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  • Emergency Communications Basic Options -

    Hat tip to Get Pandemic Ready Org.
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    Re: Emergency Communications Basic Options -

    If you get FRS/GMRS or MURS 2-way walkie-talkie type radios, you will want to get units that can use AA batteries in addition to a rechargeable battery pack that is often included. Units that use AAA batteries will have much shorter battery life. A rechargeable lithium ion battery pack would also be desirable as they hold their charge much longer (years) in storage compared to nicd or nimh batteries (3-4 months)

    A few models have a rudimentary scrambler (frequency inversion) function that will make the transmission unintelligible to anyone else without the function. Scrambler is distinct from privacy codes which only block the squelch.

    I found "30 mile" (5 watt) models to only work reliably to about 2 miles in relatively flat urban terrain without high rise buildings.

    I got this model which includes the scrambler function and some other desirable features:

    (I got these for $50/pair on sale with all the accessories.)


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      Re: Emergency Communications Basic Options -

      Thanks Zac. This 2-way radio was on my list to purchase. I just did.