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  • Get the paper work together

    Recently we lost a close relative. I would like to share what was learned and things that I and my immediate family are working on:

    Having a will drawn up will not guarantee beneficiaries will not fight but it helped us.
    Wills and beneficiaries on insurance policies and investments should be verified periodically and updated as needed.
    Mentioning desires for organ donation, religious services, funeral arrangements, internment, cremation whatever in passing is not enough. It is important to have the details on paper where it can be found.
    Important papers, for example: Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will, insurance policies, copies of tax forms, investment accounts and account numbers, bank accounts, loans, bills, mortgages, vehicle titles etc. should be safely stored.
    The executor or other chosen responsible person should know where they are.
    If there will be surviving children, pets or other dependents prearrangements for their continued care and well being should be made.
    The executor should have a set or know where to locate appropriate keys; home, vehicles, safety deposit box etc. (combinations and passwords may be appropriate as well).
    There should be a list of the locations and details of any safes, storage units or safety deposit boxes and other real property and assets.
    The executor should have should also have phone numbers, snail mail addresses and email addresses of people to be notified.

    I am not a lawyer and am not providing legal advice. It may be advisable to review your needs with a competent attorney.

    In the event of a pandemic or epidemic resulting in casualties some of this will not apply. However, I hope it may prove of interest to those who want to consider surviving family and friends.
    We were put on this earth to help and take care of one another.