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  • Disinfection

    Previously Chinese hospitals were disinfecting with 500 mg chlorine -

    "I have some fever, which department to go see." Triage Department said a man walked his two days have been uncomfortable, some dizziness, get up in the morning, I feel some fever. A man said he fever, medical staff rushed from a close "sterile" taken out with the thermometer and handed him the box of the words. "First take your temperature." After five minutes, the man took out a thermometer and to the medical staff. 37 degrees, to the pulmonary clinic staff, outpatient patients with a temperature over 38 ? C, they will give the patient wear a mask, and then sent them to fever clinics. The reporter saw the man run out the thermometer, medical staff thermometer placed in 0.5% chlorine disinfectant. Used up have to disinfection to prevent cross-infection. "

    Currently they are using chlorine and uv -

    Shandong Province after the H7N9 bird flu, the island city hospitals pay more attention to prevention and control work. "We increased the dose of disinfection." Central Hospital official said their hospital usually disinfected with chlorine disinfectant, usually when the concentration of chlorine in the 500 mg per liter, and now they are using a concentration per liter can not be less than 1000 mg. With disinfectant for surface disinfection, they are also twice a day irradiated with ultraviolet air disinfection.
    "Although the isolation ward is now empty, but we have it as a day-to-day application of the ward disinfection management." City Chest Hospital nursing director Qi Yan said, and now they strengthen the management of the ward, the ward's ultraviolet lamp tube, every week to wipe ward health every day to clean, and per month to pay the cleaning time, and each ward has air circulation disinfection machine, "In the past we charge the device each month basis maintenance, weekly power on a single charge. "Qi Yan said the emergency ward with ECG, breathing machine, electrical defibrillation, infusion pumps and other equipment, they should be checked weekly time equipment performance is good, ensure that once a patient can be enabled at any time.
    ?The only security we have is our ability to adapt."