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Bolivia: 2022 Mpox

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  • Bolivia: 2022 Mpox

    August 2 2022

    By ronald

    Bolivian experts have confirmed the first case of monkeypox in the country. This was announced on Monday by the Minister of Health of the Republic, Jason Ausa.

    According to the minister, the 38-year-old patient feels fine. Authorities believe he contracted monkeypox in another country. Ausa said experts are checking four more cases suspected of having the disease.


    Bolivia just announced that it identified its first Monkeypox case. Bolivia is the 79th country to identify a confirmed Monkeypox case outside of the epicentre countries.
    7:57 PM · Aug 1, 2022·

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    The Ministry of Health confirms the first case of monkeypox in the country. This is a 38-year-old patient from Santa Cruz . The sample was taken this morning and the positive result was known in the afternoon. Apparently it is an imported case , but investigations are still ongoing

    Jeyson Auza, head of Health, stated that the epidemiological blockade is being carried out to prevent its spread. He stressed that Bolivia has the supplies to carry out the diagnosis.



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      Monkeypox patient 0 has returned to Canada
      Deputy Minister Castro pointed out that investigations are being carried out through the contacts of the first patient, or index case, of monkeypox to learn more about it. In the Headquarters they report that the 38-year-old man is in the phase of "resolution of eruptive lesions"
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      Tanya Imaña Serrano
      August 2, 2022, 18:03 PM

      Monkeypox patient zero (0) in Bolivia “apparently has left the country; he has been with us for a very short time and later he has returned to Canada. Therefore, we have not been able to have more contact and we are doing the investigation based on the people with whom the index case was with to learn more about patient 0,” said María Renee Castro, vice minister of Promotion, Epidemiological Surveillance and Traditional Medicine in an interview with Contact Bolivia.

      The so-called index case is the 38-year-old patient, who was reported as the first case of monkeypox in the country last Monday.

      In epidemiology, the index case is defined as the first case identified by the health system, in this case, the 38-year-old from Santa Cruz. While patient zero is the case that gives rise to the epidemic, that is, the Canadian citizen who was in Bolivian territory and who would have infected the Santa Cruz.

      According to reports from the Ministry of Health, the Bolivian patient is stable and his contacts are under observation; They will undergo clinical tests to rule out or confirm that they are infected because, at the moment, they are asymptomatic.

      From the Santa Cruz Headquarters, its director Erwin Viruez pointed out that the patient is in isolation and is in the "resolution phase of the eruptive lesions."

      On the other hand, he encouraged the population to go to health centers when suspected of having this disease. He recalled that contagion occurs through direct contact with lesions that can occur on the face, the palms of the hands and the feet.


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        Bolivia reports two new infections of monkeypox
        EFELa Paz4 Aug. 2022
        Bolivian health authorities reported this Wednesday two new infections of monkeypox in the eastern region of Santa Cruz, the largest in the country, bringing the number of confirmed cases of the disease to three in Bolivian territory.

        One of the new cases is a 26-year-old Brazilian citizen residing in the country and with a history of positive HIV, Health Minister Jeyson Auza explained to the media in Santa Cruz.


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          14 people under monitoring for monkeypox in Bolivia
          Last updated Aug 9, 2022

          PREVENTION. Bolivia activated the epidemiological blockade due to the outbreak of the simian disease and confirmed five positives in Santa Cruz, all male and aged between 26 and 43 years. Two are local infections and three outside Bolivia.

          A total of 14 people are under epidemiological surveillance because they are "likely to be suspected" having had contact with the five positive patients for monkeypox, the Minister of Health, Jeyson Auza, reported yesterday.

          "Of the five confirmed cases, these people have 14 close contacts whom we are following up and monitoring in case they present any symptoms, these patients, for the moment, cannot be isolated, but they are followed up," he explained.

          Bolivia activated the epidemiological blockade due to the outbreak of the simian disease and confirmed five positives in Santa Cruz, all male and aged between 26 and 43 years. Two are local infections and three outside Bolivia.

