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New Zealand to test patients with pneumonia for H7N9

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  • kiwibird
    Re: New Zealand to test patients with pneumonia for H7N9

    More info about the testing process etc.

    "New Zealand scientists can now detect if the H7N9 influenza A virus has reached New Zealand.

    The WHO's National Influenza Centre (WHO NIC) in Wellington has received, through a secure network, primer and hybridisation probe information that can help detect the virus.

    The H7N9 virus is the first of its kind to be identified in humans, says Sue Huang, a virologist WHO INC in Wellington. Suspicious cases will be run through an H7N9 molecular assay.....

    Dr Huang says New Zealand usually encounters Influenza A, but typically with its H1 and H3 subtypes.

    Genetic RNA samples from influenza A patients who have neither of these subtypes will be tested with an H7N9-specific PCR-based molecular assay, she says.

    WHO NIC will be working off two sets of primers and hybridisation probes. One set is from the Ministry of Primary Industries through their routine animal influenza surveillance work.

    Another, from WHO, arrives next week.

    Patients show symptoms similar to severe pneumonia - from fever, coughing to shortness of breath - yet full information on the disease's symptoms are so far limited."


    "No plans to screen travellers from Asia

    In an email to New Zealand Doctor, Ministry of Health acting manager for communicable diseases, Fran McGrath, said WHO are regularly providing updates to New Zealand.

    She says WHO has yet to advise if this country needs to screen incoming travellers from Asia."

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  • kiwibird
    started a topic New Zealand to test patients with pneumonia for H7N9

    New Zealand to test patients with pneumonia for H7N9

    Patients with severe acute respiratory infection that show "signs of certain strains of Influenza A" will be tested for H7N9. The testing will be done by scientists at the National Centre for Biosecurity and Infectious Disease in Upper Hutt.