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Bad hospital situation in Southern PNG (Not Morobe)

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  • Bad hospital situation in Southern PNG (Not Morobe)

    This probably should start a new thread, about background hospital issues in PNG, stories that are independent of the triple outbreak that has generated 240+ posts.

    Hospital a health risk


    MENDI General Hospital in the Southern Highlands Province is a potentially disastrous health hazard ? threatening the lives of patients and health workers. There is no clean water supply system, there is no morgue, there is no manifold for the operating theatre, no proper cooking facilities for patients and staff houses are not fit for humans to live in. This is because the Government has failed to release urgent maintenance funds totalling more than K8.9 million. And the scariest thing is that the hospital will face a catastrophic situation in the event that there is a cholera outbreak as fearfully explained by the chief executive officer of the hospital, Joseph Turian. Imbongu Member Francis Awesa has raised grave concerns over the state of affairs facing the hospital and called on Health Minister Sasa Zibe for his immediate intervention. ?We are dealing with peoples? lives and the situation demands immediate actions,? Mr Awesa said. ?This is very serious and the Government through the Health Minister must quickly attend to it.? Mr Turian said redevelopment funds for Mendi hospital allocated in the 2006 and 2007 supplementary budgets were withdrawn by the Department of National Planning despite numerous and meetings with officers from that office. ?The Health Minister Mr Sasa Zibe and parliamentarians from SHP have been made aware of the situation at the hospital,? Mr Turian said. He said that water and power in the hospital was also not working.
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