          Auza explained that, of the confirmed patients, three have underlying pathologies.

          The first infected person detected had contact with a person of Canadian origin and two were infected in Brazil.

          An epidemiological alert has been implemented since May and a protocol was presented for the detection and management of suspected and confirmed cases.

          In Santa Cruz, where the five confirmed cases were registered, an isolation center with 25 beds was installed to care for patients infected with the monkey virus. The Mayor's Office and the Ministry of Health will guarantee the necessary means for medical attention, assured Auza.

          According to official data, to date there have been 33 suspected cases in Bolivia, of which 28 have been ruled out, five have been confirmed and 14 are under surveillance for having had contact with those infected.

          The authorities recommended that the population continue with the anticovid-19 biosecurity measures, which also allow them to avoid getting other pathologies, such as monkeypox.


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              Health confirms the sixth case of monkeypox in Bolivia
              August 10, 2022

              The National Directorate of Epidemiology confirmed this Wednesday the sixth case of a person with monkeypox in Bolivia and it is a 24-year-old man, identified in Santa Cruz.

              The national director of Epidemiology, Freddy Armijo, reported that this last patient is a male of Venezuelan nationality, who has no underlying diseases and was infected in Bolivia.

              “Together with Santa Cruz Headquarters (Departmental Health Service), the isolation of the patient has been instructed to avoid further contagion and today the study of contacts begins,” Armijo said after highlighting that monkeypox is spread by close contact. with the infected person.

              The patient is in the second phase of the disease, that is, he has the symptoms of monkeypox: fever, myalgia, headache, swollen lymph nodes, tiredness and fatigue.

              On a clinical level, the first phase of the pathology is silent in a period of 10 to 21 days, in the second the patient has symptoms between six and 13 days and in the third the skin lesions are generated.

              With this case, there are six confirmed patients suffering from monkeypox, all in Santa Cruz and male. Those affected are isolated and subject to monitoring by the Ministry of Health and Sports in coordination with the sub-governments.

              Of the six cases, three are imported and three are infections in Bolivia or "indigenous". The first case of monkeypox in Bolivia was detected on August 1 and is a male who was infected by a Canadian citizen.

              Armijo explained that, in Bolivia, to date, 38 cases have been studied, of which 32 have been discarded.

              Source: ABI


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                Bolivia registers 15 confirmed cases of monkeypox and discarded 56 suspects
                Illustrative photo / PAHO
                Monday, August 15, 2022

                The Ministry of Health reported Monday that the number of confirmed monkeypox patients has risen to 15, all corresponding to Santa Cruz, and that 56 suspected cases have been ruled out.

                The Minister of Health, Jeyson Auza, indicated that the positive patients are men between 22 and 43 years of age. Four would have been infected abroad, three in Brazil and one in Chile.

                He specified that, of the 15 cases, eight are from people with underlying pathology, particularly in the immune system.

                A total of 71 suspected cases were studied in the country, of which 15 are positive and the rest were negative for monkeypox or another disease was detected.

                Of the discarded cases, three negatives were registered in Pando, five negatives in Beni, six negatives in La Paz, in Oruro there are no cases, in Potosí three cases were discarded, in Cochabamba six negatives, and Chuquisaca one negative.

                Auza pointed out that the 15 confirmed patients are under surveillance, either at home or in a hospital in the case of those who did not have conditions in their home.

                He stated that in two cases the patient reached the last stage of the disease, which is desquamation, and they will be tested to verify if they are still positive.

                He also announced that press conferences will no longer be held to report the cases, but the data will be provided in reports through the website of the Ministry of Health.


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                  La Paz detects first case of monkeypox, the country adds 31
                  In Bolivia, 31 patients have monkeypox. The disease is of low lethality and the prevention measures are similar to those used against Covid-19

                  Monkeypox reached the department of La Paz. Last night, the Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of monkeypox in the department. In Bolivia the number of positive cases rises to 31.

