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  • Colombia: 2022 mpox


    Colombia reports first cases of monkeypox
    Jun 24, 2022 • 56 minutes ago te read •

    BOGOTA — Colombia confirmed its first three cases of monkeypox in adults who had traveled from Europe and are now in quarantine, the country’s health ministry said.

    Two of the cases were found in the capital Bogota, and the third was found in Colombia’s second city, Medellin.

    Monkeypox is a disease that causes fever symptoms, a distinctive bumpy rash, and back and muscle pain, as well as other symptoms, the health ministry said late on Thursday...

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    Monkeypox cases in Colombia rise to 5
    Sun, Jul 03 2022 11:41:14 AM

    Bogota, Jul 3 (IANS): Two new cases of monkeypox were detected in Colombia, bringing the total number of cases in the country to five, local health authorities reported on Saturday.

    The new cases were two related adults, one of whom had recently arrived from Europe and infected the other, said Bogota's Secretary of Health Alejandro Gomez, adding the two patients are currently in isolation, with their care managed on an outpatient basis, Xinhua news agency reported.

    "We have four cases of monkeypox in the city of Bogota, and the four cases are not serious," he said, noting, "The epidemiological cordon, contact tracing and the studies are being carried out normally, as is usually done."...


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      Monkeypox: New cases reported in Colombia
      July 21, 2022 - Juliana Montoya

      The National Institute of Health reported three new cases of monkeypox, better known as monkeypox in the country, which were identified in Bogotá and with which the country's capital adds a total of 9 cases to date.

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      As reported by the entity, 10 cases of monkeypox have been reported in Colombia, one of them in Medellín and the rest in Bogotá, of which five have already completed their follow-up with complete recovery and no new cases were generated in their contacts; the other five continue to be followed up along with their contacts...


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        Colombia reached 12 cases of monkeypox with a new contagion in Cundinamarca
        The person presented the symptoms of tiredness and fever that are normal in the infection that was detected in Congo in 1970.

        The Colombian | Posted 4 hours ago

        In days when the country is preparing to face monkeypox, a new case of this disease of African origin was confirmed from Cajicá, Cundinamarca.

        With this announcement, the 12 infected patients are reached nationwide, 10 of them are in Bogotá and another in Medellín. The total figure is lower when compared to other countries in the region. Therefore, to try to make monkeypox more widespread, the Ministry of Health has established a series of approaches with other entities to train officials in handling this situation.

        The 41-year-old man diagnosed with smallpox had symptoms such as tiredness, fever and headache, which are part of the cycle of the disease in the body, which affects the skin of the infected person, especially on the hands and arms. .

        The rest of the people who contracted smallpox came from abroad or had contact with travelers, which happened with the last infected person, who was in Argentina...


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          Monkeypox in Colombia: there are already 20 confirmed cases of the disease in the country
          The Ministry of Health assures that it is attentive to carry out the necessary epidemiological investigations to follow possible chains of contagion and prevent the virus from spreading.
          August 1, 2022

          Colombia remains on alert because there are confirmed cases of monkeypox in the national territory, the disease that has health authorities around the world concerned. According to the Ministry of National Health (MinSalud), until this first of August there are 20 people within the territory who have contracted the disease.

          It was detailed that 68 cases have been analyzed, of which 20 were confirmed, 42 were discarded and the rest are still pending to be determined. It was also noted that infections have been reported mainly in Bogotá (14), and followed to a lesser extent by Antioquia (3), Cundinamarca (1), Risaralda (1), and Valle del Cauca (1).

          From the Ministry of Health they assure that they are attentive to carry out the necessary epidemiological investigations to follow possible chains of contagion and prevent the virus from spreading. Thus, the order has already been given to the EPS so that, within their care network, at least one reference center is designated for the care of people with this disease.

          “We have nine departmental public health laboratories with diagnostic capacity that are added to the National Institute of Health (INS), but there are also another ten diagnostic centers located in different academic entities such as universities and research centers with the capacity to carry out said diagnoses. ”, assured Fernando Ruiz, Minister of Health.

          A telemedicine service will also be implemented that allows "in a discreet and personalized way to have access to health services in the country quickly to identify possible cases."

