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  • Tibetan pickle jar

    Anyone have any feedback on this?

    Back in the dark ages when I was young I saw a travel log that mentioned a special type of pickle jar. The jar appeared to be pottery or stone ware jar, probably glazed. What made it unique was that it had a raceway or channel built into the lip of the jar. The channel was designed to hold water. Water was put into the channel and the lid of the jar fitted loosely into the channel. The water in the channel formed an air lock. This air lock was supposed to be helpful in keeping out harmful bacteria that could cause the pickles to deteriorate or spoil.

    Has anyone else used or heard of these types of jars? It looked heavy and looked like it could hold approximently 5 to 10 gallons of pickles. Not something I'd want to try and tote around.
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    Re: Tibetan pickle jar

    The Perfect Pickler

    This is what I am ordering to solve that frustrating problem of having your pickles above the water and spoiling. So COOL!
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