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Disposable underwear/diapers

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  • Disposable underwear/diapers

    This may be a good time to get in a stock of these for every member of your family, adults included.

    When you are very, very ill with the runs and you cannot get up out of your bed, the last thing that you want to have to do is to wash sheets.

    Children who are perfectly dry at night may bcome bedwetters again with the distress of a situation when someone in the family is sick or dead.

    Mustn't forget to stock baby-wipes, too. Not only for bottoms, but for impromptu spongebaths, hand cleaning, and intimate cleanliness, too. These can be very nice when water is in short supply.

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    Re: Disposable underwear/diapers

    Thanks SusieM, good suggestions, thoughtful of you to post.


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      Re: Disposable underwear/diapers

      Another suggestion along the same lines is to purchase some doggie training pads. They make a good substitution for Chux pads. Put them on the bed and if there is an accident they are easy to dispose of and fairly cheap.
      Please do not ask me for medical advice, I am not a medical doctor.

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        Re: Disposable underwear/diapers

        The "moss" hanging in local trees is not Spanish Moss, but something called "old Man's Beard".

        Natives had used it as disposable baby diapers.

        ... the original "Huggies."

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