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Chile: Covid-19 Cases - 432.666 cases, 11.895 deaths 

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  • Chile: Covid-19 Cases - 432.666 cases, 11.895 deaths 

    Coronavirus: first case of covid-19 confirmed in Chile
    BBC News World Newsroom

    37 minutes

    Chile confirmed on Tuesday a first case of the new coronavirus in the south of the country, Health Minister Jaime Mañalich announced.

    The case identified corresponds to a 33-year-old man, who returned to Chile at the end of February on a trip through Southeast Asia.

    "We have to confirm that the first positive case of coronavirus in this country is hospitalized in this area," Mañalich reported to a group of journalists at the Talca hospital...
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    March 3, 2020 '

    Ministry of Health confirms first case of coronavirus in Chile

    - The Ministry of Health confirms the first case of coronavirus COVID-19 in the country.

    This is a person of 33 years, with a history of travel for a month in different countries of Southeast Asia, particularly in Singapore, a country that has an outbreak of this disease, with 110 confirmed cases and no deaths, as of today.

    The case was notified by the Public Health Institute (ISP) and the Guillermo Grant Benavente Hospital Laboratory, after analyzing the patient sample using the PCR technique.

    The person is in the Hospital of Talca in good general health conditions and will be discharged, but under epidemiological surveillance at home.


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      Third case of coronavirus confirmed in Chile: First contagion in the Metropolitan Region
      Wednesday 4, March 2020 | 16:05 Hrs

      This is a 56-year-old person who is in good general health and will be under epidemiological surveillance at home.

      The Ministry of Health confirmed, on Wednesday afternoon, the third confirmed case of coronavirus in Chile.

      This is a 56-year-old person, resident in the Metropolitan region, with a history of travel to Europe, where he visited several countries within them northern Italy.

      The case was notified by a private health center, being confirmed by the Public Health Institute (ISP).

      As detailed, the person presented on Tuesday symptoms associated with a respiratory picture: fever, cough, headache and currently, is in good general health.

      The patient will be under epidemiological surveillance at home.

      The health seremi of the Maule region, Marlenne Durán, had confirmed, earlier this Wednesday, the second case of COVID-19 in the country, who is the wife of the first infected patient.

      Both traveled through Southeast Asian countries, particularly in Singapore, which has an outbreak of this disease, with 110 cases confirmed to date.

      The case was notified by the laboratory of Guillermo Grant Benavente Hospital in Concepción, one of the 6 national reference laboratories, in addition to the Public Health Institute (ISP), for the diagnostic confirmation of these cases.

      On Wednesday morning, the first patient of COVID-19 was discharged, who must complete a 14-day quarantine at home.


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        A 40-year-old person arrived from Italy, fourth case of COVID-19 in Chile
        Today 15:45 hs
        05 / Mar 2020

        In Latin America, so far, ten cases have also been reported in Ecuador, five in Mexico, two in Brazil, one in the Dominican Republic and one in Argentina. In China, the death toll reaches 3100.

        A 40-year-old person who entered Chile on February 29 from Italy is the fourth confirmed case of COVID-19 coronavirus in the country, the Institute of Public Health (ISP) reported Thursday.

        The person presented Wednesday to a private health center with symptoms associated with a respiratory condition, which is why the corresponding care protocol was applied given the travel history.

        According to health authorities, the person is in good general health and was sent to his home, where he will remain under epidemiological surveillance.

        This is the second case in the Metropolitan Region, the most populous in Chile and in which the country's capital is located.

        On Wednesday, a first case was confirmed in Santiago, Chile, a 56-year-old person who returned from a trip to Europe, where he visited Italy, among other countries; and the two previous cases were registered in the city of Talca (south-central) and correspond to a couple that was traveling through Southeast Asia in February.

        The so-called COVID-19, which began in China, the country with the highest number of infected and deaths, has already infected about 92,000 people and caused the death of 3,100.

        In Latin America, so far, ten cases have also been reported in Ecuador, five in Mexico, two in Brazil, one in the Dominican Republic and one in Argentina.

        The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that Latin America should take advantage of the fact that it is one of the world's regions with a very limited number of coronavirus cases to prepare an "aggressive containment strategy" that allows for rapid control If the virus spreads.

        Source and photo: EFE


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          Chile doubles the coronavirus cases in a weekend
          The dozen affected are in good condition and remain in their homes under epidemiological surveillance as a security measure.
          Peru PERU21

          Updated on 03/08/2020 at 19:31

          Santiago of Chile. [EFE]. The Chilean Ministry of Health reported on Sunday that the country has so far recorded 10 cases of confirmed infections of coronavirus, which means that in the weekend it doubled the number of people affected.

          Between Tuesday and Friday the health authorities had detected five positive cases of the virus in citizens who had traveled abroad and returned with symptoms of the disease, presenting respiratory complications.

          However, between Saturday and Sunday, the figures doubled in the country with the passage of hours and the progress of affirmative cases, which so far has been imported in all affected patients, extends geographically from north to south.

          So far, the affected population is in good condition, according to the Health portfolio, and they were sent to their homes under epidemiological surveillance as a security measure.

          Some had traveled to Asia and others to Europe, where they became infected with COVID-19 and returned to Chile in the middle of the virus incubation process, presenting the first signs when they were already in the country.

          The Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, said that there are hundreds of cases under follow-up for possible contagion of the virus and said that "they are doing quarantine in their homes", however none of them will be tested as possible infected with COVID-19 unless Present any symptoms.

          The patients under surveillance are those who traveled to one of the countries at risk such as China or Italy, or who were in contact with someone who did visit them.

          In the last 24 hours, 3,656 new cases were diagnosed worldwide, bringing the total to 105,586, while 98 new deaths were reported, so those killed since the origin of the epidemic are already 3,584.


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            Source:[Latin Press]
            Tuesday, March 10, 2020
            Increase to 17 cases of COVID-19 in Chile

            Santiago de Chile, Mar 10 (Prensa Latina) With four new confirmed cases in the last hours, 17 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in Chile rose today, the Ministry of Public Health (Minsal) reported.

            Of the total, 10 were identified in the Metropolitan region, where this capital is located, five in Maule, and two cases in the Bío Bío and Los Lagos regions.

            The patients reported in the last 24 hours are a man of 40 years and two women of 31 and 32 years, all from the Metropolitan region, and a man of 21 in the Maule, in the south of the country.

            The Minister of Public Health, Jaime Mañalich, told reporters that all so far are related to travel abroad, to countries where the disease has spread, mainly Italy and Spain.

            Meanwhile, Arturo Zúñiga, deputy secretary of healthcare networks, told the website of the newspaper El Mercurio that the country is maintained in Phase 2, because the cases are imported or that are spread in Chile, but because they are related to the previous ones.

            He added that it will go to Phase 3 when a case appears on which the origin of the ailment cannot be identified, and he considered that this should happen soon, so the Minsal is already activating all the corresponding measures.


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              23 infected in Chile: 6 new cases of Covid-19 coronavirus are confirmed
              Javiera Orellana March 11, 2020

              The Ministry of Health (Minsal) reported this Wednesday, March 11, on 23 confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in Chile.

              The update of the list was made at noon today and indicates that four of the six new cases were registered in the Metropolitan region.

              In Santiago, three women aged 58, 48 and 23 and a man aged 26 tested positive.


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                10 new confirmed coronaviruses in Chile: two cases are from Concepción
                Javiera Orellana March 13, 2020

                The Ministry of Health (Minsal) reported this Friday, March 13, on 43 confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in Chile.

                The update of the list was carried out at noon today and indicates that two of the ten new cases were registered in Concepción, being the first in the province.

                In summary, the number of those infected by the Covid-19 coronavirus reaches 29 in the Metropolitan Region, 8 in Maule, 2 in Ñuble, 3 in Bío Bío and one in Los Lagos.

                Those confirmed in Concepción are two male patients, 32 and 34 years old; while in Ñuble a child under 16 was positive. In Maule, a 38-year-old woman was added and the other six MR cases correspond to 5 men of 35, 31, 47 and 39 years (one with a reserved age), and a woman of 50 years.


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                  Confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus increase to 75 in Chile
                  Javiera Orellana March 15, 2020

                  The Ministry of Health (Minsal) reported this Sunday, March 15, on 75 confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in Chile.

                  The list was updated at noon today and indicates that there are 2 cases in the Antofagasta region, 1 in Atacama, 54 in the Metropolitan, 9 in Maule, 4 in Ñuble, 3 in Bío Bío, 1 in Los Lagos, and 1 in Aysén.

                  It should be remembered that yesterday, 61 cases were reported, so 14 new infections were confirmed in one day.


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                    155 confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus: Government started phase 4 to prevent further infections
                    Javiera Orellana - TVU News March 16, 2020

                    Through a press conference, the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera in the company of the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, announced that Chile has entered phase 4 of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

                    The authority indicated that there are no people who died from the disease and confirmed a total of 155 cases nationwide, as of Monday, March 16.

                    Phase 4 talks about an exponential growth of the virus and is related to measures to mitigate the contagion. At this stage, the virus would be considered generalized as there is “sustained transmission in the country”, due to the fact that the disease's traceability was lost.

