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    We have promoted Neighborhood Watch at FT as a way to prepare with a small group of family, friends, and neighbors. Here is another way:

    Thanks to Senior Moderator Fla_Medic for this essay: Rides Again

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    A couple of weeks back I highlighted the work of Readymom and her team as they set up a booth at the APHA (American Public Health Assoc.) Expo in Washington D.C. promoting pandemic awareness and preparation.

    You can read the accounts of this multi-day foray into the limelight here and here.

    Inspired by Readymom, and working under the banner of, another of our dedicated flubies who goes by the name Standingfirm spent a day earlier this week set up in a similar booth at a local K-Mart in her home town.

    While the venue was smaller, it reached a lot of people in Standingfirm's community, and will hopefully inspire others to follow suit.

    I waited until I could obtain permission from Standingfirm before posting this account because I know she values her privacy. Stepping out into the spotlight doesn't come naturally for her.
    Full details of Standingfirm's mini-expo are available on the Wiki, along with pictures and details on the favorable reception her display received.

    According to polls, the fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of dying. Going out to speak to strangers, particularly on a subject that few want to entertain, isn't easy.

    For people like Standingfirm, and Readymom before her, to go out and promote pandemic awareness like this is a bold step.

    It deserves recognition, and our appreciation.

    And oh, yeah. Our emulation.

    For more information on how you can make a presentation to your community visit the Flu Wiki, or

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    Re: - 1 way to prepare

    I am just now finding this post. Thank you FM for your kind words and much appreciated encouragement for SF!

    I think that those who do eventually gather up the courage to go out amidst their communities and help to educate their fellow residents will find that they will mostly be met with gratitude.

    Folks, as a whole do NOT know about this pending threat and usually one of the first questions is why they don't hear about it. They view the items we have on the tables and most remark how they have many of the items already, they are just scattered throughout the house. And then, as they go on to see other items that they don't have but can easily begin to acquire --you see the spark start.

    You grab this spark and encourage them to begin to prepare and build on that start. is in it's infancy -- just now working on forming as an official non-profit organization. We are also developing a website that will make available all the display table signage, handouts, posters for anyone interested to hold their own community events. is also keeping alert to other major conferences that we may possibly attend (as we did at the APHA conference/Expo, in Wash. DC, this past November) to help promote the idea Community Awareness & Preparation on a grassroots level.

    If you are interested in getting more information on holding your own community event, using these materials, you can get in touch with me at or with SusanC at .


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      Re: - 1 way to prepare

      Wow!! What a great display! Congrats on a job most excellently done!


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        Re: - 1 way to prepare

        Thank you. Some photos & a summary from a summer event (National Night Out, at Dickinson College, Carlisle PA) can be found at:

        If I can track down the links, there are a couple of others, as well. -k