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Fiji: 28 confirmed cases of H1N1 reported

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  • Fiji: 28 confirmed cases of H1N1 reported

    The Health Ministry has reported 28 confirmed cases of H1N1 for August, September and October this year.

    Spokesperson Peni Namotu said that patients had influenza like illnesses and the age group most affected was between 20 to 29 years.

    He said that the seasonal flu risk groups are of 65 years of age.

    According to Namotu, the surveillance system is in place for both seasonal and pandemic influenza.

    Namotu said that H1N1 is now widely circulating in the community and the Ministry expects it to appear in all the divisions.

    He said that Health Centres have been alerted to prepare for heighten influenza like illnesses and report any unusual increase of unusual respiratory symptoms in the community.

    Namotu said that other pacific island countries like New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Kiribati have also reported to have H1N1.

    He is calling on people to Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water, avoid contact with people coughing and sneezing, cover the mouth when coughing and sneezing, keep the body warm and drink plenty of water.

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    Re: Fiji: 28 confirmed cases of H1N1 reported

    More H1N1 cases reported

    The Health Ministry is again urging the public to take precautions as more cases of H1N1 continue to be confirmed.

    Health spokesperson Peni Namotu told FBC News they have received reports of more cases but a total number to date was yet to be confirmed.

    28 cases of HIN1 were reported between the months of August to October this year.

    The deadly virus is yet to claim its first victim in Fiji and the Health ministry plans to keep it that way with all its health centres around the country on full alert.

    The Ministry is expected to release a report and an updated number of confirmed cases today.


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      Re: Fiji: 28 confirmed cases of H1N1 reported

      There is an increase of influenza like illnesses in the Eastern Division.

      The Ministry of Health is concerned as this could open the door to more cases of H1N1.

      Health spokesperson Peni Namotu says most reported cases of influenza are being received from Kadavu.

      Blood testing have been done at the Mataika House in Suva, and Namotu says, all precautionary measures must be taken.

      ?There is a high risk of influx of H1N1 cases .These groups have experienced an influx of influenza and are to take precautionary measures .Parents should take their children to the hospital if experiencing illness.?

      The number of H1N1 cases stands at 28 and all health centers around the country have been put on alert.