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    We are currently looking for a solar backup generator that can run at a minimum our: well pump, the circulating pumps needed to provide heat, some lights with an outlet to recharge cell phones, laptops etc. We also have to have the ability to pull the plug on these appliances and switch the power over to the fridge and freezer for a few hours a day so we don't lose them either. Ideally the set up would be somewhat portable, built to military specs and retail for under 5k USD. Basically we are looking for a turnkey system that will generate 7K watts peak and 3500 continuous, with: deep cycle batteries, two panels, and a 240 volt and 110 outlet. I'm not asking for too much am I?

    There are not to many choices out there. After some digging we have found one that will do most of this except for the 240 volt needed for the well pump. However with a step up transformer add on we may be able to swing it. IMHO if it will not run the well it is not worth the purchase. In an emergency, long or short, I have no desire to waste my time and energy lugging water.

    We plan to see if we can get a demo and more information over the next week or so. Anyone have any suggestions or experience that might help please chime in.
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