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Vaccination campaign ends against the H1N1 virus in Vanuatu

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  • Vaccination campaign ends against the H1N1 virus in Vanuatu

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    Vaccination campaign ends against the H1N1 virus in Vanuatu
    01/07/2010 9:47

    The national campaign would have ended in early May, but funding for the Department of Health has been delayed and the inhabitants of the central island of Pentecost had to take their troubles patiently and wait several weeks before they can be vaccinated .
    The vaccines had arrived on site, but no funds for the move to the center.

    The transportation of vaccines is not an easy task. The coordinator of this program, Edwidge Tabi, a nurse by profession, says it has vaccinated the last people in the east of the island at the end of last week, a region which is accessible only by foot with more than three hours of walking.

    The money was not the only obstacle to the success of the vaccination program against the H1N1 virus have been confused because the population after a nongovernmental organization has decided to distribute leaflets against the vaccine.

    According to this organization, the vaccine would have negative effects on pregnant women and may cause cancer in young people. The Ministry of Health has immediately responded by condemning the NGOs and recalling that the vaccine has been approved by the World Health Organization before its release.

    Three cases of H1N1 have been reported in the capital, Port Vila, last year, and 25,000 people at risk have now been vaccinated.
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