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$3 solar flashlights

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  • $3 solar flashlights

    It's only $3 including shipping and includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery (that will hold its charge much longer than nicd or nimh types):

    The inside:

    It's pretty basic, no charge control or low battery shutoff circuit. (Avoid discharging the battery completely for longest life.) There is just a blocking diode (not sure if it's just an ordinary one or a high efficiency schottky type) for the solar panel, the small lithium ion battery, 3 LEDs, and an on/off switch.

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    Re: $3 solar flashlights

    Thanks Zac,

    I've been looking for some solar flashlights. I bought some cheap windup ones in case we have many cloudy days. These are the cheapest I've seen.

    Thanks also for contributing especially your article on a much larger scale solar backup generator. We'll need to have something like that to operate a small community hospital someday (for 40-50 patients).