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Chile: Covid-19 Cases - 432.666 cases, 11.895 deathsá

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    Chile registers 92 more deaths from COVID-19 and infections reach 122,499
    06/05/2020 19:17

    Santiago de Chile, Jun 5 (EFE) .- The Chilean Ministry of Health reported on Friday a new record number of 92 deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 1,448, while other deaths were recorded. 4,207 infections in the last day, raising the global count to 122,499

    The Undersecretary of Health, Paula Daza, specified that within the total of deaths, 72 correspond to the new criterion of deaths whose death certificates related to the deceased with COVID-19 despite the fact that he did not have a positive PCR test result for the disease at time to die.

    However, Daza reported that this Friday's session would be the last time that a distinction would be made between the deaths since it could generate "confusion", according to the authority.

    Regarding the total number of cases, of the 1,222,499 people who have been infected since the first case was counted on March 3, 21,693 are considered active cases (with the capacity to infect third parties).

    Among those who are being cared for in the health network due to the pandemic, 1,521 patients are in intensive care units; 1,291 of them are connected to mechanical ventilation, while of this last number, 337 people are in critical condition.

    The Undersecretary of Assistance Networks, Arturo Z˙˝iga, assured that the country has 327 mechanical ventilators available, in addition to about 400 oxygenation equipment.

    Another point that was reported was the increase in sanitary residences in the territory, which reach 129, with approximately 11,631 places to house people with the disease, but who cannot maintain social distancing and other necessary measures to avoid infecting third parties. .

    For his part, the Health Minister, Jaime Ma˝alich, said that starting next week, PCR tests will be implemented based on a saliva sample, a process that would allow increasing the number of people tested, as it is simpler to administer than the original procedure, which consists of taking a sample from the bronchial tree of the person examined.

    It should be remembered that this Friday the town of Lonquimay, located 755 kilometers south of Santiago, will end its quarantine, thus being the only area affected by this measure that will end the confinement, leaving only the Chilean capital, six conurbations of this and the northern cities of Iquique and Alto Hospicio as the sectors that will remain in quarantine, at least until next Friday, July 12. EFE


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      127,745 cases; 1541 deaths:


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        138,846 cases; 2,264 deaths:


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          142,759 cases; 2283 deaths:


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            148,496 cases; 2,475 deaths. Chile extends total quarantine to 50 communes after 192 new deaths:


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              154,092 cases; 2,648 deaths:


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                Chile registers 2 870 deaths and a new daily record of COVID-19 infections
                So far Chile is the third country in Latin America with the most cases of new coronaviruses, being preceded by Peru and Brazil.
                June 12, 2020 - 4:10 PM

                The new methodology that the Government follows to count deaths reports the deaths of several previous days and not of the last 24 hours. | Source: EFE

                The Chilean Ministry of Health reported 6,754 new infections with the new coronavirus this Friday, bringing the total number of cases to 160,846, while there were 222 deaths associated with the virus in recent days, totaling 2,870 deaths.

                The new methodology that the Government follows to count deaths is based on crossing the information from the Civil Registry with the positive results of the PCR exams, which is why it reports the deaths of several previous days and not the last 24 hours.

                As for the new infections, the undersecretary of Healthcare Networks, Arturo Z˙˝iga, commented that 6,217 of the patients presented symptoms, while the remaining 537 were asymptomatic. The number of active cases reached 26 618 people.

                Z˙˝iga also reported that there are 1,617 patients with COVID-19 in intensive care units; 1,391 of them connected to mechanical ventilation. Of the latter, 372 would be in critical condition. The health authority put 310 mechanical fans available nationwide at 310.

                Vaccine clinical trials

                After the balance given by the undersecretary Z˙˝iga, the science minister, AndrÚs Couve, announced the implementation of a strategy to establish international collaborations to carry out clinical trials in Chile, "contributing to the development of the vaccine and the strengthening of the scientific community "said the minister.

                This measure would seek to facilitate Chile's eventual access to the vaccine created in the future.

                "As a Ministry, we are working so that when the time comes we will ensure timely and equitable access in Chile of a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 through international collaboration in research and development and making available the capabilities and advantages of our country, "said Couve.

                According to the head of the Science portfolio, a study from China has already been contacted, which is already starting its testing phase in humans (clinical phase).

