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Uruguay: Covid-19 Cases - 338 cases; 2 deaths

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  • Uruguay: Covid-19 Cases - 338 cases; 2 deaths


    Confirmed in Uruguay the first four cases of coronavirus all from Italy
    The patients are stable and at home and it is reported that the Ministry of Public Health is conducting a traceability control of their environment.
    By ICNDiario -
    March 14, 2020

    The Uruguayan Ministry of Public Health has reported, through a statement, the first four cases of Coronavirus Covid-19, being from people who had returned from Milan, Italy.

    The patients are stable and at home and it is reported that the Ministry of Public Health is conducting a traceability control of their environment ...

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    Two new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Uruguay and it is not known in which departments they are located
    March 14, 2020
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    The two new cases are in addition to the four announced yesterday by the government (two in Montevideo and two in Salto). New cases have yet to be revealed in which department they are located.

    Delgado said this afternoon that there were "suspected cases in several departments and they are isolated" due to the coronavirus, and maintained that in Salto, where two positive cases were found, more than 100 people were placed in quarantine.

    Speaking to the radio, Montecarlo Delgado said that all the suspected cases discovered in the country are "manifestly in the 14-day quarantine, as scheduled during the incubation period for the virus, and the analyzes it is conducting are processed in accordance with the last sets. that the Ministry of Public Health has bought, much less than before. "According to Delgado," within hours, we can get confirmation if suspicious cases, even asymptomatic, produce positive or negative results. "


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      COVID-19 in Uruguay: two new cases; one is Pedro Bordaberry, former presidential candidate
      Minister Daniel Salinas confirmed that "the phase was changed" when the first two indigenous cases were diagnosed in Uruguay. "The virus is circulating," he declared.
      Sunday March 15, 2020

      Pedro Bordaberry in his message. Twitter

      The Uruguayan Ministry of Public Health confirmed this Sunday afternoon that two new cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed in the country, both are autochthonous.

      Thus, there are already eight cases in Uruguay (two in Salto, five in Montevideo and one in Maldonado). The eight patients are "stable," said Salinas, adding that six are at home and two are interned in common rooms.

      "The characteristic, and what causes us to generate the phase passage, is that these two new cases are indigenous and are not imported cases. It means that the virus is circulating," he said.


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        Coronavirus in Uruguay: 29 confirmed cases and closure of borders with Argentina
        March 16, 2020 | Coronavirus | Photo: Ernesto Ryan
        President Luis Lacalle Pou reported the new measures at a press conference.

        At a press conference on Monday, the government reported that Uruguay's cases of Covid-19, the disease causing the new coronavirus, rose to 29 after it was confirmed that a private laboratory was doing screening tests.

        The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas, explained that eight cases were reported at this Sunday's conference, but in reality there were 12, since four others had been confirmed in a private laboratory without the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) being To the. The analyzes carried out in both laboratories indicate that on Monday afternoon there were 29 cases. The minister added that those who wish to do so may carry out the detection analysis in this private laboratory, at a cost of 3,000 pesos. He recognized that in the MSP virology laboratory, which centralized the analyzes at the beginning, "some bottleneck can be generated temporarily" and that is why it is coordinating so that, as of this Tuesday, the MSP laboratory authorizes and validates to the laboratory of the Institut Pasteur in Montevideo to do the analyzes. In addition, Salinas announced that three mutuals will start doing the tests. None of them are in the north of the country, so, for the moment, the analyzes will continue to be centralized in the capital, which implies an extra delay for those who live in the north of the country (the samples must be sent refrigerated and take several hours to arrive).

        President Luis Lacalle Pou explained that at the time of the press conference the government did not have all the information on the new cases because it prioritized giving it at the time of television news, he alleged. Salinas commented that all people with coronaviruses are stable, "several" have few symptoms and "an enormous majority" are at home. "In principle there is no case in CTI," he added. According to the minister, most of the new cases are linked to the original ones, but he could not specify what proportion the indigenous cases occupy or in which departments they are.

