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Chile: Covid-19 Cases - 432.666 cases, 11.895 deaths 

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    Ministry of Health reported 309,274 cases of coronavirus in Chile
    3,058 new infected have been added in the last 24 hours and there are 278,053 recovered.
    Hector Muñoz
    Jul 10, 2020

    This morning, the Ministry of Health released the new figures for contagion of coronaviruses in Chile.

    After the cut at 21:00 on Thursday, July 9, it was revealed that the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our country amounted to 303,083 people in total, with 99 deaths in the last 24 hours, totaling 6,781 people who died in Chile. by coronavirus.

    Of the infected, 2,392 people have symptoms and positive CRP, 460 cases have no symptoms and have positive CRP, and 206 are unreported. In total, there are 3,058 new cases compared to the last report, with 24,440 active cases and 278,053 recovered.


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      Coronavirus in Chile today: how many cases are registered as of July 11
      Source: THE NATION
      July 11, 2020 • 7:13 PM

      The epidemic of viral pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus is spreading around the world, and concern is also growing. As of today, July 11, 312,029 cases of infection were reported in Chile, 6,881 of deaths and 281,114 of recovered. These figures are released daily by the World Health Organization (WHO).

      In relation to the previous day, there were 2,755 more cases of those affected by coronaviruses in Chile.


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        COVID-19 in Chile: Deceased approaching 7,000 and infected reach 315,041

        The Undersecretary of Assistance Networks said that in the last 24 hours there were 3,012 new cases of CORONAVIUS, of which 2,371 are patients with symptoms and 389 are asymptomatic. As for the deceased, there were 98 victims.
        Hans Hansen -
        07/12/2020 317

        The Ministry of Health reported this Sunday of a new number of deaths from CORONAVIRUS, reporting 98 deaths from the virus, while the number of those infected continues to increase, since in the last 24 hours 3,012 new cases were detected.

        This was reported by the undersecretary of Healthcare Networks, Arturo Zúñiga, who said that of the 3,012 new cases, 2,371 are patients with symptoms and 389 are asymptomatic, reaching a total in the country of 315,041 people infected with COVID-19. It was also noted that there are 252 unreported people.

        Likewise, it was also reported that the number of active patients, that is, that they can infect other people, reaches 24,166 and recovered cases are 283,902.

        As for the number of deaths from the virus, Zúñiga said that there were 98 deaths from COVID-19, so that the total number of deaths from the virus nationwide reached 6,979 people.

        Regarding hospitalized patients, I indicate that there are 1,995, of which 1,669 are supported by mechanical ventilation and 350 are in critical condition.

        In addition, there are 466 ventilators available for patients who require it nationwide.

        Regarding the number of PCR examinations made in the last 24 hours, there were 19,171, for a national total of 1,292,798.

        He also noted that so far there are 155 health residences, with 10,124 places available nationwide.


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          Chile exceeded 7,000 deceased with a positive Covid-19
          Monday, July 13, 2020 at 11:03 a.m. Author:

          The total number of infected reached 317,654.
          According to the Minsal, there are 286,556 cases recovered.
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          Chile exceeded 7,000 deceased with a positive Covid-19

          The Ministry of Health confirmed that on the last day there were 45 deaths in Chile from Covid-19, totaling 7,024 since the start of the pandemic in the country.

          Likewise, 2,616 new cases are added to the total number of infected persons, which today reaches 317,654, and of the global accumulated figure, 286,556 are considered recovered.

          Among the new cases, 1,985 are patients with symptoms, 451 are asymptomatic and 180 have not been reported.

          In view of the figures, the minister Enrique Paris assured that "the improvement continues, and the positive cases have varied in a quite important decrease", with a drop of 15 percent of new infections in the last seven days, and of a 36 percent in the last 14 days.

          It was also found that 1,931 people are hospitalized in intensive care units and 341 of them are in critical condition.

          Likewise, in the last 24 hours, 17,467 PCR examinations were carried out, which is why 1,310,265 tests have been registered so far. The head of the Minsal highlighted that the positivity rate in his diagnoses was reached by 15 percent.

          "Fortunately we are approaching very low positivity rates," Paris said.


