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    Hat tip to Senior Moderator Fla Medic:

    <big>National Citizens Pandemic Alliance</big> was created by members of a grassroots, volunteer organization called the National Citizens Pandemic Alliance (NCPA). The NCPA is a group of concerned citizens committed to personal preparation and community resiliency as the foundation for getting though a pandemic. Members of the NCPA used their own experiences and extensive research to gather practical and time-efficient advice to help families prepare for a pandemic. A special thanks to:
    • Greg Dworkin, MD Editor, Flu Wiki
    • Michael Coston - Fla_Medic - author of Avian Flu Diary
    • Elizabeth Erwin
    • Melvin Johnson, Lewiston-Nez Perce County Emergency Management
    • Justin Kamen, Student - Columbia University, Founding Member of Students Prep America
    • Catherine "Jackie" Mitchell - standingfirm - Prepared Citizens LLC
    • S. Reynolds - atropine
    • Dr Dave is hosted as a public service by Nez Perce County, Idaho as part of its disaster preparedness community outreach program.

    It is only fair to mention at this point that there were more people involved in the creation of this web site than just the 8 people listed. And although I'm listed here, my contributions were small compared to the work of most of the participants.

    This website boasts more than 30 small PDF files with preparedness advice that you can download. They are easy to read, illustrated, and chock full of solid advice.

    All of this has taken, literally, months to bring to fruition. It is simply amazing the work that a project such as this requires. I am proud to have played a small role in this site's creation.

    The hallmark of this site is the advice that households stockpile three months of food, water (or purification capability), medications, and basic supplies.

    While greater than the HHS recommendations of 2-weeks, many local health departments and government agencies are also recommending 30, 60, or up to 90 days of supplies. The generous hosts of this website, Nez Perce County in Idaho, recommend this 90 day stockpile.

    Once a pandemic erupts, there will be a mad scramble to prepare. Millions (likely billions) of people will be caught flat footed and will all be trying to acquire the goods they will need to survive, all at the same time. Most will find they waited too long, and won't be able to get everything they will need.

    The time to prepare is now, before a crisis begins.

    The advice on the Get Pandemic Ready website will serve you well whether you are dealing with a hurricane, and earthquake, a terrorist attack, or a pandemic. If you are ready for a pandemic, you are pretty much ready for anything.

    Visit it soon, visit it often. And share the contents with everyone you know.

    It's that important.

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    Re: Preparedness Guides

    I checked it out yesterday and it's excellent!

    Thank you to all who created and contributed to it.
    I plan to share it with as many as possible.
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      Re: Preparedness Guides

      Bravo, bien fait.


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        Re: Preparedness Guides

        What a great job!! Quick to load, easy to read and filled with important information.

        Thank you all.
        The salvage of human life ought to be placed above barter and exchange ~ Louis Harris, 1918


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          Re: Preparedness Guides

          After a month of tweaking, the Get Pandemic Ready website is officially launched today, Feb 11th, 2008.

          All medical discussions are for educational purposes. I am not a doctor, just a retired paramedic. Nothing I post should be construed as specific medical advice. If you have a medical problem, see your physician.


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            Preparedness Guides

            unfFla Medic,

            Here is a .pdf that can be sent to folks who need a bit more encouragement to get prepping:

   (dead link)

            This has been available at FW for a couple of years and has been available at PFI since their start-up. PFP has it now, too, and it should soon appear at Get Pandemic Ready. Although it does not really offer much to the advanced prepper, it seems to be useful for neophytes.
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              Re: Preparedness Guides

              Thanks Dr Dave.


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                Re: Preparedness Guides

                It is time to bump this thread.

       is still active and an excellent source of basic information about preparing for a pandemic. This site emphasizes that a family might need to self sufficient for as long as three months in the event of a pandemic. Many of the downloadable files contain a lot of information pertinent to preparing for other disasters as well.

                There is no excuse for not preparing now and being ready for a local disaster or the next pandemic.


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                  Re: Preparedness Guides

                  For people with limited space, I found this great idea at Peace of Preparedness:


                  Based on a similar design, I figured a wall measuring 2' wide x 7' high x 6" deep would accommodate 20 rows, with each row containing eight 16 oz cans.

                  In the .pdf, he shows the construction step by step; here's one:

                  (his note on using his images):
                  Making copies of the images and designs found in this brochure is encouraged for non-commercial home use. ... Use of the images and designs for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited and will be prosecuted.
                  Click image for larger version

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                  The salvage of human life ought to be placed above barter and exchange ~ Louis Harris, 1918