I just found this "Bubble Bunker" , which I thought was
an interesting concept :


should be cheap (?), maybe add it to your sickroom

or even use it for sleeping in the same room with others
who are infected with "normal" respiratoric pathogens,
I don't know
or even to protect yourself from mosquitoes when sleeping

what do you think

I'd need a computer with internet in it ...

This Bubble Bunker® measures 8' x 9' x 5.5' high and hold between two and three people.
It is designed with a 110 Volt inflator/filtration system which incorporates a HEPA filter.

surprisingly they say:
> Viruses are not filtered by HEPA filters, since viruses are much smaller
> than what is possible to filter.

well, those who sell N95 masks tell us otherwise.
viruses cluster together in droplets or bind to dust particles
even particles smaller than the filter are being filtered
(because of Brown motion ? I forgot) There is a minimum
at ~0.2mym, below that the filtering increases again
And there are ulpa-filters etc., they even use it in vacuum cleaners already
or air-purifiers

can viruses penetrate plastic ?

I can imagine a transportable halfbody-bubble-bunker, that goes with the person
for bus,train,subway,car,waiting room,