          • 319,493 cases: 7,069 deaths:


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              Chile reported 1,712 new cases of coronavirus and maintains the trend of daily contagions to the drop On Tuesday it had reported 1,836, the lowest number since last May 16. 117 deaths were confirmed and the total deaths reached 7,186
              July 15, 2020

              The Chilean Ministry of Health reported 1,712 new cases of coronavirus. In this way, it confirmed the trend of daily contagions downwards. On Tuesday, it had reported 1,836, the lowest number since May 16. In addition, 117 deaths were registered in the Civil Registry and the total number of deaths reached 7,186.

              Regarding new cases, 1,400 presented symptoms, 186 are asymptomatic and 126 were not reported. Total infections, since the pandemic began, amounted to 321,205, of which 21,934 are active and 292,085 recovered.

              Regarding the healthcare network, the Ministry reported that 1,878 people are hospitalized in intensive care, of which 1,573 have mechanical ventilation and 341 are in critical condition. It was also reported that there are 436 fans available. 12,209 PCR tests were performed to total 1,334,712.

              The Minister of Health, Enrique París, criticized the protests registered last night in the country because they put people's health at risk. "Think that by making disorders and not complying with sanitary regulations, you are going to spread the virus with greater speed and greater intensity," he said.

              Barricades, looting and police station fires were recorded during the early hours of this Wednesday in different parts of Santiago, hours before the Chilean Congress votes on a historic law that will allow citizens to withdraw their pension funds early and has great support. popular.

              At least twenty people were arrested for looting supermarkets and attacking several police stations in capital communes (neighborhoods) such as Ñuñoa, Recoleta, Quinta Normal, Independencia, Maipú or Cerro Navia, according to the Carabineros police force.

              "No democratic discussion, no cause, no proposal can never justify the acts of violence that manifested in the country," explained Chilean Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel earlier.

              "Whoever does not condemn it will become an accomplice to this violence (...) If we care about democracy, let us reject this violence," added Blumel.

              Before the night curfew began to prevail and the acts of violence were unleashed, a massive cacerolada was heard in many parts of the capital with the aim of pressuring the deputies to vote in favor of the early withdrawal of up to 10 % of pension funds during the pandemic.

              The legislative initiative, backed by all the opposition and 13 pro-government deputies, has the support of more than 83% of the population, according to a recent survey, and is called to alleviate the economic difficulties that the middle class, which represents almost half of the 19 million citizens of Chile.


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                Chile records 323,698 cases of Covid-19 and announced the only count of deaths

                By Efe news on Thu, 07/16/2020 - 14:19

                In the midst of the national balance, the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, reported that from tomorrow the numbers of deaths from the epidemic count will be prepared by the DEIS.

                The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, announced this Thursday that the balance of deaths from coronavirus will change from Friday, after numbering 2,475 new cases in the country, for a total of 323,698 people infected, while with 104 deaths registered in the Civil Registry, deaths would reach 7,290.

                "Starting tomorrow, the report on confirmed deaths will be based on the figures prepared by the DEIS (Department of Statistics and Health Information, under the Chilean Ministry of Health)," said the secretary of state.

                Until now, there were 2 balance of deaths confirmed by Covid-19: a daily count, by the Ministry of Health, which was part of the daily balance and which only considered those deaths registered in the Civil Registry; and a weekly figure, provided by DEIS, which was part of the epidemiological report and included more data sources, causing a gap between the two measurements.

                Paris assured that the new unique modality is due to the fact that the DEIS is already capable of generating the information on a daily basis, so from now on its methodology and its figures will be used to count the deaths from coronavirus.

                "We will continue with the epidemiological report twice a week," said Paris in relation to the publication of numbers by the DEIS.

                Clinical trials and vaccines

                "Phase 3 clinical trials should start in the first days of August," the health minister said of when human testing of ongoing coronavirus vaccines could begin.

                In addition, he said four vaccine developers are being evaluated to choose which trial to eventually join. The minister stressed that the evaluation process is being led by the Science portfolio, whose head is Andrés Couve.

                "We hope that Chile will have a significant amount of vaccines," said the Minister of Health.