        Border closure

        For his part, Lacalle reported that this Monday afternoon he communicated via teleconference with "the majority of the presidents of South America", with whom they discussed the procedures that each country is applying. In the framework of this meeting, Uruguay decided to close the land, river and air border with Argentina starting at midnight, except for Uruguayans or foreigners residing in Uruguay (the measure does not include the transport of merchandise). He clarified that "it is not a total closure", but rather "a closure of income and not of exit", and explained that this resolution was taken because people from other countries, some of them European, were coming from Argentina to go to their country. He added that the President of Colombia "offered to act as a hub, so that nationals can enter, from the moment we are losing traffic so that Uruguayans return." He said that the Foreign Ministry is working on this issue and that "Uruguayans who are abroad have until Friday to do so."

        The closure of borders does not include Brazil because "it is more difficult when it is a dry border," said Lacalle Pou, although joint work will be done between the foreign ministries to implement some sanitary controls, at least in the border crossings where it is present customs.

        The Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, listed another series of measures adopted in the last hours: the marinas are closed, a protocol for border crossing will be implemented, measures will be adopted to moderate the economic impact that the epidemic may have, in particular with regard to workers. He also said that the Consumer Defense Area of ​​the Ministry of Economy and Finance "will publish the prices of different products" linked to the prevention of Covid-19, without this implying that a price control is carried out. Furthermore, this portfolio analyzes "the direct importation of several of these inputs."

        Lacalle Pou called to become aware of this situation. "Thousands of Uruguayans have not yet become aware," he assured. He asked that those over 65 stay at home, because they are the most exposed to infections. Likewise, he exhorted employers to “look for the possibility of work” remotely and


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          Coronavirus infections reach 50 in Uruguay and sharpen preventive measures
          Author: Nahuel Marichal | March 18, 2020
          Public Health has not yet georeferenced them.

          The government confirmed this Tuesday night 21 night the 21 new cases that add up to 50 but it still has not georeferenced them so it does not know what departments they are from. Of the 29 cases announced on Monday, two are jump, 26 from Montevideo and one from Maldonado.

          The Catholic University reported that three students and one official have coronaviruses. People who were in contact with them were alerted and kept resting at home. A former student of the University of Montevideo also has covid-19.

          The government urged the shopping malls to close their doors and from this Wednesday the five shopping malls in Montevideo will remain closed until further notice. In those areas, the measure does not reach supermarkets and pharmacies.

          In the Municipality of Montevideo there will be no attention to the public from this Wednesday and there will only be union guards in basic services such as cleaning and sanitation. Several government agencies also adopted the same measure and urge citizens to carry out procedures online.

          Among other measures, the police will patrol the streets throughout the country so that quarantine is complied with in cases where it is mandatory and crowds of people in public spaces are avoided, Interior Minister Jorge Larrañaga said in a statement. Press conference.


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            There are 94 cases of coronavirus in Uruguay; Today 188 analyzes were made and 15 new cases were diagnosed.
            March 19, 2020 | In uruguay
            Lacalle Pou confirmed that a woman who had the virus died, but clarified that the death was due to an "external factor to the virus"

            As the daily learned, and confirmed Thursday by government authorities, it is an 82-year-old woman who had other basic pathologies. She was a patient of the mutual fund Cosem. The new coronavirus is a respiratory affection and is added to those that normally circulate in our country, which cause around 1,500 deaths annually.

            More than ever, the authorities and experts urge the population to consider the severity of this disease, which although it affects 80% of the cases slightly, there are 15% who are more affected and 5% reach a critical condition. The most affected people are those over 65, mainly over 80, and also immunosuppressed, diabetic, hypertensive and cancer patients.

            In addition to vaccinating against the flu when the games arrive, at the end of March, the great recommendation is to maintain social distance, even if you feel healthy. It is a way of caring for the most vulnerable.


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              Saturday March 21, 2020
              Covid-19 cases in Uruguay increase to 110
              Montevideo, Mar 20 (Prensa Latina) Uruguay today reached 110 confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus without the government yet contemplating a set of urgent measures proposed by the Syndicate of Medicine (SMU).

              The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas, reported the verification of 16 new infected on the day, with four of them interned, when they appeared before the press in the company of the secretary of the presidency, Álvaro Delgado.

              He referred to a coordination of the portfolio in his charge with the University of the Republic and the Pasteur Institute for the development of diagnoses, which increased during the day.

              Among the actions taken, he related a protocol agreement for the protection of health personnel and another for the disinfection of public transport at the end of each trip, and discounts of 18 percent on hygiene products.

              Delgado announced for his part that two accounts were set up in the Central Bank of Uruguay to collect funds from donations from businessmen and workers for the purchase of equipment for sanitary uses and that a teleconference will be held tomorrow with the 19 departmental mayors regarding measures against to the pandemic.