                    With the start of this last phase of the pandemic, the closure of borders was announced from Wednesday, March 18.

                    So far, there are 5 confirmed cases in the Bio Bio Region.


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                      Covid-19 paralyzes Santiago and government prepares scenario of 100,000 infections
                      V. Castillo, O. Fernández, R. Latorre and J. Matus
                      57 minutes ago

                      With 201 confirmed cases, 76% in the Metropolitan Region, the streets have been emptied. Metro rush hour traffic fell 47.5%, while shopping centers, gyms, squares, casinos, restaurants and clubs chose to close. Salud enlists 42 thousand beds and manages to rent hotels for quarantines.

                      It made such an impression that the few passengers who used the service shared their photos on social media: empty stations, unoccupied platforms and carriages with just a handful of people. The Metro, as a "thermometer" of what is happening in the city, was revealed on Tuesday: the flow of passengers fell by half, accounting for the emptying of the streets of Santiago, a product of the quarantines and the fear it has instilled Covid-19 in the population.

                      According to the state, in the morning rush hour the influx was 669 thousand passengers, that is, 47.5% less compared to last Tuesday, when 1,277,465 people traveled at the same time. "There was a drop in demand, which is similar to the summer season, due to the call made to make (only) essential trips," said Transport Minister Gloria Hutt.

                      Transantiago buses, also with fewer passengers, saw the machines in circulation decrease, since almost 15% of drivers, 2,688 people, are in risk groups. "There has been less demand and we have adapted the operations program, reducing the frequency of buses by 18%," said Fernando Saka, director of Metropolitan Public Transport.

                      Carlos Melo, an academic at U. San Sebastián and former Undersecretary of Transport, added that passenger flows "have been reduced to levels prior to Transantiago (2007)".
                      The paralyzed city

                      With classes in the colleges and universities suspended, and thousands of people working from their homes - after a flexibilization of the labor modality was promoted - the main streets of the capital were emptied. So much so, that the busiest coffee shops and where customers often line up to buy, recorded the record of serving only one customer per hour.

                      The confirmation of 201 cases of Covid-19 at noon on Tuesday, with 76% in the Metropolitan Region, heightened the climate of insecurity and calls to tighten the measures and quarantines. Thus, the announcements of suspensions and closings followed one another: chains of gyms, parks and squares, bars and discotheques, gaming casinos and even amusement parks and roller coasters. Other venues, such as shopping malls and malls, chose to reduce their working hours, while the cinemas, with a drop in half the public, are operating with locked seats, to guarantee a safe separation between people.

                      The municipality of Providencia took stricter measures, decreeing the closure of the Costanera Center mall. In Las Condes, the council approved a change of ordinance to authorize the same action.

                      In restaurants, the first days of the call not to leave the house, unless it was essential, was noticeable: customers dropped by 80%. “The restaurants since Friday began to close. And this Tuesday they fell to 20% of regular customers. Also, people stopped going out at night permanently, ”says Máximo Picallo, president of the Chilean Association of Gastronomy (Achiga).
                      The health plan

                      With 41 new cases, the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, announced that he is already working under a projection for the “worst” of cases: “We have prepared ourselves so that, at the same time, there are 100,000 patients. This does not mean 100,000 hospitalized, because 85% of these people will not require it, we are talking about a maximum of 15,000 people, simultaneously, requiring hospital and the sequence of intensive treatments. "

                      This scenario, he reiterated, should take place over the next eight to 12 weeks - between the end of April and the entire May-period when the contagion curve will peak. All in all, in the government they hope that Chile does not record the death rate of 3.3% that the Coronavirus has had in the world and that, given the early detection of cases, the case fatality rate is much lower and approaching low percentages. from countries such as Switzerland and South Korea, with rates between 0.6% and 0.8% .

                      Mañalich highlighted the early research that is being carried out with the application of almost 1,200 daily tests, which could increase to 5,000 in the coming weeks. "We are communicating the number of new and total cases of coronavirus that is very close to reality. Therefore, the vast majority of cases are mild. We are sure, as foreign authorities have stated, that in other countries this capacity does not exist, and that there are a huge number of people who are ill and have not been detected by this condition, "said Mañalich.

                      To cope with the emergency, the Undersecretariat of Assistance Networks plans to increase the total capacity of the public and private health network (38,000 beds) by a little more than 5,000 units, which will leave the network with more than 43 thousand places to admit patients.

                      Undersecretary Arturo Zúñiga reiterated that with the accelerated opening of five hospitals in their final stage of construction - the new Felix Bulnes being the largest, in Cerro Navia - 1,762 beds will be added. Added to the above are three modular hospitals, which will add 500 more, the field hospital in the Bicentennial Park of Cerrillos and the lease of Espacio Riesco, which would enable 800 beds.

