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Study: Doctor's waiting rooms can make you sick

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  • Study: Doctor's waiting rooms can make you sick

    Posted: Friday, 27 February 2015 7:35AM

    Study: Doctor's waiting rooms can make you sick

    Don Ames Reporting

    "A recent study that's soon to be published shows that there's an increased risk of other children, well-children, and family members having an increase in the development of flu-like infections after a recent visit to the doctor's office."

    "The risk is small," Lopez says. "It's about a three percent increase in the possibility of developing an infection within the following two weeks. But, when you take into account all of those well visits that occur all over, you begin to see that the numbers can be quite large."

    The increased risks mean 778,974 flu-like illnesses a year that could potentially be avoided.
    He suggests you don't shake hands with others in the waiting room, and, perhaps, bringing your own hand sanitizer....

    "Maybe, anytime some health care provider is about to touch your child, you should insist that they clean their hands first," says Lopez. "Maybe even scheduling your appointments a little earlier in the day might be helpful since those waiting rooms haven't seen as many potentially sick children early in the morning."

    And, just think how many folks have handled those waiting room magazines.
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