          Colombian health authorities say that with these provisions they intend to make the diagnosis of monkeypox infections more effective and provide rapid care to patients. It was also indicated that with the designation of at least one reference center for the care of those infected, it is possible to contribute to the process of characterizing the disease...


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            Monkeypox: There are 26 confirmed cases in Colombia
            The infections were confirmed in Bogotá (19), Antioquia (3), Cundinamarca (1), Risaralda (1), Valle del Cauca (1) and La Guajira (1).
            Diana Cabrera
            4 Aug 2022 10:45 AM

            The cases of monkeypox in the country rose to 26, after the report of the National Institute of Health (INS), in which 100 cases were analyzed, in different cities and where 55 were ruled out and 20 more are under study.

            The infections were confirmed in Bogotá (19), Antioquia (3), Cundinamarca (1), Risaralda (1), Valle del Cauca (1) and La Guajira (1), cities where there is strict surveillance for these cases registered especially in the male population.

            The director of surveillance and risk analysis of the National Institute of Health, Franklin Prieto, stated that a very strict surveillance of confirmed cases is being carried out.

            “Of these 26 cases, 14 have been registered as imported, where the remaining 12 have had infections that are being assessed, seven are related, because the source of infection was identified, and five are in doubt due to the information recorded by the patients of the origin of the infection. contagion, because we see that people tend to hide the source of infection,” he said.

            He stressed that these infections are imported from people who came to the country from different countries. "This territorial distribution at this time still does not show a community circulation or that generates a chain of transmission because most cases continue to be imported," he explained.

            He stressed that in Colombia the panorama is that a community circulation has not been established in the country.

            “All the cases have been in men with an average age of 31 years and a range between 24 and 41 years of age, of the 26 cases they have stated that they have attended massive events, all abroad and the rest stated that they have had new partners or multiple sexual partners in the country, including her case importing or related by clinical characteristics as imported,” he said.

            Prieto stated that, according to the evaluation carried out on the patients, they have a history of sexually transmitted diseases. “We have pathological antecedents of chlamydia and proctitis in two people of the 26 cases of HIV in almost half of the cases and of syphilis in five of the 26 confirmed cases, which is consistent with what is narrated by the series of cases published in magazines and international publications”, he stated.


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              Colombia counts 55 cases of monkeypox
              INS authorities indicate that the epidemic in Colombia is characterized by being concentrated in a particular population group. |
              Published August 8, 2022 (19 hours 15 minutes ago)

              Bogotá concentrates the largest number of infected, while the rest is located in Antioquia, Risaralda, Tolima, Cartagena, Cundinamarca, La Guajira, Valle del Cauca and Santander.

              The National Institute of Health (INS) of Colombia detailed this Monday that a total of 55 positive patients for monkeypox are recorded in the country.

              A report from the entity specified that Bogotá (capital) concentrates the majority of cases with 41, and is followed by the department of Antioquia with four positives; Risaralda with three; Tolima with two, while the city of Cartagena, the departments of Cundinamarca, La Guajira, Valle del Cauca and Santander only report one contagion.

              The INS also reported that 162 samples have been taken so far, of which 65 have been discarded, and 28 laboratories remain active to detect monkeypox in the country.

              The director of the INS, Martha Lucía Ospina, explained last Friday that the epidemic in Colombia is characterized by concentrating on a particular population group.

              “We have no cases in women, children, or any other age group. Or in any gender other than male, ”said the entity official, who described the situation as positive because the spread has not yet acquired a community character.

              The INS authorities urge the Colombian population to report manifestations of the disease in time, and insist that health personnel spread the characteristics of the symptoms and how to recognize them.


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                  Source: a-called/

                  Ministry of Health confirms 84 infections of monkeypox in Colombia and calls
                  29 new cases were reported since the last report from the National Institute of Health
                  August 11, 2022

                  The Ministry of Health and Social Protection reported through a statement that there are 84 people infected in the country, that is, it has increased by 34% since last August 8, 2022, when there were only 55 confirmed cases...


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                    Cases of monkeypox increase in Colombia
                    by Web Writing // LN15 August, 2022
                    According to the latest report from the health authorities, there are already 129 confirmed cases of monkeypox in Colombia. Bogotá continues to be the region where the most cases have been presented, with a total of 97.
                    Web/LN Writing

                    On August 11, the National Institute of Health had reported 84 confirmed cases of monkeypox throughout the country. However, in the last three days, this figure rose to 129, as 45 new cases of this disease were confirmed.

