Ever want to build: a Geiger counter, a weather station, a solar battery charger, humidifier, an earth over, a DIY air conditioner, a mosquito trap, A PVC chicken feeder, a drip irrigation system, small scale hydroponics, bake a chocolate cake in a tin can while back packing, improvise a boat out of duck tape, how to catch, cook and eat a crab, paint a room, clean up an oil spill? Instructions for all this and much more can be found at this web site. - AC

Instructables Website

Instructables is a website specializing in user-created and uploaded do-it-yourself projects, which other users can comment on and rate for quality. It was created by Eric Wilhelm and Saul Griffith and launched in August 2005. Wikipedia

Founders: Dan Goldwater, Saul Griffith, Eric J. Wilhelm