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Venezuela: Chickens die.

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  • Venezuela: Chickens die.

    Venezuelan chickens deaths appear to be from Newcastle disease, not bird flu

    Canadian Press

    Published: Monday, March 06, 2006
    CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - Health authorities are investigating the deaths of dozens of chickens in Venezuela and suspect the cause to be Newcastle disease, a government official said Monday.
    One farm in the north-central state of Miranda was placed under quarantine after some 30 to 40 chickens were found with symptoms of Newcastle disease, said Jose Garcia, director of the Health Ministry's epidemics department. He said most of those chickens died.
    Newcastle disease is a common illness among birds that is not a threat to humans. Garcia told The Associated Press that officials have taken samples from chickens at the farms and people living in the area.
    "Samples were taken from humans and were taken from animals to confirm what this situation is about and to be able also to rule out or confirm avian influenza," Garcia said.

    Venezuela has approved a contingency plan to fight a possible bird flu outbreak. The plan involves vaccinations for humans and inspections of imported poultry at all seaports, airports and border crossings.

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    Re: Venezuela: Chickens die.

    Gosh, Columbia admitted that it was H9N2 several months ago. Why would Venezuela now think that it was Newcastles? One government can not remember the most recent excuse of its next door neighbor. Considering that Hugo Chavez called out the army before Columbia finally admitted to having bird flu one would think that they would remember what happened.