patients suspected of coronavirus were analyzed and four tested positive for the virus. In total, there are 41 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the country.

                        In total, there are 41 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Paraguay, as reported by the Minister of Public Health, Julio Mazzoleni, on Wednesday. There are four new cases on the day, from some 51 samples analyzed by the Central Laboratory.

                        "Today we processed 51 samples, 4 were positive: 3 from abroad, 1 related to contact with a traveler. We have 4 hospitalized patients, the rest in their homes in isolation," the secretary of state said on his Twitter account.

                        So far there are three patients who died from this disease in Paraguay, all the victims would be over 60 years old.

                        The Ministry of Health calculates that the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 is really only 10% of what there would be in the country.

                        Health authorities estimate that there is underreporting of the number of people affected. That is, for each positive case to date it must be multiplied by 10 to have an overview of the number of infected.

                        Once the resources are released, through the national emergency law, Public Health hopes to acquire about 100 test kits and have the capacity to process 1,000 suspicious samples of Covid-19 per day. For now, they perform about 100 tests daily at the Central Laboratory.

                        Taking into account that most of the infections are due to Paraguayans arriving from abroad, this Wednesday, the National Government arranged some 1,600 beds for the fulfillment of quarantine of nationals who return from abroad, who will be in the Military Academy, the Police Academy, the Air Force, as well as private centers.

                        The Ministry of Health stresses the importance of the confidentiality of the identity of those people who tested positive for Covid-19 or died as a result of this disease, as well as that of their relatives, taking into account the negative repercussions that this can generate. data on citizenship.


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                          They rise to 52 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Paraguay with 11 new infections
                          Updated 2020-03-27 10:05:25 | Spanish. xinhuanet. com

                          ASUNCI?N, March 26 (Xinhua) - This Thursday, 11 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) were registered in Paraguay, bringing the total to 52, Paraguayan Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni reported.

                          According to the official's report, seven of the patients come from abroad, three are related to the first case from Ecuador and one patient with no connection, which implies a new community contagion.

                          It should be noted that as of Wednesday, the number of confirmed patients amounted to 41, while the number of deaths remains unchanged, three in total since the start of the contagion in the South American country.

                          In his daily data update report, the Secretary of State explained that a total of 78 samples were processed on the date, of which 67 were negative and 11 positive with COVID-19.

                          He highlighted that one patient was discharged and that another went from intensive therapy to a common hospital room; while four remain interned and the rest in their homes in isolation, he added.

                          Regarding the previously confirmed cases, Mazzoleni indicated that 61.0 percent correspond to male patients and 39.0 percent to female patients, with the majority age group being between 50 and 54 years with 6 confirmed cases.

                          Likewise, the contagion of another minor between 5 to 9 years old was confirmed, he added.

                          Regarding the most affected areas, he commented that the capital Asunci?n continues to be the highest percentage with 24 confirmed, while the Central department registers 14 cases, Cordillera one, Caaguaz? one and Alto Paran? one.

                          This Thursday, the Paraguayan Ministry of Health received the donation of a significant amount of reagents, by international organizations and foreign investors, to increase the sample processing capacity, which so far reaches 100 per day.


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                            COVID-19: Paraguay with 56 cases and 4 internees
                            The Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, reports daily on the spread of the virus nationwide.
                            10 hours ago

                            Minutes ago, Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni reported the confirmation of four new cases of coronavirus. To date, 101 samples were processed, of which 4 were positive. In total there are 56 positive cases in national territory.

                            The Secretary of State commented on his twitter account that 3 of the positives correspond to people who came from abroad, and 1 is related to an imported case.

                            He also reported that four patients are hospitalized, while the rest are still in their homes, in isolation.

                            Of the 56 confirmed cases, only one person is recovered, while five were discharged and three people died. The highest percentage of those infected are men and the age range ranges from children and adolescents to 69-year-olds.

                            A high percentage of positive cases correspond to people who come from abroad and are connected to them. However, there were also indigenous cases (without a known link), due to the fact that there is community circulation.

                            To prevent further circulation of the virus, people who entered the country in the last week from abroad were quarantined. For this, spaces were enabled within the premises of the Armed Forces, where travelers must remain until the established time of 14 days, in isolation before returning to their homes.

                            Shortly before the new figures were released, in the L?pez Palace, President Julio Mazzoleni met with several ministers to discuss the measures that were applied in recent weeks. Recall that since March 10, Paraguay was quarantined and the measures were adjusted over the weeks, in order to prevent the spread of the virus. The partial reopening of the border was announced, which has been closed in recent days.

                            “No one would be so clumsy as to put all this sacrifice at risk. We will keep the quarantine system very rigid. We are going to prioritize public health. The economy can recover. Our main objective is to save innocent lives, "said the president, speaking of the validity of the restrictive measures.

                            According to reports from health authorities, the maximum peak of those infected will begin to rise from the second half of April. Hence the importance - as long as you can - #StayAtHome, not only to protect yourself, but above all to your loved ones.

                            The epidemic can even extend until July, if the citizens do not collaborate with social isolation measures and above all, with the permanent practice of hygiene: correct hand washing, disinfection of the elements of constant use and the use of masks in the In the case of people who present any symptoms of respiratory disease, as well as covering themselves with a disposable handkerchief or the end of the elbow when coughing or sneezing.


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                              COVID-19: 59 infected after detection of 3 new cases
                              1 hour ago

                              The Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, reported that this Saturday a total of 60 samples were processed, of which 3 were positive: one from abroad and 2 related to previous cases. Thus, there are currently 59 infected people and 3 deaths due to the coronavirus in Paraguay.

                              In his daily report through his Twitter account, he reported that 4 patients continue to be hospitalized, while the rest remain in their homes, in isolation. Of the 59 confirmed cases, only one person is recovered, while 5 were discharged.

                              The highest percentage of those infected are men and the age range ranges from children and adolescents to 69-year-olds. A high percentage corresponds to people arriving from abroad and in relation to each other. They also report cases with no known link.

                              Asunci?n registers the greatest number of cases, 27 in total, later the Central department is located with 21 confirmed, while in Alto Paran? they report two infected, in Caaguaz? and Cordillera one case each is registered. So far it has not been specified to which part of the national territory the 3 new cases correspond.

                              After the Government's announcement about the possibility of making sanitary measures more flexible, the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Ben?tez, announced this morning that total isolation lasts until April 12 after receiving strong criticism from citizens and requests from continue with the total quarantine by medical unions.