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    ZAP Shines with Solar Electric Car at San Francisco International Auto Show

    New XEBRA XERO with rooftop solar panel to
    debut in San Francisco November 18 (2006)

    Contact: Eveline Souza ? (707) 525-8658, x 216

    SAN FRANCISCO, California (November 7, 2006) ? ZAP (NYSE Arca: ZP) in its campaign against Global Warming, plans to introduce a new XEBRA electric car at the San Francisco International Auto Show, November 18 to 26. (2006) Called the XEBRA XERO, the car is ZAP?s first production electric vehicle that incorporates solar power.

    Northern California's ZAP, which says it stands for Zero Air Pollution, is introducing the new XEBRA XERO as one of the first electric vehicles for sale that can truly be Zero Air Pollution by recharging from the sun. While electric cars are 90 percent less polluting than standard gasoline cars, the XERO allows the user who has a very short commute to own a vehicle that can refuel on a cheap and renewable resource -- sunlight. It can recharge while parking in any open space exposed to direct sunlight.

    ?If the XEBRA XERO is exposed to sunlight during the day, and your commute is short, you can get pure solar powered driving,? says the Chairman of ZAP Gary Starr. ?If you want to ensure 100 percent solar generated commuting, you can purchase a larger system that can sit on your rooftop.?

    Starr believes the main reasons people are choosing alternative fuel transportation are the growing relevance of the environment and the feeling of energy independence. There are also other advantages of using solar panels with your electric car. Studies have shown that solar power charging systems can double the life of batteries. Panels consume no fuel and have no moving parts to wear out. The only maintenance is to occasionally wash for highest performance.

    Recently, ZAP announced a US-China joint venture established to design and manufacture vehicles that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    About ZAP

    ZAP, Zero Air Pollution, has been a leader in advanced transportation technologies since 1994, delivering over 90,000 vehicles to consumers in more than 75 countries. ZAP is at the forefront of fuel-efficient transportation with new technologies including energy efficient gas systems, hydrogen, electric, fuel cell, alcohol, hybrid and other innovative power systems.
    For more information, visit

    Contact: Eveline Souza ? Media Relations (707) 525-8658, x 216

    There are other manufacturers of smaller electric cars that go farther and faster. It is getting too late for me to find them again tonight. There are electric bicycles, tricycles, rickshaws, and scooters also, but then you are open to the elements. And they can't carry much cargo.

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    These are electric cars and trucks. They run off rechargeable batteries. They don't go very far between charges. I think they could be charged with solar panels, if not, let me know:

    Electric Vehicle Gallery

    Welcome to "Bigman" Photo Gallery. Here you can view "Bigman" in many different colors and styles. You can also enlarge each picture to get a more closer. Please check back often as we will be adding new pictures frequently. Some of the larger pictures might take a few minutes to load depending on your connection speed.

    Electric Car Gallery

    Electric Limo Gallery

    Electric Truck Gallery

    to see the pictures go to:

    Bigman, LLC
    Alva, OK 73717
    ================================================== ========

    21 E. Main Street, Suite 100 " Oklahoma City, OK 73194-2405
    (405) 234-2264 " FAX (405) 234-2200 "

    The Association of Central Oklahoma Government's Clean Cities Program welcomed Barton Investment Group Manufacturing, LLC as its newest Central Oklahoma Clean Cities Coalition stakeholder in 2002. BIGMan, LLC, producer of the low-speed electric vehicle, "The Barton," is an Oklahoma-owned business, manufacturing a high-quality product that can be utilized in a number of market settings including college campuses, mall and stadium parking lots, parks and resorts, zoos, police department parking enforcement, military installations, industrial complexes and retirements communities, and downtown areas, city commutes, just to name a few.

    The unique quality that sets this product apart from other low-speed electric vehicles or neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), as they are also called, is that this vehicle is actually designed solely for on-road use. Because it is designed for on-road use it is heavier, sturdier and its battery pack is much more substantial than other NEVs, giving it greater range and greater durability in real-life use.