                When asked about the possibility of lifting the quarantines in the Metropolitan and Valparaíso regions (which in the opinion of some experts show positive figures), Paris reiterated that the decision is made jointly and stated that he cannot "advance anything regarding quarantines. "

                Plebiscite protocols

                The Minister of Health also referred to the measures that would be taken in the event of a plebiscite that seeks to approve or reject a Constituent Assembly, an event scheduled for October 25.

                "We offer the Servel (Electoral Service) all our collaboration to have a protocol as safe as possible to avoid viral spread," said Paris, while ruling out interference on the proposal to extend the vote for 2 days.

                With almost 324,000 cases, the country remains the sixth country worldwide with the most infected by Covid-19.


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                  Ministry of Health reported 326,539 cases of coronavirus in Chile
                  2,840 new infections were added in the last 24 hours and there are 296,814 recovered.
                  Hector Muñoz

                  Jul, 2020

                  This morning, the Ministry of Health released the new figures for contagion of coronaviruses in Chile.

                  After the cut at 21:00 on Thursday, July 16, it was revealed that the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our country amounted to 326,539 people in total, with 98 deaths in the last 24 hours, totaling 8,347 people who died in Chile due to coronavirus.

                  Of those infected, 2,125 people have symptoms and positive CRP, 545 cases have no symptoms and have positive CRP, and 170 are not reported. In total, there are 2,840 new cases compared to the last report, with 21,378 active cases and 296,814 recovered.


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                    TOTAL: 326,814 infected people.
                    New cases: 2,840 new cases (2,125 with symptoms, 545 asymptomatic and 170 not reported)
                    Active cases: 21,378
                    Deceased: 8,347 people (98 new ones).
                    Recovered: 296,539 people.

                    * According to the Minsal report corresponding to July 17 *

                    Arica and Parinacota: 2,936 cases (96 new ones)

                    Tarapacá: 7,451 cases (98 new)

                    Antofagasta: 12,716 cases (216 new)

                    Atacama: 1,736 cases (2 new)

                    Coquimbo: 4,486 cases (125 cases)

                    Valparaíso: 15,261 cases (193 new)

                    Metropolitan: 244,073 cases (1,501 new)

                    O'Higgins: 9,163 cases (176 new)

                    Maule: 7,603 cases (141 new)

                    Ñuble: 3,095 cases (15 new ones)

                    Biobío: 9,150 cases (156 new ones)

                    Araucanía: 3,687 cases (21 new)

                    Los Ríos: 820 cases (24 new)

                    Los Lagos: 2,629 cases (65 new)

                    Aysén: 69 cases (8 new)

                    Magellan: 1,592 cases (3 new)


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                      TOTAL: 328,846 infected people.
                      New cases: 2,185 new cases (1,624 with symptoms, 373 asymptomatic and 188 not reported)
                      Active cases: 20,952
                      Deceased: 8,445 people (98 new).
                      Recovered: 299,449 people.

                      * According to the Minsal report corresponding to July 18 *

                      Arica and Parinacota: 3,012 cases (76 new)

                      Tarapacá: 7,557 cases (105 new)

                      Antofagasta: 12,907 cases (188 new)

                      Atacama: 1,817 cases (43 new)

                      Coquimbo: 4,634 cases (87 cases)

                      Valparaíso: 15,406 cases (142 new)

                      Metropolitan: 245,161 cases (1,086 new)

                      O'Higgins: 9,249 cases (86 new)

                      Maule: 7,683 cases (79 new)

                      Ñuble: 3,193 cases (98 new)

                      Biobío: 9,300 cases (150 new)

                      Araucanía: 3,702 cases (8 new)

                      Los Ríos: 825 cases (5 new)

                      Los Lagos: 2,662 cases (23 new)

                      Aysén: 69 cases (there are no new cases)

                      Magellan: 1,600 cases (8 new)


                      • 330,930 cases; 8,503 deaths:


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                          Chile registers 2,099 new cases and claims to be "prepared for regrowths"
                          Coronavirus By EFE Monday, July 20, 2020 Share
                          A very popular commercial artery in Chile, at the time of the coronavirus.

