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  • Security

    Here's a few ideas to make your home more secure [while staying within the Terms of Service of this forum].

    Obviously if things get crazy during the pandemic, you'll need alternative ways to communicate.
    1. Skype phone if the Internet is working or email
    2. Have a cell phone if the telephone isn't working
    3. Have an old style plug-in telephone if cordless phones don't work due to electricity failure.
    4. If you have an flag, try hanging it upside down or hanging a white flag outside a window to indicate you need assistance. Hand a black piece of material to indicate death.

    Securing windows
    The upper corner of a window can be secured with a pin which goes through both sections of the window to keep it from opening. Close drapes and blinds to reduce the abilitiy of someone to see within. Board windows if necessary to prevent entry. Do you have a more strategic view from a certain window to ascertain who is outside?

    Securing doors
    Are doors lockable in more than one section? Can you place a inexpensive device on the knob to indicate someone is trying to enter? Can you bar the door from the inside? Can you place a door stop inside which prevents it from being bashed in? Do you have peepholes installed?

    Do you have a safer area in the house...a place to go to if things get bad inside? A place more defendable? A place with an alternative source of food and water?


    Have you told everyone in your neighborhood that you've been storing food and water? Have you explained how not to communicate with neighborhood children in ways that would reduce security?

    When you have things outside of value who is watching them? When are they securing them? How can you reduce the footprint of items like solar cells? DO you have a safe that is securely attached to the floor so that it cannot be easily removed?

    Do you have home defense items and their projectiles stowed away with a combination or key or BOTH. Can you unlock and open the defense items quickly? Are they clean? Do you have a backup? Do you have alternative means of hunting and fishing? Have you purchased inexpensive labels for windows which explain the seriousness of your defense? Is everyone trained that will use them? Have they practiced? Are they prepared mentally to use them? If not don't even bother having them.

    Martial Arts
    Have you ever practiced before? How stale is your training? Are you prepared to use it practically? Can you attend classes now to spar? Can you teach your loved ones how to do so? Aikido is a non-threatening way to begin, and is good for your health. Jujitsu and karate are more practical. All of this is debatable.


    Do you have several good pocket knives for everyday use? Have you ever used them before? Have you used them before for a week or more doing a practical week in the woods camping? Can you use them to make other tools that you might need? Can you use them to practically defend yourself? Do you have some that are more for defense than carving triggers for snares or making spoons?

    Can you instigate watches to ensure saefty during hazardous times? Is there another adult who will be staying with you? Can you work with another partner or team member to make your home more secure?

    Do you have binoculars or a telescope in your home? Do you have a police radio? Do you have a radio that receives weather band/television/radio? Do you have a way to power them in case the batteries die? Do you have a solar backup or cranking means to do so? Do you have plenty of rechargeable batteries? You can use the car to temporarily listen to the radio without sarting it, but the battery will eventually die without cranking it. Do you have several gas cans of fuel to use if necessary to leave your domicile or as backup? Do you have an inverter to hookup to your car in case you absolutely must power an AC device

    Securing the neighborhood
    Is there a way to band together to block off certain streets and cooperating with neighbors form a watch and reduce unwanted traffic. Is there a way to reduce entrance to your own property? Are you on good terms with your neighbors? Are there any problems currently with anyone ? Is there one predator who lives close to you who has been a danger in the past? Banding together makes everyone stronger in the long term for reducing danger, more flexibility in watches, sharing of resources, assisting the sick, etc. Many neighbors can be assets to each other through sharing of knowledge and supplies. Medical personnel, teachers, law enforcement, all have skills which will increase in value in a pandemic...what will be your contribution?

    These are some ideas. Add your own.

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    Re: Security

    Here's some more practical explanations for securing your home:


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      Police Band Radios

      One thing that you may not thought of is listening in on police band frequencies to see what's actually going on during an emergency. There's many ways to get to speed quickly. The easiest way is to go to some place that sells them like R____ S____ and purchase one. Often someone there can explain to you what frequencies are most commonly used in your area. They can often provide a list or frequencies and or point you to a local website to get the info.

