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Home Treatment Guide for Pandemic Influenza

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  • Home Treatment Guide for Pandemic Influenza

    Santa Clara County Home Treatment for Pandemic Influenza Guide

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    Re: Home Treatment Guide for Pandemic Influenza

    I've just read (well: skimmed) this brochure, and can give it pretty good marks. It isn't perfect, but it does provide some pretty good information to the lay public on how to deal with pandemic influenza at home.

    Where this document shines is in the clear, concise instructions on the need to isolate a patient in the home, and the need for caregivers to use masks and gloves.

    The generic flu care advice is basic, and does not go into the use of any Rx meds. Rehydration and fever control are stressed.

    The booklet also goes into the need (and gives examples) to have at least 2-weeks worth of food supplies in the home. It also (briefly) discusses social distancing measures, isolation and quarantine, and the delays expected in developing a vaccine.

    My biggest quibble is that it does little to prepare the average person for the reality that someone in their care could become seriously ill and could die. The word `Death' appears only 3 times in 60 pages.

    There is little here that suggests that patients at home could become seriously ill. Not terribly realistic, although I understand the need to maintain a positive `tone'.

    Something akin to - " Pandemic influenza is a serious illness and it is possible that a patient in your care may die. The H5N1 virus has so far proven to be particularly deadly. You should approach every patient with optimism, but that should be tempered with the knowledge that despite your best efforts, sometimes patients do die." - would seem to be an appropriate warning.

    Despite these minor failings, this seems like a pretty good introduction to home care for pandemic influenza. Anyone with access to Rx meds would probably do better to use one of Dr. Woodson's guides, however.
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      Re: Home Treatment Guide for Pandemic Influenza

      Thanks Fla Medic.