                          EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTIAGO DE CHILE.- The Government of Chile reported 2,099 new cases of coronavirus on Monday during the last 24 hours, with a total of 333,029 infections since the start of the pandemic, and assured that the country is “prepared to sprouts ”.

                          "We have to continue working with great force, with a lot of momentum, because we are aware that there may be outbreaks and we are prepared for outbreaks," Health Minister Enrique Paris said in his daily report.

                          Health authorities released more details about the gradual plan of unconfinement that President Sebastián Piñera announced this Sunday, called "Footsteps" and divided into five stages: quarantine, transition, preparation, initial opening and advanced opening.

                          Asked about the possibilities of resuming activity in the Metropolitan region, where more than eight million people live, the Undersecretary of Assistance Networks, Arturo Zúñiga, indicated that "probably" it is not managed by communes (municipalities) but by "blocks".

                          Thus, the localities will advance in each step of the strategy in a conglomerate manner and according to a series of indicators, such as hospital occupation or the evolution of new infections, which in case of worsening the Government will decide to reverse.

                          POSITIVITY ROAD TO 10%

                          The Minister of Health celebrated that the positivity rate of PCR tests at the national level, which on the last day was 16,343, fell to 13%: "Obviously, it is a very positive figure for the country."

                          "These small advances, these positive changes, allow us to prepare people and cities to think about returning to the activity that we all hope to achieve one day," he said.

                          The deceased by COVID-19 confirmed with a PCR test amounted to 8,633 after 130 new deaths were registered on the last day.

                          As published yesterday by the Department of Statistics and Health Information (DEIS) of the same ministry, there are another 3,932 suspected deaths from coronavirus that are not included in the daily report.

                          NORTH CONCERN

                          The Metropolitan region, where Santiago is located, is on track to serve ten weeks under mandatory quarantine, as it was the main source of infection in the country since the arrival of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus until the end of June.

                          However, the northern regions of Arica, Antofagasta, Atacama and Tarapacá, together with O’Higgins (center), are the ones that are now worrying the health authorities about the evolution of the rate of infections with respect to their population.

                          Chile is the eighth country in the world with the highest number of positive cases for COVID-19, above the United Kingdom, Iran and Spain, according to the Johns Hopkins University, in the United States.

                          The southern regions of Aysén and Los Ríos are, to date, the only ones that have returned to the “new normal”, in which cinemas, theaters, restaurants and cafes can operate at 25% of their capacity.


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                            Tuesday 21.07.2020 - Last update - 14:34
                            In total 334,683 infections have been registered
                            Chile reported the lowest number of daily coronavirus cases since May

                            Chile reported 1,656 new cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, the lowest number since May 12 and the positivity rate continues to decline, health authorities reported from the Palacio de La Moneda.

                            "It is the lowest number of new infections since May 12 and in the case of the Metropolitan Region, since April 29," reported the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris.

                            The head of the portfolio highlighted that the positivity of PCR tests (to detect the disease) has decreased to 13.8% and added that "the variation of confirmed cases at the national level is -19% for the last seven days."

                            "I want to communicate that we continue to move forward step by step, but with hopeful figures," said Paris.

                            In total, 334,683 cases of Covid-19 have been registered, with 306,816 recovered patients and 19,190 active cases.

                            Likewise, Paris announced that they will start a collaborative study with the AstraZeneca Group, the University of Oxford and a consortium of universities, after having held a meeting with them yesterday on the development of the coronavirus vaccine, the results of which have been promising according to the publication. from the scientific journal Lancet.

                            Today 44 new deaths due to coronavirus were reported and the total amounted to 8,677.

                            This Tuesday marks four months since the first death in Chile from coronavirus, for which Minister Paris asked for "a minute of silence" for all victims.

                            Meanwhile, the undersecretary of Healthcare Networks, Arturo Zúñiga, noted that there is also a decrease in hospitalized patients with 1,728, of which 1,415 are connected to mechanical ventilation and 264 are in critical condition.

                            Since March 18, Chile has lived a State of Constitutional Exception of Catastrophe, decreed by the Government to attack the health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

                            With information from Télam


                            • 336,402 cases; 8,722 deaths:


                              • 338,759 cases; 8,838 deaths: