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Emergency Preparedness Ideas - 2014

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    Re: Emergency Preparedness Ideas - 2014

    The days between Thanks Giving and Christmas are the most wonderful time to prep. Frozen turkey can be had for under a dollar a pound! I keep one in the fridge defrosting, one is cooked and ready to can as soon as I can find the time. This repeated a few times results in a lot of nice canned turkey in turkey carcass broth fortified with vegetables.

    Sweet potatoes are under $.50 a pound. I buy them by the case and keep them in a cold, dark corner of an unheated basement. They will last (if not eaten first) until spring. Winter squash and pumpkins are used for holiday decorations. I plan to use then for dinner and lunch. They usually go on sale for next to nothing right after Thanks Giving. Depending on the variety, winter squash are stored like the sweet potatoes for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. I have found that sweet potatoes actually store better in my basement than white potatoes. A mesh sack or two of onions is also hanging in the basement. These are the pungent yellow onions. they store much longer than sweet onions. I hang them because they do not rot as fast if air can circulate around them. I try not to store them to close to other vegetables.

    Christmas is a time when a lot of baking supplies go on sale, flour, sugar, nuts, dried fruit, coca, chocolate etc. Yum!

    I also keep a watch for other holiday shelf safe foods on sale like candy, stuffing, canned sauces, gravy, pie filling etc.

    Other preps:
    Candles are also usually plentiful and on sale.

    Home Maintenance:
    Within the last month we have had most of the major systems in our home checked and maintained by professionals. Heating fuel has been taken care of.

    Car Maintenance:
    We have had our cars inspected. The oil and filters changed. The tires were rotated or replaced if needed. A good cleaning and vacuuming didn't hurt them either. Other scheduled maintained has also been kept up to date.

    72 hour bags
    These need to be updated for winter use and changing needs of the family member who is responsible for them.

    People maintenance:
    Everyone has had a physical. All vaccinations are current. Dental exams are up to date and teeth are good to go. Eye exams and extra sets of glasses are on the to do list.
    We were put on this earth to help and take care of one another.