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Are masks effective?

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  • Are masks effective?

    I was reading somewhere, I think a Yahoo article, that it was unsure whether the N95 masks were effective in blocking viruses. Something like that, I don't fully remember it. Anyway, are the masks any help? I also heard about some NanoMask that is supposed to "kill the virus". Not sure how true that is though, cause a lot of people are trying to make money off of the possible pandemic.. So I was just wondering if the masks were any help... I'm trying to convince my parents to prepare(I'm 16) but they think I'm paranoid and usually laugh it off.

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    Re: Are masks effective?

    Yes, N95 masks are effective, as is handwashing, isolation, etc., but you need to understand that preparing for a pandemic is more than just buying some masks. You need to arm yourself with good information, reading post here at flutrackers is a good start. Also, make sure you check out for more information.

    You need to get your family involved. It doesn?t have to be for bird flu. All of us can be affected by unexpected events such as floods, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. It is good practice to be prepared for any kind of general disaster and your parents can probably understand that.

    Then print off or have your parents read Grattan Woodson?s article Preparing for the Coming Influenza Pandemic at
    Hopefully, your parents will share your concern and you can all prepare together as a family.