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    Disclaimer: This list has been created as an aid for individuals in the creation of a personal stockpile in the event of a natural disaster. Please take the time to stockpile all things you deem necessary if such an even were to occur. This list may or may not satisfy all of your needs.


    1 Gallon Per Person Per Day minimum. This amount allows for drinking and food prep. Allow extra 2+ gallons for personal hygiene, washing dishes and clothes.


    Canned Food Items: 20 cans assorted per small family (4 people); double for large family
    o Soup
    o Chili
    o Pasta

    Canned Vegetables: 30 cans assorted per small family (4 people); double for large family
    o Corn
    o Green Beans
    o Tomatoes
    o Mixed Vegetables

    Dried / Canned Fruit/Peanuts/Nuts; 5 lbs dried or 6 – 12 cans small family, 12-16 large family

    Canned Meat: 20 cans per small family < 4, double for larger family >4 persons

    Dry Milk: large box or several small cans if no small children or frequent milk drinkers and used for cooking only, increase if family needs require.

    Pasta: 5 pounds dry weight

    Salt, spices, condiments as preferred

    Sugar or alternative sweetner, 5 lbs. or equivalent per small family, increase in large family or if frequently used

    Coffee Tea, chocolate, drink mixes, etc. as preferred

    Canned or single serve puddings and similar desert items, hard candy, or similar comfort foods and “treats” if funds allow or Cancel

    Oatmeal, other hot or cold cereals per preference

    Flour; 5 lb bag, increase if used frequently in cooking/baking; yeast if bread baking

    Peanut Butter/ Jelly: Large jar each small family, double or triple depending on family size and preference

    Crackers, Plain (for sandwiches and snacks) 1 large
    box per person

    Spaghetti or pasta sauce; 4-8 jars or cans

    Baby formula and food, if needed


    Thermometer (one per person if possible)

    Usual Prescription medicines: 1 month minimum supply (3+ months preferred-contact physican immediately, if needed)

    Cough Medicine: 1 bottle per person containing suppressant and expectorant (combined or separate):
    o Cough Syrup DM or low dose of opioid cough syrup

    Cold/Flu Symptom relief medicine of personal preference, 1 course per person

    Anti-diarrhea (Pepto-Bismol or Imodium): 1 Large Bottle or box

    Benadryl (Diphenhydramine): 100 Tablet bottle (especially important if any family member has history of allergies)

    Acetaminophen 500 mg.tablets: 100 tab Bottle (Note: can alternate with ibuprofen every 3 hours to control fever &/or pain)

    Ibuprofen 200mg tablets/capsules: 500 count bottle

    Baking Soda: 1 Box

    Alternative treatments/supplements as desired

    Vitamin Supplement (1-a-Day Multi Containing the following): 1 Medium/Large Bottle:
    o Zinc,
    o Vitamin A
    o Vitamin C
    o Selenium
    o Magnesium
    o Calcium.
    o Vitamin B-12
    o GLA

    Children/Infant: All above in formulas specific for children Suggestions: Dose based upon weight of child, not age; Weigh child and write down dosing requirements (how much & how often) in advance to prevent mistakes under stressful situations.

    70% alcohol: 1/4 liter (1 pint)

    Hydrogen peroxide (dark bottle): 2 small or 1 pint bottles

    Petroleum jelly (Vaseline): 1 large jar or tube

    Antibiotic cream or ointment: 1 tube

    Aloe (aloevera) gel: good for burns, minor wounds, cooling, moisturizing

    sterile gauze pads: 1 package

    Gauze bandage rolls: 2 each

    Cotton (clean): 1 small package

    Adhesive tape (adhesive plaster): 1-inch wide; 2 rolls

    Adhesive bandages (Bandaids): 2 boxes asorted sizes

    Ace bandage(s) - one roll

    Scissors (clean/not rusty): 1 pair blunt and 1 pair sharp tip



    Personal Hygiene

    Soap Bars: 2 bars per person

    Shampoo: 1 Large Bottle

    Razor blades or disposable razors: per family usage

    Toothpaste: 1 large tube

    Hand sanitizer: small carry bottle per person, extra to replace; large bottle for refills, several medium bottles for use in bathrooms and kitchen

    Antibacterial Hand Soap; dispenser at each sink in home, extra to replace

    Baby wipes (not just for babies, reduces water usage): 1 case (6 packages)

    Diapers and baby care items as needed


    Sanitary Items -2 months supply for first month for each adult female,then 1 month supply for each additonal month preparation

    Masks, gloves and goggles


    Bleach: 2 Large Gallon Bottles

    Vinegar: 2 Large Gallon Bottles

    Plastic Gloves

    Plastic Bags

    Garbage Bags: 30+gallon 1 box

    Clean cloths

    Toilet Paper: 15 Rolls per small family, up to 30 for large family > 4 people

    Paper Towels; 6-12 rolls

    Paper Supplies:
    o plates
    o cups
    o plastic
    o disposable silverware

    Flashlights: One per person minimum, consider LED lights to reduce battery usage. Additional LED headlamps extremely useful.

    Batteries: 3-4 sets per battery powered item

    Battery powered Radio:
    o Radio/TV Combo
    o Weather Warning
    o Short Wave

    Can Opener (Manual): Two

    Matches: 1 large box 100 packs or 6 boxes wooden matches


    o Dual Fuel Cooking Stove
    o Propane Cooking Stove

    Fuel for stove

    Air Pump (manual)

    Water Filter

    Alternative heating method for cold climates
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    Edna St. Vincent Millay "Huntsman, What Quarry"
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    One of our members (Nancy) has prepared a chart to assist you with calculating the quantities needed per number of person in your household. A print out of this form is also a handy way to track your purchases. Click here for the list:

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      I've requested an updated link from Holly Deyo and will share if received.
      In the meantime, here's the link to her site.
      There is tons of great information for new or experienced preppers.