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Revisiting year round gardening

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  • Revisiting year round gardening

    I’ve taken to no dig gardening of UK’s Charles Dowding & and the year round gardening of Maine’s Eliot Coleman. As I start my seeds for the next round of seedlings for the greenhouse, I’m rethinking my set up to take down all maples, leave the oak & add more berry & fruit bushes. Besides blueberry, black & red raspberry can anyone recommend great books on planning food forests for small lots Mid to Northern US? Does anyone have experience growing coffee for this region?
    Here is the site for Charles no dig:
    He has many great videos on YouTube as well.
    Here is Eliot’s site:

  • #2 has a good thread going about indoor gardening at If you're in a temperate climate, the coffee would have to be grown indoors. And is not likely to fruit, near as I can tell.