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Check Thermometers - they may not work!

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  • Check Thermometers - they may not work!

    We had an operation check of our first aid supplies this morning. One of the kids woke up with a cold, hopefully nothing major. A kiss on the forehead suggested a fever. The battery in the digital thermometer was deader than three day old bait. That's ok we have mercury free analogue thermometers for just such occasions. This was bought several years ago and stored in their manufacture's provided plastic case and then inside a mini plastic personalized first aid kit (one kit per family member). The reading on it was extremely high and I wondered if it was still usable. I shook the fluid in it down and proceded to use it. With the threat of the rain outside turning to sleet and icy roadways, going out to buy a new thermometer was not an attractive option.

    I also remembered the old mercury thermometer I got just before the sale of them became illegal here in the US. I tucked it under his armpit. It's taking longer but it is working. Checking the readings on the two thermometers against each other they were the same. I am not suggesting or encouraging anyone use older mercury thermometers, especially with young children or individuals that may bite down on the thermometer exposing them to the dangers of possibily choking, ingesting glass and mercury and getting cut. I am trying to use my situation to illustrate the need, IMHO, to make sure home medical equipment is reliable, up to date, in good working order and should be checked periodically. We usually check and change batteries in smoke detectors on the solstice and equinox. I think I will add the batteries in the digital thermometer to the check list. It is also usually good to have a backup plan.

    Anyone who has any questions regarding the type and use of home medical or first aid equipment and supplies should in my humble opinion refer those questions to their Doctor or their licensed Healthcare Provider. Hopefully they will be able to advise on what home medical or first aid equipment and supplies would be appropriate for the specific needs of their patient and how and when to properly use them.
    We were put on this earth to help and take care of one another.