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N95 or Nanomask?

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    Re: N95 or Nanomask?

    I am bumping this thread and draw your attention to AnitaPulm's post (#11) in light of LMonty's post in the closed Face mask thread regarding the reality of working in masks.


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      Re: N95 or Nanomask?

      Originally posted by pkbarbiedoll
      A friend who works for a hospital said N95 masks are not 100% safe against H5N1. He said I should look for nanomasks.
      Check out for more info on the Triosyn mask.


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        Re: about Canadian nurses

        Originally posted by birdfluwhispers
        Just a thought, is there any reason why nurses don't use masks with valves?

        There are plenty of FFP3 (99%) respirators out there, with the valves. From my research and testing breathing is very easy and comfortable through them. Although even with FFP3/ P100 masks there is still the risk of viral penetration. I would recommend taking a look at respirators which contain an antimicrobial element to kill the virus.
        Too expensive. Hospitals don't have the budgets for masks with valves.


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          Re: N95 or Nanomask?

          The above Triosyn link is very misleading though I would say very professional in selling something 99.99 % filter as a NOSH approved. That would make it a N100 and it?s only a N95.
          Yes yes I know it doesn?t say it?s a N100 but the proof of 99.99% is not from NOSH, NOSH only gives it a N95.

          I am not saying this is a bad mask, actually pretty interesting, as with any mask even a N100 it only filtrates what goes through it, not what leaks around.

          Somehow I feel there is a online distribution system for these masks, many web pages only sell these or a very limited amount of other protection equipment.

          I would want to and do by my PPE from a company that deals in PPE in a larger scale, and not only cropped up because of BF, someone that has been around and stands by what it sells.

          ps. The valves thing in hospitals.
          An outflow valve is no good for the patient and a inflow valve no good for the nurse.


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            Re: N95 or Nanomask?

            My understanding is that both NIOSH and CE ratings are based on levels of filtration.

            The 99.99% performance of Triosyn respirators isrelated to the triosyn resin, which is stated to trap and kill greater than 99.99% of viruses and bacteria etc.

            Again my understanding is that the masks will filter to the regulated level either n95/FFP2, but when they are faced with microbes they kill greater than 99.99% of them. Thus even if the microbes were to pass through the mask, they would tend to pass through dead.

            I think Triosyn was founded in 1992, so not a 3M yet, but nevertheless not a fly by night set up just for bird flu.

            I have seen other sites out there with additional information on these Triosyn masks.
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              Re: N95 or Nanomask?

              Birdfluwhispers - Are you a salesperson or do you obtain any income from the sale of masks, or are you related, in any way, whatsoever, to the above site?


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                Re: N95 or Nanomask?

                I participate on this site out of concern about bird flu for myself, my family and my community. I view this site several times a day to stay abreast of what is going on. I have found this to be a very infomative and find the postings of Henry Niman to be insightful.

                I do not post about subjects on any site that I have not thoroughly researched, espousing unsubstantiated opinion like some.

                I have found the folk at adveticus to be very helpful when I have spoken to them. I think they have a good product in their respirators. If this site really is about the free sharing of information is there an issue with sharing that I think their product is good and that they are helpful and informative.

                I have watched postings where I think (IMHO) people have flawed or incomplete logic and have felt moved to comment when appropriate.

                If I have committed some offence in this please tell me. In the meantime I shall cease to post on this forum.

                Maybe you could confirm that is independant and not affiliated/supported by any organisations? Or name those that do support?


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                  Re: N95 or Nanomask?

                  birdfluwhispers - I can confirm that FluTrackers and also are independent and have been totally funded privately by me and Jeremy.

         and are not affiliated/supported by anyone but us.

                  See...that was not too hard. I am not offended by your question. Why were you offended by mine?


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                    Re: N95 or Nanomask?

                    I would also like to add that everything contained within both sites is offered as a humanitarian gesture, free to the world.


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                      Re: N95 or Nanomask?

                      I am not offended, I am disappointed and surprised that I have been singled out and had my motives questioned. Especially as I have seen so many blatant and not so blatant posts by people promoting their sites and goods on this and other sites

                      Have Robert or PKbarbie doll been asked their motives?

                      PKBARBIE doll has only ever posted twice both in this thread and opened this thread titled with a brand name. Now is that suspicious?

                      I am knowledgable about this subject and supplied a link to the site/company that helped me to gain some of that knowledge. I have bought Triosyn respirators for myself and family. I have mentioned this before, to buy masks in bulk is a resonable expense and I don't spend money without understanding the product.


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                        Re: N95 or Nanomask?

                        Believe have not been singled out. We question all links that directly link to a sales site.

                        To maintain our independence, we will not be sales representatives for any company.

                        Sorry you felt singled out.