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Emergency First Aid Kit items for emergency eye care

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  • Emergency First Aid Kit items for emergency eye care

    I was at my eye doctor's for a check up and asked for suggestions to add to the family first aid kit for emergency eye problems. It was stressed that this was for temporary first aid until more appropriate care in the form of a hospital or appropriate health care professional could be reached, as soon as possible. This is what he suggested: Eye wash/saline solution (big bottle), tape and a Fox Shield.

    He said the Fox shield was to prevent further damage to an eye that had been damaged and to help prevent further leakage of fluids from the eye by keeping pressure and fingers off the eye. The shield is held in place by tape. The Fox Shield he showed me was a oval piece of thin perforated metal that was big enough to cover the area around the eye without touching the eye. He also said a Fox shield had been improvised by cutting off the bottom of a disposable coffee cup, placing it over the eye and using tape to keep it in place.

    I asked my doctor if an eye cup was a good idea. He said it was more for self administration.

    "The Fox eye shield, also known as The Fox screen, is a perforated metal screen that is frequently placed over an injured or postoperative eye. It is most commonly referred to as "eye screen" rather than eponoymously. However, during ophthalmic certification examination, the candidate may be asked questions that refer directly to "the Fox screen". We thank William Charles Caccamise Sr, MD, for information submitted."
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