                  "During this day the first case was reported in the department of La Paz and three increased in Santa Cruz de la Sierra," indicates the official document of the Ministry of Health and Sports in its daily report of Covid-19, which now also includes the monkeypox cases.

                  On August 5, four suspected cases were reported in La Paz, but all were ruled out; however, this Wednesday the first positive was confirmed. Page Seven tried to communicate with the director of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) of La Paz, Mayber Aparicio, to consult him about the arrival of smallpox in this region, but the authority indicated that he was in another activity.

                  However, a few days ago and in the event that smallpox reaches La Paz, Aparicio announced a contingency plan and the authorization of “a medicalized hotel room as an isolation point. In case of requiring medical attention, we have a room in the Hospital de Clínicas to treat patients”.

                  The Alto Obrajes Medicalized Hospital has 60 beds. Of these, 12 will be installed in an isolation room for cases of monkeypox. “This disease has two transmission mechanisms: direct and indirect. The first occurs when the patient comes into contact with a healthy person or begins to cough and spreads through their aerosols. The second is produced by contact through the skin,” said the director.

                  national report

                  The official report of monkeypox cases in Bolivia states that to date there are 31 active patients.

                  Santa Cruz has 29 positives and 30 negatives, Potosí one positive and three negatives, La Paz, one positive case and six negatives. While Beni has five negatives, Pando three negatives, Tarija two negatives and one suspect, Chuquisaca one negative, Cochabamba six negatives and Oruro no cases. In addition, there are already 51 cases ruled out after carrying out the respective tests.

                  From Santa Cruz, the region with the largest number of cases, it was reported yesterday that two patients will be discharged in the coming days.

                  Due to suspicions of new cases in Bermejo, in the department of Tarija, an epidemiological alert was ordered.

                  Doctors have highlighted in recent days the importance of keeping patients in isolation to prevent the spread of the disease.

                  Prevention measures are similar to those used for Covid-19: physical distancing, hand washing and also the use of a chin....


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                    Epidemiology reports that Bolivia has 42 cases of monkeypox
                    Santa Cruz concentrates the majority with 38 infected.
                    EDITORIAL August 21, 2022 (12:30 p.m.)

                    The Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, Freddy Armijo, reported that Bolivia has 42 confirmed cases of monkeypox.

                    "Of the total, 38 are located in Santa Cruz, two in Cochabamba, one in La Paz and the other in Potosí," he explained in an interview with Bolivia TV...


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                        An 11-year-old girl is the first female case of monkeypox in Bolivia
                        August 24, 2022 - 17:08

                        La Paz, Aug 24 (EFE) .- A minor under 11 years of age is the first female patient in Bolivia with monkey or monkeypox, a case registered in the department of Cochabamba and added to another 48 that have been presented in other three regions of the country.

                        The patient recently presented the symptoms of the disease and "is stable", although the chain of contacts she may have had is being investigated, the head of Epidemiology of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) of Cochabamba informed the media on Wednesday. Ruben Castillo.

                        Since the first case of the disease was presented in the country, three weeks ago, the reports offered by the regional and national health authorities only reported infections in men, most of them between 20 and 39 years old.

                        It might interest you: Experts present trial of treatment for monkeypox

                        To the case of the minor in Cochabamba is added that of a 28-year-old man who is believed to have had about four close contacts, so at this time the follow-up is being carried out to establish if he presents symptoms after the incubation period of the virus, he pointed out. Castle.

                        According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, Bolivia accumulates 48 active confirmed infections, to which is added one who received a medical discharge.

                        The confirmed cases occur in the departments of Santa Cruz (42), Cochabamba (5), La Paz (1) and Potosí (1)...


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                          Cases of monkeypox rise to 55 in Bolivia
                          This content was published on August 26, 2022 - 16:32 August 26, 2022 - 16:32

                          La Paz, Aug 26 (EFE).- Monkeypox infections in Bolivia amounted to 55, which corresponds to 54 men, one already recovered, and one under 11 years old, reported the Ministry of Health.