      Knowing what's happening requires a little knowledge of police code, but it will certainly allow you one additional method should television and radio shut down during the pandemic.


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        Re: Security

        Here are many thoughts about security given the recent announcement from the American Academy of family Physicians. The CDC , in my opinion, is now quietly allowing health professionals to know that they believe the pandemic will be serious in the USA. They are now calling this a pandemic level two severity. In a nutshell the number of deaths will far exceed a normal flu season. Look at this link:

        Cat 2 would be a fatality ratio of 0.1-< 0.5 &#37; with an estimated 90,000-450,000 deaths.

        Here's some practical information from me about what you might do now.

        Look over in the communication subforum for a listing of practical radio frequencies in order to listen in during the pandemic. Get rechargeable batteries. Think seriously about a solar power backup to recharge them somehow in case the power fails.

        Buy a .22 rifle and ammunition in case you need to hunt.


        Buy several inexpensive lock blade knives and a good sharpener. Learn how to use it, many people don't and ruin their own blades.
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          Security System - low tech (very low tech!)

          A few months ago we invested in a low tech security alarm system; domesticated geese. We have found them to work better than the dog. They also seem to discourage hawks from carrying off our hens for a light lunch.

          1) Noisy.
          2) No electricity or batteries required.
          3) Mobile.
          4) Can be eaten.
          5) Lay eggs that can be eaten.
          6) Mated pairs can self replicate.
          7) Ours love to be outside, only taking refuge in really nasty weather (sleet and high winds). Cold weather, rain and light snow have not seemed to bother them much so far.
          8) Yes they do honk during the night if something like an Amish buggy or neighbor walks by.

          1) Do not start honking until they are almost fully grown. Little geese peep kind of.
          2) We have found that ours cannot be shut off short of going outside and reasuring them the dog can't get through the fence or possibly by making them a dinner entry.
          3) Do not differentiate between types of security threats. A hawk, person or neighbors loose dog all get a honk or several.
          4) Require feeding, watering, a place to wet their feathers and appropriate shelter.
          5) One of ours bites. Just asked DH. He's been "goosed" a few times.
          6) Can die while on duty. So far ours have been healthy as well as noisy.
          7) Ours have enough room to graze so no clean up is needed. In smaller quarters clean up would be needed. Their shelter also requires cleaning now and then.
          8) The soft hearted may have some trouble thinning the flock.
          9) Not all geese make good security birds. Some are down right quite. Some breeds of goose are noisier and more aggressive. The China White is one of these.
          10) They also love to graze and will probably glady gooble up a freshly planted lawn.

          A relative told me that over in Scotland geese were used to guard whiskey distilleries and storage facilities. The last time he was in Scotland may have been during WWII so I don't know if they are still doing this. I can believe it. Our geese seem to get meaner with age. Ours was not a good mother and did not "set" her eggs. Luckily a duck took over and was able to hatch one out. The poor little thing was confused for a few months.
          We were put on this earth to help and take care of one another.


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            The power is out in my small town until approx 8:30pm, there was a two hour notice given before the outage. There was a power pole in town that was breaking and pulling on the wires. The outage is effecting 960 people according to the energy company. It's winter the temp is 7 degrees and the windchill -10. I've checked on the elderly and disabled that I know and they are holding up well, they are for the most part prepared. The younger generation is not faring as well and they are very vocal about being inconvenienced. They are not in the least bit prepared, I haven't found one that even has a single bottle of water, let alone a secondary heat source. They are completely lost as to what to do and we've already had threats of violence if the power isn't restored. My point in this status is to remind everyone to revisit their preps including self defense.
            "We are in this breathing space before it happens. We do not know how long that breathing space is going to be. But, if we are not all organizing ourselves to get ready and to take action to prepare for a pandemic, then we are squandering an opportunity for our human security"- Dr. David Nabarro


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              Thank you for checking up on the vulnerable, MHSC. I hope the power is back by now.
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