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Hurricane preparedness at our house

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  • Hurricane preparedness at our house

    Hurricane preparedness at our house
    - Amish Country

    While the news casters are arguing about if Sandy is a tropical storm, a Nor' Easter or a hurricane I'm taking it easy before she throws the really nasty weather at us. It has been raining and drizzling since about dinner time. Just as darkness was falling I felt the change in pressure in my bones. One that was broken a long time ago let me know something big was coming.

    The cars are filled with gas and parked on high ground. While I was at the gas station there were customers filling up containers, probably fuel for generators. Losing the contents of a freezer can be very expensive.
    The cell phones are being charged. Even an obsolete cell phone can be used to call 911.
    There are covered pots of fresh water sitting on the stove.
    The flash lights have been checked to make sure they work and are where we expect them to be.
    The oil lamps are filled and the wicks trimmed.
    There are matches ready where and if we need them. No small children to worry about getting into them here.
    There is freshly split fire wood piled where it should not get rained on. The fire place will get a workout if the cold weather hits after this storm and the power is still out.
    There are buckets filled with water in the bathroom for flushing toilets and I'm debating filling the tub for the same purpose.
    There is dry ice in the freezer if the power goes off. Dry ice has to be carefully handled as it is so cold it can cause burns. IMHO children should not be left around dry ice without proper adult supervision.
    I also like to freeze water in plastic containers and tuck them in the freezer if there is room.
    If the power goes out the refrigerator and freezer doors should be kept close. It should only be opened as needed. Deciding what to take out before opening the door can help the cold last longer.
    A gallon jar of freshly made chicken soup sits in the fridge.
    There are shelf safe snacks for board children.
    The camp stove is sitting by if needed. It will have to be used outside on the covered porch, not inside.
    The animals have all been tucked in for the night and a check made to ensure there is enough food and extra water set by for them to last out the storm and then some.
    Anything outside that might blow away has been secured.
    The dishes and wash have been done.
    I made sure everyone took a shower tonight before bed.
    There is a squirt bottle of hand sanitizer in the bath room.
    The first aid supplies have been double checked.
    Earlier this year we took down a tree that was in danger of hitting the house. That reminds me that some shrubs could be trimmed further away from the house and windows. If the rain lets up tomorrow morning I hope to take care of the little chore.
    It probably would not be a bad idea to check the bug out bags tomorrow morning. There is one for each member of the family.

    We are as ready as we can be. Stay safe everyone.
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    We were put on this earth to help and take care of one another.

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    Re: Hurricane preparedness at our house

    Thanks for good ideas


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      Re: Hurricane preparedness at our house

      I'd planned to hunker down today but fate had other ideas with a quick unexpected trip to the doctors and pharmacy with a few side trips on the way.

      After the doctors this morning I made another run for dry ice. It only lasts for about 24 hours.
      Stopped at the feed store and picked up an extra 100 pounds of feed.
      The kids have books and board games for when the power goes out. There are plenty of snacks in the pantry and if all else fails I will have them pop some pop corn.
      The rain was steady this morning and the wind started to pick up around lunch time.
      Called an elderly relative who lives on some low lying ground to see if she wanted to spend the storm with us.
      With an imminent emergency some families coordinate phone communications through a friend or relative not in the affected area. Phone circuits with in an area experiencing an emergency are more likely to be hit by heavy use.
      The tub is half full of water, just in case.

      Just sent an email to the local Ham radio coordinators and volunteered to help with emergency communications if phone and cable fail. When all else fails Ham radio operators can still get messages out and coordinated emergency and mitigation resources.
      We were put on this earth to help and take care of one another.


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        Re: Hurricane preparedness at our house

        Excellent tips, Amish Country, thank you! Hope you and all our other members and readers in the affected area are weathering the storm safely.

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