                          In the latest report from the Ministry of Health, three new cases are registered in the Santa Cruz region, the most affected by seismic smallpox in the country.

                          Of the 9 departments of Bolivia, only 4 have registered infections. Santa Cruz completes 47 cases, Cochabamba has 5 —of which one corresponds to a child under 11 years old—, La Paz adds 3 and in Potosí so far only one patient has been detected.

                          The Bolivian Government declared an epidemiological alert in May and presented a protocol that is applied by the Departmental Health Services (Headquarters) in the nine regions of the country in the event of any suspected case of this disease.

                          In addition, the authorities have asked the Bolivian population not to "stigmatize this disease" and alert to suspected contagion.

                          Likewise, the direction of the Epidemiology of the ministry indicated that it carries out the tracking of all the people who have had some contact with the positive patients and the suspected cases to avoid a greater contagion...


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                            Possible community transmission of monkeypox in La Paz
                            > The Director of the La Paz Headquarters confirmed that the fifth wave of covid-19 infections is about to end in the department, which since its inception has claimed the lives of 7 people.
                            08/27/2022 6:29 am

                            The department of La Paz registered four patients with monkeypox until this Friday, of which one of them is suspected to be due to community transmission, reported the director of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters), Mayber Aparicio.
                            This is a 35-year-old patient from the municipality of Viacha who has no history of having traveled anywhere outside the department of La Paz or abroad.
                            “The third patient is considered autochthonous, the first two external infections in the department; the third, apparently I say, because we are still studying the case, could be the first autochthonous case in our department,” Aparicio said.
                            Health personnel are investigating all the contacts he had to confirm who may have infected him, reported Erbol.
                            According to the official report on Thursday, three new cases were registered in Santa Cruz, therefore, the global figure in that department rises to 47, of which one recovered, in addition to the fact that 87 negatives were registered; in Cochabamba 14 were negative and five positive; in La Paz there were 22 negative cases and three active ones, although in recent hours a fourth case was confirmed and in Potosí, out of four suspects, one tested positive.
                            According to El Deber, an eight-year-old boy was diagnosed with monkeypox and this is the first case in children under 12 years of age in Santa Cruz.
                            Meanwhile, in Oruro there were six negatives and 0 positives; in Chuquisaca four were negative and 0 confirmed; in Tarija three negatives and 0 confirmed; in Beni 12 negatives and 0 confirmed and finally in Pando three tests were negative and 0 confirmed.
                            The Ministry of Health and Sports reported that the protocols for the specific diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of cases and contacts are coordinated with the Departmental Health Services (Headquarters), according to ABI.
                            Likewise, the Epidemiology department carries out the tracing of all contacts with positive patients, as well as suspects, following the surveillance and blockade protocol established by the national government.
                            On the other hand, the director of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) of La Paz, Mayber Aparicio, reported that the department is about to conclude the fifth wave of covid-19 infections, which since its inception took the lives of 7 people.
                            “Surely the end of the fifth wave of infections in the department would be coming this spring, we would already be about to conclude. To date, only approximately 7 deaths have been reported in total in everything that is the fifth wave of infections, ”said Aparicio.
                            The health authority explained that the previous week 3,200 positive cases of covid-19 were reported, which represents a decrease of 18%, in relation to the previous epidemiological week, reflected
                            “Officially, La Paz Headquarters would have entered the de-escalation of covid-19 infections,” he indicated.


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                              Active cases of monkeypox in Bolivia rise to 62
                              This content was published on August 27, 2022 - 17:24 August 27, 2022 - 17:24

                              La Paz, Aug 27 (EFE) .- Active infections of monkeypox in Bolivia amounted to 62, including the case of a child under 11 years of age, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, in addition to a patient who has already been discharged.

                              The regions of the country that have reported positive cases are Santa Cruz (53), La Paz (4), Cochabamba (5) and Potosí (1), while in the other five departments there are no infections...