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Brand name of a good hand crank lantern?

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  • Brand name of a good hand crank lantern?

    I checked out several hand crank lanterns on Amazon. Usually a good place to read reviews. But look like every model that is there doens't have good reviews. Anyone find a good hand crank lantern that they really liked how much light they got and for how long? Looks like I will have to get it online, locally the only one I found was a small Noma one. Didn't look like it would provide much light.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Brand name of a good hand crank lantern?

    No, I don't know of a good hand-crank lantern and I can't locate anyone who does know of one. I have stocked propane and two lanterns that use that as a fuel source for light. We also have oil lamps and fuel for them as a back-up. I would never allow any children to use the oil lamps and absolutely no rough-housing would be allowed if they were in use. We also have several fire extinguishers on hand should an accident happen. If I had it to do over again, I would order oil lamps that are suspended either from the ceiling or mounted to the walls from Lehmans.
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      Re: Brand name of a good hand crank lantern?

      A new Spring outdoor catalog came from LL Bean yesterday and it had a hand crank lantern, but I don't know how good it is. They show it on the same page as their hand crank flashlights, which we have and think are excellent. You could compare it to what you find on other sites and inquire as to whether or not the same manufacturer produces it and the flashlights.


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        Re: Brand name of a good hand crank lantern?

        Since your in Canada lambertson, i would suggest you go to Canadian Tire, they have Sungear for about 25$, that is batterym hand gear and solar.

        Wallmart has some too.



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          Re: Brand name of a good hand crank lantern?

          Yeah I had checked Canadian Tire and Walmart but they didn't have much this time of year. Small town so in a couple of months they will get more in for the camping season.

          Canadian tire had a little Noma one. But it looked really small. So I didn't know if it would be any good. At Walmart here they had a lantern that took batteries but no hand cranked. I did get the battery one with the intention of getting a solar recharger. lol til I seen how long d cell batteries take to charge with solar.

          We were able to get a hand crank radio at Walmart. Works great. My 5 year old was even able to crank it.


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            Re: Brand name of a good hand crank lantern?

            I bought a hand crank lantern at Walmart just last week. They are in the camping department. I haven't tried it yet. I was thinking of returning it because I am not happy with my hand crank flashlights. It's a nuisance to constantly have to crank up a battery.

            What I do like is the solar powered Ozark Trail lantern I purchased at Walmart.. $26. It has a handle to carry it by and a big hook for hanging. I set a big lampshade over it cuz it glares so much in my eyes. The Ozark Trail Lantern burned brightly all through the night last night with no attention at all by me. I turned it on at 9PM ... and at 11 AM today, it is still throwing a little light. It has 12 LED lights. I am going to go and buy a couple more and also give them away as birthday presents to my friends. If one has to tend to an ill person all night long, the solar lantern gives off enough light.... and without cranking it every 10 minutes. But 2 or 3 lanterns would be better to light the room much more. I would recommend that everyone buy a couple.

            And the solar powered flashlights I purchased at Meijer ($10) are great. They have 5 LED lights. I just put them both in a sunny window all day.

            My solar powered flashlights go about 3-4 hours before they go dim.
            The hand crank flashlight lights about 5-10 minutes before I have to crank it again. It's a nuisance.

            I don't have any interest in the above's just a hobby of mine to light my place after dark.

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              Re: Brand name of a good hand crank lantern?

              The local source here is Walmart. "Made in China" is the norm.

              Lots of L.E.D. and hand cranked here.