                It should be remembered that it will be at 22 hours on Friday when more than 9 million people in Chile will begin a new round of quarantines, whether they begin or extend for another week.

                Thus, the communes that will remain in quarantine until at least next Friday, June 19 are: Pozo Almonte, Alto Hospicio, Iquique and Calama (in the north of the country); the coastal cities of San Antonio, ValparaÝso and Vi˝a del Mar in the central sector; while in the Metropolitan region the measure will govern the entire province of Santiago (where the Chilean capital is located) plus 11 conurbations.

                With the new data and in comparison with the figures published by the American Johns Hopkins University, Chile is the third country in Latin America with the most cases of coronavirus, being preceded by Peru and Brazil.

                (With information from EFE)


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                  167,355 cases; 3,101 deaths. Chile Health Minister Jaime Manalich resigns as coronavirus deaths hit record:


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                    179,436 cases; 3,362 deaths:


                    • 184,449 cases; 3,383 deaths:


                      • 220,628 cases; 3,615 deaths:


                        • 225,103 cases; 3,841 deaths:


                          COVID-19: Chile surpasses Germany and Iran to become 9th worst-hit country in the world

                          4,475 new cases of coronavirus and 226 new deaths
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                            Deaths from COVID-19 in Chile reaches 4,093 and infected by 231,393

                            Z˙˝iga said that there were 6,290 new cases of CORONAVIUS, of which 5,016 are patients with symptoms and 599 are asymptomatic. As for the deceased, there were 252.
                            By Hans Hansen -
                            06/19/2020 78

                            The Ministry of Health reported this Friday a new number of deaths from CORONAVIRUS, reporting 252 deaths from the virus, while the number of infected continues to increase, since in the last 24 hours 6,290 new cases were detected.

                            This was reported by the undersecretary of Healthcare Networks, Arturo Z˙˝iga, who said that of the 6,290 new cases, 5,016 are patients with symptoms and 599 are asymptomatic, reaching a total in the country of 231,393 people infected with COVID-19. It was also noted that there are 675 unconfirmed people.

                            Likewise, it was also reported that the number of active patients, that is, they can infect other people, reaches 35,809.

                            Regarding the number of deaths from the virus, Z˙˝iga said that there were 252 deaths from COVID-19, so that the total number of deaths from the virus nationwide reached 4,093 people.

                            In addition, there are 322 ventilators available for patients who require it nationwide.

                            Regarding the number of PCR examinations made in the last 24 hours, there were 20,347, for a total of 923,513 nationwide.

                            Regarding the number of hospitalized in ICU beds, it was reported that there are 1,911, of which 395 are in critical condition.

                            He also noted that so far there are 131 health residences, with 9,424 places available nationwide.


                            • Chile overtakes Italy as 8th country with highest number of COVID-19 cases

                              June 21, 2020

                              242,355 cases, 4,479 deaths



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                                Chile reaches 246,963 covid-19 infections and exceeds figures for Italy and Spain
                                By Sputnik
                                - June 22, 2020

                                Santiago, June 22 (Sputnik) .- Chile registered 4,608 new cases of infection with the new coronavirus (causing the covid-19 disease) and reached a total of 246,963 infected, remaining among the 10 countries with the most infections and surpassing nations such as Italy and Spain, reported this Monday the undersecretary of Assistance Networks, Arturo Z˙˝iga.

                                "4,608 cases of covid-19 were registered in the last 24 hours, reaching a total of 246,963 infections since the pandemic began," Z˙˝iga said at a press conference from the government headquarters, La Moneda Palace.

                                Since the start of the pandemic in Italy, 238,499 and 246,000 have been infected in Spain.

                                In addition, he explained that 23 new deceased covid-19 positive were registered, reaching a national total of 4,502 deaths.

                                Finally, the undersecretary reported that there are 2,014 patients hospitalized in intensive care units, of which 1,726 are connected to artificial respirators and 403 remain in critical condition.

                                On March 3, the first case of covid-19 was confirmed in Chile, and on March 19 of the same month, the state of catastrophe began to govern the entire national territory: the borders were closed for non-resident foreigners, the events of more of 50 people and a night curfew was decreed. (Sputnik)