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Ecuador: 2022 Monkeypox

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  • Ecuador: 2022 Monkeypox

    July 6, 2022 CDT 15:31 (GMT) -0400

    Published by: Pavel López Lazo

    In a statement, MSP detailed the first monkeypox case was a 30-year-old patient who lives in Guayaquil, Guayas province, considered as the first epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

    According to details, the patient´s symptoms, who remains in stable conditions, isolated and under medical surveillance, are: fever, weakness, malaise and vesicles (fluid blisters on the skin), as confirmed by the National Institute of Public Health Research (INSPI, in Spanish) after conducting the respective tests and ruling out other two suspected cases.

    MSP also added that those who kept contact with the patient are also in isolation.

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      Ecuador reports a third confirmed case of monkeypox
      By Newsroom Infobae
      July 23, 2022

      Quito, 23 Jul. A third confirmed case of monkeypox in Ecuador was reported this Saturday by the Ministry of Public Health in a statement issued after the declaration of international emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) against this virus.

      The Ministry of Health indicated that "in the country, so far only three cases have been identified, which were isolated and two of them are still in quarantine" while "the corresponding surveillance protocols have been lifted."

      Until now, there was only confirmation of two cases of monkeypox in Ecuador, one in the capital Quito and another in the port city of Guayaquil, which forced the authorities to carry out epidemiological fences to keep close contacts of each patient under surveillance. .

      The Ministry ruled out that there is community transmission of monkeypox in the country and assured that "the country has the means to diagnose the pathology," while "working on the guidelines for preparedness and response to treat this disease."

      Likewise, he urged the population to maintain biosecurity measures, such as hand hygiene, and in the presence of symptoms, he recommended wearing a mask and going to the nearest doctor or health center...


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        Infections with monkeypox rise to 16 in Ecuador: there are children diagnosed
        Drafting Vistazo Thursday, 11 August 2022 - 13:33

        The number of infections with monkeypox in Ecuador rises. Until this Thursday, August 11, 2022, the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) has registered 16 confirmed cases.

        Francisco Pérez, National Undersecretary of Surveillance, confirmed that these people were tested at the National Institute of Public Health Research (INSPI).

        Of these cases, 5 reside in Guayas, 3 in Pichincha️, 1 in Loja️, 1 in Los Ríos️, 3 in El Oro️, 2 in Santa Elena️ and 2 in Azuay. In addition, a suspicious case is being investigated.

        "With this, there are 17 people," Pérez said, noting that of that total, the death of a man diagnosed with the disease, who lived in the province of Guayas, was reported.

        His death occurred this Monday, as a result of a pre-existing pathology, according to the MSP.

        The official also explained that within this group of cases, there are two infected children: one was exported by a minor who came from abroad; and the other is a 9-year-old boy, who is in the province of Loja, although his contagion occurred in Los Ríos.

        At the moment, the focus of the contagion is between Guayas, Los Ríos and probably El Oro, Pérez said.

        The MSP urges the population to maintain biosafety measures, such as hand hygiene with soap and water or alcohol gel.

        In the presence of symptoms, it is recommended to wear a mask and go to the nearest doctor or health center.


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          August 16, 2022 3:12 PM
          Monkeypox cases rise to 19 in Ecuador; transmission is 'indigenous'
          Sara Onate (I)

          Ecuador added two new cases of monkeypox, one in Azuay and another in Cañar. In total, 19 are registered. This was reported this Tuesday, August 16, 2022, by the Minister of Health, José Ruales, during the session of the National COE that was held at the ECU 911 facilities in Quito.

          The head of Health explained that one of the new cases is the first woman who was infected with the disease.

          He noted that none of the 19 monkeypox infections are hospitalized. They are all mildly ill who are under home surveillance and the contacts detected in the last three weeks are followed up. The previous paintings have already been discharged, he added.

          "We have no deaths, there is a person who died from complications of another disease and who was detected with monkeypox when she was admitted to the hospital. The cause of death was not monkeypox," Ruales clarified.

          Of the 19 cases, five are in Pichincha, four in Guayas, three in Azuay, three in El Oro, two in Santa Elena, one in Cañar and one in Los Ríos...


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              Source: -weeks/47849998

              Ecuador has 35 cases of monkeypox, more than double the number 2 weeks ago
              This content was published on August 24, 2022 - 13:11 August 24, 2022 - 13:11

              Quito, Aug 24 (EFE).- Confirmed cases of monkeypox in Ecuador have risen to 35, more than double the number two weeks ago, when 16 patients were registered, according to the latest report published by the Ministry of Public Health.

              80% of the cases are men (31) and 20% are women (4), explained the Minister of Public Health, José Ruales, during a press conference of the national Emergency Operations Committee (COE).

              The cases have risen since the Ecuadorian authorities confirmed last week that Ecuador already registers indigenous transmission of monkeypox, since until then it was considered that the detected cases were imported, having been infected in other countries...


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                Cases of monkeypox rise to 51 in Ecuador
                Vistazo Magazine Monday, 29 August 2022 - 16:32

                The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) announced this Monday, August 29, 2022, an increase to 51 cases of monkeypox in Ecuador.

                The Minister of Health, José Ruales, explained that this increase remains "stable." Most of these cases were detected in Guayas and Azuay.

                ALSO READ: Monkey pox: how to avoid getting infected?

