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Which respirator to use?

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  • Which respirator to use?

    I went to my local medical supplies store and there were a few varieties of respirators, some looked like N95 respirators but were just 3M 8210 or something, with medical personnel on the box art photo and special note of tuberculosis resistance but no actual mention of the word "N95".... others were clearly labeled N95 but in the description seemed to be concentrate a lot on toxic particles in sanding, cleaning, industrial, etc....without much stress on infectious disease.

    Which ones are the best? Is any N95 good?

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    Re: Which respirator to use?

    I'd suggest searching Amazon for "respirator 3M 8210". Then you can read the description, comments, etc.

    Also, read the previous threads in this room.

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      Re: Which respirator to use?

      i checked out the amazon site and as i suspected there were no comments to the likes of "i was in close contact with individuals infected by h1n1 while wearing my 3M 8210 mask and did/did not get swine flu"

      as for the other posts in this small forum, i still cant see anything saying if all n95 masks are created equal..