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Yemen - Media report: 2 children dead from suspected coronavirus MERS 12 others isolated - Ibb province - officials deny

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  • Yemen - Media report: 2 children dead from suspected coronavirus MERS 12 others isolated - Ibb province - officials deny

    Panic gripped the hospital staff ..
    and the death of two children and medical isolation for 12 others suspected of being infected Coruna province of Ibb

    Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 at 22:00: - Unionist Forum - Ibb - Mohammed Alhjavi:
    Revolution General Hospital died Governor of Ibb afternoon two children suspected of being infected, "Corona contagious," which hundreds have been killed during the past few days in a number of neighboring countries and the most prominent of Saudi Arabia.

    Unionist Forum
    He told "Unionist Net," a hospital source Revolution General door that the number of fourteen cases, including five women and two children, and seven men and they arrived this afternoon to the hospital suffering from poisoning and suffocation as a result of severe acute respiratory syndrome suffered by patients, and the source pointed out that these cases coming from the Directorate Sayani isolation Sban province of the same family have been isolated in a hospital department lie of suspected virus crowns, which appeared recently, noting at the same time that it is difficult to say for sure that they are infected with the virus so that they can find out by official surveillance, which is currently under testing for patients, but the source Medical said that the results of the potential primary largely injury CZK.

    For his part, Dr Tajuddin official epidemiological surveillance Health Office to maintain that a team of doctors are now being done in the hospital and Sban revolution, noting that in the coming hours will be to detect the reasons that led to the death of two children and injuring others.

    The witness Hospital bull case of emergency and panic in the ranks of doctors and patients who were in a state of panic and Akhawav from injury, especially in the section lying ....

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    Re: Yemen - Media report: 2 children dead from suspected coronavirus MERS 12 others isolated - tests pending - Ibb province

    The death of two children in the other cases were isolated after suspected infected b ? pandemic virus ?
    19, a citizen of the hospital door Revolution in critical condition
    Wednesday, May 21, 2014 1:00 pm / Forum Republic Shukri Hudhaifi

    19, a citizen of the area in the province of Ibb Sayani , including women and children were greeted by a hospital to maintain the revolution they are in critical condition summoned isolated in hospital emergency treatments and their commitment necessary .
    Health status of the citizens of the two very bad and symptoms vary from headache , fever and bloody diarrhea and other deadly infections accompanied by a bra , according to a doctor in the emergency reserves newspaper in his name .
    The doctor said that two children were among the wounded died , while the other cases were isolated after suspected to be infected with HIV Corona .
    The doctor pointed out that it was sending samples to the center of epidemiological surveillance to be tested and confirmed to be infected with the virus , which could spell disaster if a large lab tests proved that it's not just a suspicion .
    ( Republic ) continued Dr. Ahmad Qasem al-Ansi and the Minister of Health to further highlight and validation , he said: It is still out of Yemen and not have sufficient information cathartic being on his way back from an official mission external .. referring the newspaper to Dr. Abdulmalik San'aani Director of the Office of Health governorate of Ibb, which in turn he told ( Republic ) : We have reached yesterday afternoon that there have been instances Asaaffha to a hospital revolution coming from the door Sayani , specifically from Mount Alahchor which in the case of diarrhea and vomiting , but can not be judged as being infected with Corona , it is premature.
    Adding that these cases require us to deal with it by taking procedures in epidemiological investigation has already descended competent team together with the Deputy Director of the epidemiological investigation in the area of ​​Mount Alahchor Sayani and will come back to us with the results.
    But I go back and assure that the cases that have been Asaaffha was in the case of vomiting and diarrhea and is under medical supervision .. He pointed out that samples were taken from vomiting and diarrhea to be conducting a laboratory test them and when Matalaat results are positive or negative HIV Corona , there is an official party is the only one authorized her statement represented by Dr. Abdulhakim Kahlani Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health .
    With regard to the death of two children under five years of citizens within the 19 infected Director of the Office of Health confirmed that the door is still chained speculation and numerous diagnoses and can not say for sure that they died because of the Corona virus , what is required is awaiting the results of epidemiological investigation team to make sure . He San'aani : As director of health in the province , I 'll wait reports and tests and when I receive the results Safti existence of suspected cases or not .. He pointed out that it is likely to be cases infected with food poisoning or drinking from contaminated water .. However, all of these cases under the care necessary and I'm close to them .. there is an official statement concerned a spokesman for the ministry.


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      Re: Yemen - Media report: 2 children dead from suspected coronavirus MERS 12 others isolated - tests pending - Ibb province

      machine translation

      Ibb .. official denies deaths of two people infected with Corona

      | Posted Wednesday, 21 مايو, 2014 | Reviews (0) |
      | News | rebounds
      ♦ official denied on Wednesday, and two deaths due to corona virus infected a hospital in the province of Ibb, the center of the country.
      In a statement to the Anatolian Agency, said agent Ibb province, Aqil Fadel, "The two children died yesterday (Tuesday), in the hospital to maintain the revolution as a result of injuries food poisoning."
      The official denied that the deaths and injuries caused by the corona virus, also pointed out some of the Yemeni media.
      He pointed out that the doctor tests proved that the cause of death was food poisoning.
      She had reported "the street" in today's edition that two children died yesterday in the City district of Ibb epidemic in one of the villages, carries symptoms caused by a virus, "Corona" killer.
      The newspaper reported that two children died due to injuries infections severe chest, shortness of breath, and severe diarrhea and high fever, the same symptoms that he suffered the rest of the patients belonging to one village, did not confirm the medical community injuring those with the virus, although the symptoms are the same symptoms that cause by this virus.
      The newspaper quoted one of the persons who took an ambulance some of those injured as saying: "The people of Saudi nationality arrived in the village, three days ago, and he is engaged to one of the girls of the village, pointing out that this girl is among those with the disease."
      The Minister of Public Health and Population of Yemen, Ahmed al-Ansi, has announced the middle of last month that "the medical devices in the country, the first recorded case infected with Corona in the capital Sanaa, a Yemeni man was killed, a flight engineer works."
      The virus "Corona", or so-called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, is one of the viruses that infect the respiratory tract, and do not yet exist in the world accurate information about the origin of this virus nor its modes of transmission, as there is no vaccine or preventive antibiotic to treat it.