                      Mañalich also announced that the rental of hotels is being managed for those who need isolation and cannot do so at home.
                      State of catastrophe?

                      Faced with the international scene and the rise in infections, various experts suggest that measures should be tightened. The infectologist from the U. de Chile Miguel O’Ryan supports “that people stay at home. It is an intense strategy that China and many European countries have adopted now, in order to flatten the curve with social distancing. ”

                      The national secretary of the Medical College, José Miguel Bernucci, says that the union's position is that a “lock down” or blockade of the communes or cities be applied, as occurred in some Asian countries: “In Chile we are already in a level in which the commerce, the spaces, like cinemas or restaurants, must suspend their activities. This leads to less circulation of people who are a source of contagion. The case of Italy must be looked at, because today it is paying the consequences. ”

                      In case the spread of the virus gets out of control, already several countries like Italy and Spain have completely restricted the mobility of people with states of emergency. In Chile, the most similar thing to that would be to enact a state of catastrophe, a scenario that is in the battery of measures available to La Moneda.

                      The constitutional lawyer Gabriel Osorio asked via Twitter that President Piñera "dictate a State of Emergency Constitutional Exception and a curfew throughout the country." Consulted by La Tercera, Osorio said that the options are the state of catastrophe and emergency, those that have been used before in earthquakes and after the outbreak of October 18.

                      The Constitution, in its article 43, establishes that in the state of catastrophe, the President may “restrict the freedoms of transportation and assembly”, in addition to requesting requisitions for property and limiting the exercise of the right to property. "In a state of catastrophe you can requisition products, for example, if the flour is no longer available, but you know that there is a warehouse with tons of flour, you can requisition that and distribute it to the population. Then you have to pay it ”, explains the constitutional lawyer Patricio Zapata.


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                        Chile reaches 238 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus infections
                        By: César Herrera March 18, 2020

                        The Health Minister, Jaime Mañalich, delivered a new report on the number of people infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus, which increased to 238 cases, 37 more than the previous day.

                        Of the total affected, eight are interned without life risk, explained the Secretary of State.

                        In this framework, Minister Mañalich indicated that the country is "approaching" the end of the mandatory 14-day quarantine of the first patients, who will be registered as "recovered" patients, stated 24 Hours.

                        "These figures must be viewed with caution," said the minister, who reported that an average of three thousand examinations have been carried out daily and that another 250,000 have already been purchased.


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                          103 nuevos contagios: casos de Covid-19 en Chile ascienden a 342
                          Javiera Orellana - TVU Noticias 19 de Marzo 2020

                          El Ministerio de Salud (Minsal) informó este jueves 19 de marzo, sobre 342 casos confirmados de coronavirus Covid-19 en Chile.

                          El ministro de la cartera, Jaime Mañalich indicó que este nuevo reporte incluye casos confirmados en 24 horas, donde se contabilizaron 103 nuevos contagios.

                          Además, el jefe de la cartera se refirió a la lista de casos recuperados, donde hay 5 personas, que fueron las primeras confirmadas con el virus en Chile.

                          Hasta el momento se han descartado cerca de 400 casos en la Región del Bío Bío, y aún no se registran fallecidos en Chile.


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                            Coronavirus in Chile: new cases and latest news today live
                            Updated on: 03/20/2020 8:45 PM

                            Confirmed cases until 20:00 hours in Chile:

                            Total: 434 infected

                            Arica y Parinacota: 1 case

                            Antofagasta: 6 cases

                            Atacama: 1 case

                            Coquimbo: 3 cases

                            Valparaíso: 5 cases

                            Metropolitan: 304 cases

                            O'Higgins: 6 cases

                            Maule: 14 cases

                            Ñuble: 44 cases

                            Biobío: 19 cases

                            Araucanía: 9 cases

                            Los Ríos: 1 case

                            Los Lagos: 18 cases

                            Aysén: 1 case

                            Magellan: 2 cases


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                              Saturday March 21, 2020 | Posted at 11:10 AM · Updated at 11:18 AM
                              Covid-19: Confirmed 537 cases of contagion and 8 people recovered
                              By Leonardo Casas

                              The Ministry of Health confirmed this Saturday that confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus reach 537 nationwide.

                              This represents 103 more cases than yesterday.

                              Minister Jaime Mañalich confirmed that so far there are eight recovered persons (not yet reflected in the attached graphic) who have been declared discharged.

                              In turn, Mañalich described the measures adopted in Maule as successful, ensuring that this local outbreak “is under control. They had only one new case in the last 24 hours. We congratulate the local authorities for this success ”.

                              On the other hand, a new rise was registered in the Ñuble region.