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Tamiflu no longer works for dominant flu strain

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  • Tamiflu no longer works for dominant flu strain

    U.S. health officials say almost 100% of the type A H1N1 strain showed resistance to the leading antiviral drug. So far, the influenza season has been mild.

    Tamiflu, the most commonly used influenza antiviral and the mainstay of the federal government's emergency drug stockpile, no longer works for the dominant flu strain circulating in much of the country, government officials said Tuesday.

    Of samples tested since October, almost 100% of the strain -- known as type A H1N1 -- showed resistance to Tamiflu.

    In response, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidelines to physicians in December. Doctors were told to substitute an alternative antiviral, Relenza, for Tamiflu, or to combine Tamiflu with an older antiviral, rimantadine, if the H1N1 virus was the main strain circulating in their communities.

    Each flu season, several types of flu viruses circulate, and various ones can dominate in different regions and times. Only the H1N1 virus is showing signs of Tamiflu resistance, CDC officials said, speaking at an influenza conference in Washington. Other flu viruses currently circulating are not Tamiflu-resistant.

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    Re: Tamiflu no longer works for dominant flu strain

    I believe this is why they are really concerned about....the new 2009 H1N1 picking up the Tamiflu resistance.

    Not a good sign for that second wave.


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      Re: Tamiflu no longer works for dominant flu strain

      It may be a good idea to consider a treatment protocol similar to what we use for HIV treatments known as a HAART or highly active antiretroviral therapy. A cocktail of a vareity of drugs which it makes it very hard for the virus to become resistant to each specific drug. However this would require large amounts of a variety of antiviral drugs and a strict treatment protocol around the world in order to actually work and be effective. So all in all this idea is likely unfeasible.

      We are probably best off focusing on how to treat the effects of the virus such as hypercytokinemia (cytokine storm).


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        Re: Tamiflu no longer works for dominant flu strain

        Well, I'm sure we're all aware of how well managing resistance of tuberculosis has been managed, and that stems from rather more isolated cases. I don't see it working in this case either.
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          Re: Tamiflu no longer works for dominant flu strain

          Clarification for readers who may not have notoiced this- please note the LA Times article in the OP was dated Feb 4 2009, so most likely related to annual seasonal flu cases and before any awareness of the pandemic H1N1 strain.
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