              This time the Minister of Social Development, Pablo Bartol, participated to notify that the government transferred the equivalent of 22 million dollars to reinforce the existing food security programs with an emergent plan to vulnerable population sectors.

              As such, the 400,000 people who receive 87,000 monetary aid cards are identified, the amount of which would increase, those who are on the street, those who lost jobs and perform informal jobs for those who promised to expand the shelter shelters, with some separated for infected with the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

              The SMU presented the government with an emergency plan that includes three phases and 12 concrete measures with a total quarantine as key content, from which it still received a response.


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                Government announced that there are 135 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Uruguay
                The government released a press release to provide the latest data on the coronavirus outbreak in the country.
                Saturday, March 21 2020 9:02 PM
                Ministry of Public Health. Photo: Fernando Ponzetto

                On Saturday night, eight days after Uruguay confirmed the first cases of Covid-19, the government released a press release to give the latest data on the coronavirus outbreak in the country. As of today, the number of confirmed cases is 135.

                As of Friday night, there were 110 confirmed cases nationwide.

                "Of the 135 confirmed cases, the vast majority are mild and 2 are in intensive care," the statement said. The secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, had said earlier this Saturday that there are two people interned in CTI.

                There are confirmed cases in six departments, one more than yesterday: Canelones, Colonia, Flores - which emerged this day -, Maldonado, Montevideo and Salto...


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                  [Latin Press]
                  Sunday March 22, 2020
                  Uruguay confirms 23 new cases of Covid-19
                  Montevideo, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) Uruguay confirmed 23 new cases of coronavirus-19 today, bringing the total cumulative figure to 158, in the course of just over a week.

                  The official daily statement detailed that 205 diagnostic tests were processed, with 182 negative and 23 positive results, the majority declared mild and only one undergoing intensive care.

                  So far there are six departments with infected: Canelones, Colonia, Flores, Maldonado, Montevideo and Salto.

                  Around 200 Uruguayans returned during the day on different evacuation flights from Peru, where there are still stranded nationals, pending other areas and from the Ezeiza terminal in Argentina.

                  The latter were on a tourist cruise ship stopping at a Brazilian port on a tour itinerary to Europe, which was suspended when the destination was announced for the closure of the health emergency and the ship returned to Buenos Aires.

                  The Foreign Ministry continues its management to evacuate Uruguayans trapped in other cruises on the coasts of that continent


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                    Coronavirus in Uruguay: with 162 confirmed cases, Lacalle Pou calls to intensify "social isolation"
                    Waiting for the “jump” of the pandemic, the president announced that he will strengthen the police presence on the streets.
                    03/23/2020 - 23:24

                    Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou said the call for "social isolation" will be intensified through a police presence after confirming four new cases of COVID-19 today, bringing the total number to 162 confirmed cases.

                    Although the number of new cases fell in relation to that of previous days, Lacalle clarified that "according to what has happened in other countries, we are still waiting for the rebound or jump" of the disease, which had its first cases in the country on March 13.

                    He recalled that since the appearance of the first cases "high impact social isolation" measures were applied, including the suspension of education and public performances and the closing of the borders.

                    "Compliance is very great, without prejudice to which we are going to intensify the call for social isolation," the president said tonight at a press conference at the Executive Tower, the seat of government in Montevideo.

                    He argued that change in that over the weekend there were crowds of people at neighborhood fairs and squares.

                    For this reason, he resolved to "urge more strongly with patrolmen, police officers to discourage these types of practices that are totally inadvisable." Asked about the possibility that the government decrees compulsory isolation for the entire population, as ex-president Tabaré Vázquez and the Medical Union of Uruguay (SMU) proposed, he recalled that "when a government dictates a legal act, it must enforce it and all tools. "

                    "We are not doing politics, we are governing. In this sense, anyone who seriously proposes social isolation has to carry out measures such as contempt with prison," Lacalle said, referring to the consequences of such a measure. "We are responsible for taking care of Uruguayans. We are convinced that the measures were profound, we are confident in appealing to the responsibility of Uruguayans," he said ...
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                      Covid-19 cases reach 189 in Uruguay
                      This Tuesday, 198 Covid-19 tests were performed in Uruguay and 27 were positive.
                      Updated: March 24, 2020 - By: Redaction 180

                      The information released by the Minister of Public Health reported 27 new positive cases of Covid-19, out of a total of 198 tests carried out in the last 24 hours. 171 were negative.