                In Guayas, 16 people with the disease were registered; Azuay follows, with 15 cases of monkeypox; in Pichincha there are 12 infected, El Oro reports 4, while Santa Elena, Los Ríos and Cañar present one case each...


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                  Monkeypox in Ecuador: Health confirms 59 cases
                  The increase in cases still does not put the country in the range found in other countries in the region such as Colombia, Brazil or Peru that exceed a thousand cases
                  Express Writing
                  Updated 09/06/2022 17:36

                  In the last week, eight new cases of monkeypox have been registered nationwide, as announced on the afternoon of this Tuesday, September 6, by the National COE authorities.
                  monkey pox

                  To date there are 59 cases, of which 17% (10 cases) are infected women. Thus there are also 226 suspected cases, the same ones that are in an epidemiological fence.

                  However, the increase in cases still does not put the country in the range found in other countries in the region such as Colombia, Brazil or Peru that exceed a thousand cases. "If we do not take the necessary measures, they could suddenly increase and for this the Ministry of Public Health together with the INSPI have prepared themselves and have acquired the necessary tests," said Francisco Pérez, Undersecretary of Epidemiological Surveillance of the MSP.

                  It is not yet known when the vaccines will arrive in the country, but the steps to acquire the medicine with a revolving fund from PAHO are already being carried out...


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                    Monkeypox cases rise to 68 in Ecuador
                    Guayas registers more infected people. The situation with COVID-19 remains stable; The Government will undertake a new day of mass vaccination.
                    September 13, 2022 - 6:26 p.m.

                    The country adds more cases of patients infected with monkeypox. In the last week, the number of people diagnosed with the simian disease rose from 59 to 68, according to a balance presented by the Minister of Health, José Ruales, on Tuesday, September 13, during a press conference of the Emergency Operations Committee (COE) national.

                    Guayas continues to be the province with the highest number of patients, reaching 25. Then there are Azuay (16), Pichincha (16), El Oro (4), Santa Elena (2), Cañar (1), Los Ríos (1), Zamora Chinchipe (1), Loja (1) and Tungurahua (1).

                    Ruales specified that of the 68 confirmed cases, a total of 22 people have already been discharged. Additionally, there are 254 citizens within the epidemiological fence.

                    On a regional scale, Ecuador is located below other countries that have more infected patients, such as Brazil, which has 5,726 cases; Peru, with 1,808 cases; or Colombia, which registers 938.

                    Regarding the epidemiological situation of COVID-19, Minister Ruales stressed that infections continue to decline, as well as hospitalization and occupation of intensive care units..


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                      Quito, September 23, 2022.

                      Ecuador reported 93 cases of monkeypox, after epidemiological surveillance. Of them, 25 were discharged and 189 contacts are in an epidemiological fence.

                      The provinces with the highest number of cases are Guayas, with 37, Pichincha, with 25, and Azuay, with 16. They are followed by El Oro, with four; Santa Elena, with two; Tungurahua, with two; and Imbabura, with two. While Cañar, Los Ríos, Zamora Chinchipe, Manabí and Loja registered one case each.

                      At the level of the Americas, according to the positive cases, Ecuador is eleventh below Argentina, Puerto Rico and Bolivia.

                      To avoid contagion, the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) recommends permanent hand washing and disinfection, as well as the use of a mask in places with the highest attendance. If you have symptoms related to the disease, go to the nearest health facility.


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                        Ecuador registers 120 cases of monkeypox
                        September 28, 2022 - 18:43 - Web Writing

                        The Ecuadorian Ministry of Public Health (MSP) confirmed 120 cases of monkeypox. Guayas is the most affected province in Ecuador, registering 46 cases. Pichincha adds 37 and Azuay 16.

                        The country registered an increase of 27 cases with respect to the last count recorded on September 24, 2022. In Cotopaxi there is the case of a four-month-old baby who was infected with the disease, according to the District Health Directorate. The infant is isolated and under medical surveillance.

                        The MSP confirmed that of the 120 registered cases, 42 people have already been discharged. 76 people are in quarantine and one patient is hospitalized. The only death was due to a previous illness.

                        In addition, the Public Health portfolio indicated that 178 people are in an epidemiological fence.

                        The MSP recalled that before the appearance of symptoms related to the disease, you should go to the nearest health center, in addition to including the use of a mask, hand washing and permanent disinfection of the body.


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                          Ecuador adds 142 cases of monkeypox, 92 in isolation
                          This content was published on 05 October 2022 - 03:11 05 October 2022 - 03:11

                          Quito, Oct 4 (EFE) .- The Government of Ecuador reported this Tuesday that it registered 142 cases of monkeypox in the country, 92 of which are in an isolation process to prevent the spread of contagion.

                          The Ministry of Public Health, in a statement, specified that 47 patients have already been discharged after overcoming the infectious condition, two patients are hospitalized and only one died with the disease, but due to another previously acquired disease.

                          According to the Ministry report, 224 people who have maintained contact with infected people have been placed in epidemiological fences to observe the evolution and prevent eventual spread.

                          The coastal province of Guayas is the one with the most cases (53), followed by Pichincha (45); Azuay (19); El Oro, Imbabura, Tungurahua (4); Cotopaxi, Santa Elena, Loja, Manabi (2); Cañar, Los Ríos, Zamora Chinchipe, Sucumbíos and Esmeraldas (1).

                          The largest number of infections corresponds to men, with 128, while in the category of women there are 14, according to the report...