                    Taking the regions as a reference, Bogotá continues to lead the list of confirmed cases with 97. Then Antioquia follows with 13, Tolima with 4 and Risaralda reports 3 cases, while other territories such as La Guajira, Santander, Cartagena, Cundinamarca, Valle del Cauca, among others, registered between one and two infected.

                    The country has, with the latest report from the National Institute of Health, 129 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the national territory.

                    For its part, the Ministry of Health had already warned that this weekend there could be a greater circulation of the virus, due to the events of great influx in different cities of the country.


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                      Colombia already registers 164 infections of monkeypox
                      The Ministry of Health has received 792 alerts for possible infections of monkeypox until this August 19.

                      The National Institute of Health (INS) reported this Friday that the country reached 164 cases of monkeypox. The institution indicated that the disease is already present in 12 departments of the country.

                      Until this Friday, August 19, the Ministry of Health has received 792 territorial alerts for possible infections of this virus of African origin, of these, 164 were detected as positive cases.

                      The official report states that the affected cities and departments are Bogotá, Antioquia, Tolima, Risaralda, Cali, Cartagena, Cauca, Cundinamarca, La Guajira, Santander Valle del Cauca, Quindío, Norte de Santander, Barranquilla and Atlántico.

                      "Right now there is a concentrated population, we can still monitor the chains, that's why we are permanently vigilant to prevent them from breaking and losing those chains and falling into community transmission, which for now is not," he warned. Claudia Cuéllar, director of Epidemiology and Demography of the INS.

                      Until this August 16, the city most affected by these infections was Bogotá with 97 of the positives. Antioquia, to that date, reported 14 cases...


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                        There are 273 cases of monkeypox in Colombia
                        August 22, 2022 - 08:12 AM

                        The National Institute of Health presented the report on monkeypox in Colombia, where 273 infections have been reported so far.

                        In recent days, the numbers of infected people have grown worryingly, since last Friday 164 citizens with the disease were known.

                        The INS also pointed out that a total of 699 cases were analyzed, of which 242 were discarded.

                        Bogotá has the majority of people infected with monkeypox in the country, with a total of 227, being the only one in the national conglomerate with a number in three figures.

                        The others are Antioquia (14), Tolima (6), Valle del Cauca (6), Atlántico (4), the rest of the departments appear with less than four infections.


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                            Monkeypox: infections in Colombia amount to 582 cases
                            According to the INS, so far 1,225 alerts have been generated due to the disease.
                            HEALTH UNIT August 29, 2022, 06:04 PM

                            The National Institute of Health (INS) reported 582 cases of monkeypox infection in the country to date. According to the entity, a total of 922 samples were analyzed, of which 381 cases have been ruled out and 262 probable infections are being studied.

                            The departments with the highest number of infections continue to be Bogotá (442) and Antioquía (62), followed by Cali (14) and Cundinamarca (18).

                            Regarding the potential increase in cases of contagion in Colombia, since last week the Ministry of Health and Social Protection has called on the territorial entities, health service providers and insurers of the system to reinforce the taking of diagnostic tests for cases of monkeypox.

                            Claudia Cuéllar, director of Epidemiology and Demography, pointed out that there are 33 authorized public health laboratories in the country, with the capacity, supplies and guidelines for processing PCR tests to detect this disease.

                            The results of these tests must be compiled in Sis samples, just as it is done with those of covid. Currently, there are 70 new cases per strain, which is why self-care must be intensified.

                            For her part, Martha Ospina, director of the National Institute of Health, emphasized that “the diagnosis made by PCR is not a whim, it is an epidemiological matter that we must abide by, because at this time we need to clearly know the clade that is circulating ; We also need to be able to take samples from these PCRs to do genomic sequencing and identify that there are no changes like what is happening in Peru, where new mutations are being seen that converge, ”she clarified.

                            It is important that the medical approach to a possible case of monkeypox be complete, therefore, complementary tests should be taken and all the medical practice carried out on a case-by-case basis, not generalized, to provide timely care.

                            Similarly, it is necessary for the EAPB to have clear action plans for human talent in health and the community, in the event of a suspected or confirmed case. Also, a medical care line for timely patient care.


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