    The Central Oklahoma Clean Cities coalition was successful in getting legislation passed and signed into law in Oklahoma in 2001 that allows low-speed electric vehicles to be driven on state and city streets and roadways with speed limits of 35 miles per hour or less. This same legislation opened the door that allows low-speed electric vehicle to qualify for the state's income tax credits for alternative fuel vehicles.

    It is very gratifying to be able to direct potential customers to a quality product, manufactured in Oklahoma, and to also be able to tell them about tax benefits they will reap in purchasing the product. The Barton is a quality product, something that we are proud to recommend to individuals and fleet customers.

    A number of Central Oklahoma Clean Cities stakeholders have experienced "the Barton difference" in demonstration drives around Oklahoma City's Bricktown business and entertainment district. Stakeholders were impressed with the solid feel, responsiveness, maneuverability, and practicality of the vehicle.

    This vehicle can be used in so many areas and applications, it is really only limited by your imagination. Because it is electric, it doesn't have a tailpipe emitting noxious fumes. You plug it into a regular wall outlet to charge it up overnight. It is quiet, it's clean, it's easy to park. It's unique-looking, its paint can be customized to suit, and it is really zippy! In fact, it is really fun to drive. What more can you ask?"

    Central Oklahoma Clean Cities Program Manager


    "We at OSU are very excited about the future of the B.I.G. Man vehicle. The durability and length of time the vehicle stays charged makes it possible for us to successfully use this vehicle in our daily enforcement operations from 0730 to 1630 wit power to spare. I would highly recommend consideration of this vehicle on a university campus! Bottom line for us is it works all day and does not require being towed or pushed back to you offices after a few short hours of use. I am fast becoming convinced this is the electric fueled vehicle each of us can use and trust in Parking and Transit operation on our campuses, municipalities and federal installations."

    Geary Robinson
    Parking Manager
    ================================================== ======
    The problem here is, I have highways surrounding me with speed limits of 45-65MPH, so maybe I wouldn't be allowed to drive one out of my subdivision.
    But I can pedal and electric bike on any of these highways, and they go 25 miles on a charge, plus they can be pedalled without a charge. I have seen smaller cars, built on a motorcycle chassis also.

    If anybody has any electricity or natural gas ...
    and elects not to sell it at the kind of prices they've seen over the last 12 months ...
    that's stupid.
    ~Kenneth Lay~


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      This is the TWIKE website. $27,500. Made in Germany.
      I have seen less costly electric vehicles.

      Benjamin Franklin may have discovered electricity,
      but it was the man who invented the meter who made the money.
      ~Earl Wilson~


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        Speed: Up to 50 mph
        Range: Up to 100 miles (depending on battery option, 50 miles standard)
        Capacity: Seats 4


        (soon an electric model)

        Width: 4.66ft
        Height: 3.67ft
        Length: 8.76ft
        Weight: 390lbs
        Seating Capacity: 2 (adults)
        Storage: Rear trunk, under seats
        Colors: Red, Cobalt blue
        Transmission: Automatic CVT
        Top speed: 40MPH (restricted)
        Suspension Front: Independent, hydraulic shock absorbers with height regulation.
        Suspension Rear: Hydraulic shock absorber.
        Lubrication system: Auto mix
        Power: 4.4 HP
        Frame: Steel, tubular electrophoresis protected.
        Instruments: speedometer, Fuel indicator, Oil level alarm.
        Ignition: CDI
        Engine: 49.2cc Minarelli (Yamaha type) 2 stroke, air cooled
        Engine Make: CPI
        Category/class: 3 wheel Scooter/cycle street legal
        Voltage: 12V (lighter/cell phone charger)
        Brakes: Hydraulic disk front Drum rear
        Wheels: Alloy 13" front / Steel 12" rear
        Options: big bore kits 80cc, Targa top(cover), orders of 12 units+
        custom colors available
        Electric System: 12v
        Tire Front: 130/60x13
        Tire Rear: 120/70x12
        Body: Fiberglass, painted with high gloss PU and UV resistant.
        Standard Equip: 12V socket for mobile phone, Safety belts, Can holder, Luggage carrier, 2, under seats, Anti roll protector, and 2 rear view mirrors.

        If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching television by candlelight.
        - George Gobel -