                      Since Friday the 13th, when the first four patients appeared in the country, 1,539 studies have been conducted that tested positive in 189 cases, 12% of the total.

                      As for the departments with positive cases, today Rocha was added to the list that until now had Montevideo, Maldonado, Canelones, Salto, Colonia and Flores.

                      Three patients remain hospitalized, one in intensive care and the other in intermediate care.


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                        Uruguay: Latest situation report reports 217 positive cases of coronavirus COVID-19
                        In total, there are 217 confirmed positive cases throughout the country, with 4 patients in intensive care, 2 in intermediate care and 6 in the ward.
                        By ICNDiario -
                        March 26, 2020

                        The National Emergency System (SINAE) of Uruguay has reported in a statement issued over the last minute that after carrying out 320 analyzes, this Wednesday the 25th, 28 new cases of people with the COVID-19 coronavirus were registered, according to the latest situation report.

                        In total, there are 217 confirmed positive cases across the country, with 4 patients in intensive care, 2 in intermediate care and 6 in ward.

                        The departments with confirmed cases are: Canelones, Colonia, Flores, Maldonado, Montevideo, Rocha, Salto and Soriano.


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                          There are 238 cases of covid-19 in Uruguay. The Government will create the coronavirus fund with salary contributions from political officials and public officials
                          the 27 March, 2020 Today

                          There are still eight departments with people affected. Cerro Largo remains free of the disease but the study cases rose to three.

                          "The most vulnerable will be the most cared for," said President Luis Lacalle Pou, announcing the creation of the Coronavirus Fund with profits from state agencies and contributions of salaries greater than 80,000 pesos from public officials and political officials.

                          The salary discount will be made by strips for two months with the possibility of extending it. In addition, food baskets and family allowances will increase.

                          On the day 245 tests were carried out, of which in 21 the presence of the virus was confirmed. In total, there are 238 cases of people with coronavirus in the country, Lacalle Pou said at a press conference.

                          He explained that the Fund will be made up of profits from public agencies and income and remuneration of hierarchs and public officials. For his part, Minister Salinas said that of the 238 people infected with coronavirus, 18 are hospitalized, two in a common room, two in intermediate care and four in Intensive Treatment Centers (CTI) and that so far there have been no deaths.

                          Asked by the media about the number of people working in health who are infected, he said that 130 cases were surveyed this day, of which 13 are from health personnel.

                          He added that he continued the task throughout the afternoon to obtain more data and that the figure will be known exactly today.

                          We extract the core concepts expressed in a press conference by the President of the Republic.


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                            There are 274 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Uruguay
                            27 / Mar 2020
                            By: Luis Armando
                            The Government requests the greatest possible isolation in the next fifteen days, when an eventual increase in COVID-19 infections is expected.

                            The secretary of the presidency said that the transport will be resentful over the weekend and that the collaboration of the citizens in this stage that vice the country will be essential to avoid the spread of the disease, with 15 people hospitalized, 8 of whom, they undergo intensive treatment (CTI).

                            This Thursday, 36 new positive cases were confirmed, while 415 were negative, reaching 274 cases derived from the scourge so far.

                            He said that in the coming days there will be an announcement about the care of women in situations of intra-family vulnerability, within the framework of self-coaching that they must undergo.

                            He pointed out, among other points, that next week retirement and pensions will be paid as established, following the planned schedule.


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                              Uruguay announces the first death by COVID-19
                              00:23 GMT 03/29/2020 (updated at 00:45 GMT 03/29/2020) URL

                              MONTEVIDEO (Sputnik) - The Uruguayan government reported the first death in the country due to COVID-19, corresponding to a 71-year-old man who was hospitalized in a health center in the capital.

                              "At 20:10 (local time, 23:10 GMT) the first person infected with coronavirus died (...) 71 years," said the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, as reported by the Telemundo channel on his Twitter account.

                              The deceased, Rodolfo González Rissotto, had served as minister of the Electoral Court (1996-2010) for the now ruling National Party, and the secretary of the presidency, who referred to him as a "friend", gave the news visibly moved .

                              Earlier, Delgado himself had announced 30 new cases of COVID-19 in Uruguay, where the total number of infected is 303 people ...